How To Guest Post

Guest Post Pricing

Editing, scheduling, and promoting posts take time, please DO NOT ASK FOR FREE POSTS.

If you’re interested in guest posting, please send your budget toΒ If it’s any lower than $1000 it won’t be accepted. Our traffic is 100K/month.

  1. Let me know what email address to send the invoice to
  2. Attach the completed article, no photos – we create all graphics in house
  3. The live link will be sent to you shortly as long as all guidelines below are followed

All guest posts are located in the Business Resource Section of the blog.

Guest Post Topics

  • BLOGGING: Niche, Branding, Audience, Social Media, Themes, Plugins, Hosting, Affiliate, Marketing, SEO, Legalities, FTC, Taxes, Content Creation, Sponsored Content, Pricing, Media Kit, etc.
  • INFLUENCER: Social Media – Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Podcast, Niche, Branding, Audience Building, Legalities, FTC, Video Creation, Speaking, Affiliate, Marketing, Taxes, Content Creation, Working With Brands, Engagement Rate, Pricing, Media Kit, etc.
  • EMAIL: List Building, GDPR, Laws, Freebies, Landing Pages, Opt-ins, Subscribers, Open Rates, Email Service Providers, Sequences, Sales, Online Course, etc.
  • BUSINESS: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Success Tips, Digital Business, Technology, E-commerce, Dropshipping, etc.


Guest Post Format

  1. 5 kinds of titles (examples below)
  2. Intro paragraph
  3. Your subheadings with at least 1 paragraph of supporting text (5 subheadings minimum)
  4. Conclusion paragraph
  5. 1-2 sentence bio of writer in 3rd person (if you include this you’ll be listed as a “Guest Blogger” if you don’t, you’ll be a “Contributed Post”)

Accepted Title Formats

  1. List Post
  2. How To Post
  3. Why/What/Question Post

What is the benefit of guest posting on a blog with 150,000+ followers?

What to guest post about?

  • Your expertise
  • Your product/service

Why guest post?

  • Reach another audience
  • Generate buzz