How To Get Better Results From Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email communication remains one of the most effective marketing tools in business today. The simplest and most obvious way to increase the effectiveness of your email distribution is to conduct experiments on limited groups of recipients and analyze the results.

Let’s dive into five things you can do to increase the efficacy of your email marketing strategy.

How To Get Better Results From Your Email Marketing Strategy #ladybossblogger

Your Subject Line Determines Half Of Your Success

When drafting your email few people consider all three components that make up an effective email:

  1. The sender’s information
  2. The subject of the letter itself
  3. The pre-header

The sender’s information indicates to the addressee who is sending them an email. If your name or company name is familiar to them, they will be more likely to open it up. Make sure to make a connection somehow with your addressee before sending them too many emails. A good way to do this is through a welcome video.

The subject line of your email largely determines whether the letter will be opened or sent directly to the Spam folder.

The pre-header is created from the first sentence or two of the text located in the email. With proper use, it can significantly increase the chances of your email being opened. So do not repeat the subject of the letter, let the pre-header complete it and drive curiosity to open your email.


Choose The Best Time To Send Your Newsletters

According to the research open rates and click-through rates actually, do not change depending on the day of the week in which letters are sent.

However, the optimal time for mailing is the beginning of the working day, when people can afford to distract themselves.

Nevertheless, the activity of the readers remains quite high throughout the whole working day. It is important to remember the time difference if your subscribers live in different time zones.

Keep Track Of How Frequently You Send Emails

Studies have shown that the more often you send letters, fewer subscribers will show interest in them.

The optimal frequency of sending letters should directly depend on the expectations of your audience. By adhering to the promised schedule of sending a mailing list you gain the trust of subscribers.

Typically, three letters per week is the maximum frequency for successful email marketing. The ideal option will be to provide your subscribers the ability to independently adjust the frequency and thereby limit the number of emails received instead of simply unsubscribing.

Segment Your Audience Into Target Groups

Segmentation of your subscriber base is extremely important and necessary because only relevant, useful information will interest customers and ultimately affect the effectiveness of your emails.

Segmentation can be carried out by the source from which your subscribers come: region, time zone, or duration of the client’s relationship with your company.

You can also use various indicators such as open rates for various emails and other criteria that better describe your audience.

Add Social Buttons And Test Results

In recent years social networks have become a popular marketing channel. So why not let them benefit you? To enhance the effectiveness of each letter, add a “share” button to it.

The click-through rate for emails with social buttons in them is much higher than in letters that do not contain these buttons.

That being said, it is impossible to find one universal and effective way to design and send emails. To conduct A/B tests on all your emails by sending the same email out with two subject lines; create different calls to action and other parameters to different groups of subscribers to identify those versions that work better than others.

Make sure to only test one variable per email in order to determine what exactly was effective and what wasn’t.

How To Get Better Results From Your Email Marketing Strategy #ladybossblogger

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