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Elaine Rau: Niches Worked

  1. Travel
  2. Food
  3. Home goods
  4. Books
  5. Technology
  6. Cameras
  7. Clothing
  8. Accessories
  9. Stationery
  10. Subscription boxes
  11. Hair salons
  12. Hair products
  13. Beauty events
  14. Beauty products
  15. Skincare products
  16. Anti-Aging products
  17. Dental products
  18. Menstrual products
  19. Travel products
  20. Inventions… etc

Examples of past campaigns in each niche:


I’ve worked with hotels in Bali, Barcelona, Paris, London, Taiwan, Honduras, and Chicago just to name a few.

Influencer Campaign Elaine Rau Hotel and travel

Here is a campaign I just did in Bali!

Influencer Campaign Examples (5)Influencer Campaign Examples (5)


Below are a few campaigns I just completed with some restaurants in Bali.

Influencer Campaign Elaine Rau food

If you ever go to Bali, make sure to eat at least one smoothie bowl! THEY ARE INCREDIBLE.

I love doing food campaigns close to home, this one was with Bubbies, you can check them out at Whole Foods!

Influencer Campaign Elaine Rau whole foods

These cookies were actually sent to me from a fan, I loved them so much that I wrote a review about them on my blog!

Influencer Campaigns Elaine Rau cookies


I’ve been working with HealthyLine for about a year now. My favorite companies to work with are ones that want to build a long-term influencer relationship with me!

Elaine Rau influencer healthy line home goods

HealthyLine loved working with me so much that the owner made sure I was the first to receive their energy duvet when they were running a promotion on it during winter!!!

Elaine Rau influencer healthy line home goods

Because I worked with HealthyLine, another similar brand GhostBed saw my work and reached out to work with me as well!

Elaine Rau influencer pillow home goods


I’ve gotten so many books over the past year that I literally have a whole bookshelf dedicated for my influencer books. I only accept business books.

Influencer Elaine Rau promotes books


My friend from high school started a new e-commerce store called Chozn and wanted me to promote it for him so he sent me some of his products.

Before I even opened them up, I wanted to give him a shoutout for the great branding job on wrapping his products, so in essence, he paid for 2 posts but got 3! 🙂

Elaine Rau branding influencer campaign

The below image was what was in one of the packages above.

I literally use this extension cord every single day, it’s incredible. I can fit all my chargers on there at once without having my mac charger cover 3 outlets, it may be a small thing to some people, but I need as many outlet spaces as possible to run my business!

Elaine Rau branding influencer campaign


This was the other product that my high school friend sent me (above). I’m now addicted to extension cord!

Elaine Rau camera influencer campaign

Which is why I signed up for this campaign and got another home cam to check out and promote!

Home camera influencer campaign by Elaine Rau


Had the incredible honor to work with fashion designed Beverly Hills fashion designer Mariam Anna Barska whose clothes have been worn by A-list celebrities.

She personally reached out to me on Instagram to promote her new line because she loved my brand and what I represented!!! <3

Fashion designer influencer campaign Elaine Rau

A LadyBossBlogger fan sent my husband and I matching hoodies!!! He wears it all the time now!

Elaine Rau influencer freebies

Another company sent me this cute sweatshirt which was super nice.

Elaine Rau influencer freebies

And then a fan drew it!!!!!

Influencer Campaign Examples Elaine Rau

I reached out to Apperloth and told them that I was going to Paris and if they would be interested in sponsoring a dress to wear to the Eiffel tower, so they sent me this cute tropical piece!

Paris influencer campaign elaine rauSudara is a company I talk about A LOT. The founder found me through women empowerment channels and I’ve been working with them ever since. I’m standing beside a wonderful lady who has followed my channels since the very beginning and actually won one of the tickets to the conference I spoke at about women, diversity, and marketing.

Fashion influencer Elaine Rau

80% of the time as a full-time blogger, I’m in PJ’s and working from home so this is a pretty accurate image of my daily life! Haha!

Elaine Rau PJS influencer campaign


Oprah featured this beanie on her top 10 best winter gear so when the PR manager for her brand contacted me, I knew I had to get my hands on one of them!

Oprah list influencer Elaine Rau


The founder of Savor Success reached out to me on Instagram to work on this campaign with her.

Stationary influencer Elaine Rau


The founder’s PR team reached out to me to promote them… it was perfect timing too because I got my period in a week and this box saved my life! HAHA!

Subscription box Elaine Rau influencer campaign

Because my brand is family-friendly, I don’t post images with me in undies, but I don’t mind holding them up!

underwer Elaine Rau influencer campaign


The new year had just passed and I decided it was time to change up my hair! Plus I had just been featured in a magazine so I really wanted to jazz things up for a photo shoot, so I reached out to some local hair stylists and partnered up with Vision For The Art Of Hair for an influencer campaign.

She convinced me to do pink for the first time in my life and cut my hair super short!

hair salon influencer campaigns by Elaine Rau

A few months later I decided I wanted to go back to dark brown, so I contacted some other salons that had indicated interest in working with me the first time around and collaborated on another hair campaign.

hair salon influencer campaigns by Elaine Rau


My hair was super dry after bleaching and going pink, so I decided to reach out and find some nourishing hair products.

hair salon influencer campaigns by Elaine Rau


I had the chance to meet Lauren Conrad at an event where I was on the press team.

Lauren Conrad beauty event with Elaine Rau

This beauty brand was moving its headquarters to Chicago so they invited a bunch for Chicagoland bloggers and influencers to attend their event.

Beauty event with influencer and blogger Elaine Rau

They gave us loads of freebies and didn’t even ask us for anything in exchange. I love these kinds of events the best, it makes me want to promote them MORE.

Beauty event with influencer and blogger Elaine Rau

I met this guy at the event, he worked for a brand called Bubbies so he hooked me up with a load of ice cream (food campaign at the top).

Beauty event with influencer and blogger Elaine Rau

I was press for The Makeup Show in Chicago and made some amazing connections there, such as this lady who used to work with Dancing With The Stars.

The Makeup Show in Chicago with influencer and blogger Elaine Rau


I won this amazing airbrush set from The Makeup Show so I decided to promote it.

I also made another great connection at the show and ended up working an influencer campaign with Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics which was super fun.

The Makeup Show in Chicago with influencer and blogger Elaine Rau

I found this opportunity on an influencer website, applied, and got it!

Michael Todd Beauty influencer and blogger Elaine Rau


The PR company for Sorelle reached out to me and I pitched them an influencer campaign instead, which they took me up on!

Sorelle Beauty influencer and blogger Elaine Rau

They loved the campaign so much that they sent me another product to promote!

Sorelle Beauty influencer and blogger Elaine Rau


Anti-aging products are hands down my favorite products to promote!!!

Dermawand influencer and blogger Elaine Rau

I’ve been working with ReviveLight for 1 year now and make them about $3,000+ per month. They get so much business through me that they gave me a special promo code VIPLADYBOSS for a whopping 30% off!!!

Red light therapy influencer and blogger Elaine Rau

Got sent a PR pitch for this new company and pitched them an influencer campaign instead.

Skincare eye cream influencer Elaine Rau


Met the owner of this brand at an event, we became fast friends and decided to work on an influencer campaign on the spot!

Dental influencer Elaine Rau

She loved how well the campaign went so she sent me another one of her products to try out.

Dental influencer Elaine Rau


I’m a HUGE advocate for menstrual cups, but for DaisyCup specifically, partly because the founder and her entire team is amazing but also because their product is top of the line. I’ve been using menstrual cups for a decade now and don’t plan on stopping.

Daisy Cup Menstrual influencer Elaine Rau


I travel everywhere with my American Shield backpack now. Ever since they sent it to me, I’ve been hooked. Use promo code LADYBOSSBLOGGER for 20% off! 😉

American Shield backpack influencer Elaine Rau


My friend created this new product and paid me to be his model.

 influencer Elaine Rau

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