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Top Five Reasons 24 Million Americans Are Too Afraid To Say “I Quit!”

We’ve all thought about it… Whether it was a rough day at the office, yet another traffic jam, or simply a boss who’s a jerk, each and every one of us has pondered just how great it would feel to march into work and say: “I quit!” In fact, according to a recent report from FreshBooks — the …

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Emma Norris Helps Businesses And Bloggers Generate Quality Leads

What you’ll learn in this interview: Why you should always start (and launch!) before you’re ready How to automate parts of your blogging process to work smarter, not harder My best productivity hacks: one involves being watched by a stranger! Where someone who runs a blog to inspire women turns to when she needs inspiration …

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11 CEOs Who Are Crushing It On Instagram

What better way to show off your business’s success than to have a pretty Instagram page? CEO’s are continually increasing their presence on social media as a way to connect with their consumer base. Creating a look or aesthetic on Instagram allows followers to understand what you and your company are about. Entrepreneurs can also …

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What Is Influencer Marketing And How Can Marketers Use It Effectively?

Influencer marketing is becoming the norm for marketing campaigns. This type of marketing blends celebrity endorsement with everyday social media that audiences will continue to see. Depending on what type of influencer you’re trying to hire, they may not necessarily be the traditional “celebrity”, in fact, they may have more influence and ability to sell …

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Jennie Fahn Uses Humor And Relatability To Help People

What you’ll learn in this interview: 1 social media scheduler she uses 1 easiest film editing software she recommends 1 top screenplay writing course 2 amazing books all entrepreneurs need to read How she keeps the wrinkles away Her favorite superfoods How This Actress Runs Her Business Behind The Scenes 1. What do you do? …

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