Tools To Grow Your Business

I have listed out all the resources I have personally used to grow my blog and business from zero to 150K+ followers and 15K+ email subscribers in under 2 years.

I’ve gone through a TON of tools and I’ve narrowed it down to the BEST TOOLS I’ve used.

At the very end, I’ve included my top 10 business lifestyle tools as well!

Tools To Grow Your Business

Best Tools To Grow Your Online Business

1. Affiliate Marketing

  • Awin – the top brands work with this affiliate marketing platform. You have at pay $5 to get in, but you get that right back once you make your first sale.
  • ShareASale – suitable for anyone, no matter how newbie you are to affiliate marketing, to help you get in contact with brands that will pay you to promote them.
  • MaxBounty – you get a dedicated affiliate partner who helps you find the best deals for you to sign up for and promote.
  • iGain – an affiliate network that mostly hosts online survey companies where you can earn a commission for each person who signs up for a survey.
  • FlexOffers – another great affiliate marketing network!
  • Etsy – everyone loves unique handmade gifts from Etsy, so why not make money from promoting them?
  • Ultimate Bundles – the best bundle deals on the web for health, business, crafts and really anything! They usually bundle about $5K worth of course material and sell it for dirt cheap like $30-$50 a bundle.

2. Apps

  • Freedom – get back your time, and freedom, by blocking out all the distractions on your phone.
  • MileIQ – track your mileage automatically and store your receipts automatically.
  • Strides – goal and habit tracker to help you learn better, more productive habits and make SMART goals.

3. Business Management

  • SemRush – best way to get insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, link building while monitoring your own brand’s SEO, traffic insights, social media, and more.
  • FreshBooks – comes with an app to make it easy to keep track of your mileage, receipts, and invoices on the go. Great way to track your income and expenses all in one place.
  • Dubsado – business management software built to save you time, it helps with invoicing, signing contracts, scheduling appointments and more.
  • HubSpot – marketing, sales and CRM (customer relations management) tool all in one.
  • Business Name Generator – free tool to help you come up with spectacular business names.

4. Books

  • 5 Day Weekend – this book transformed my way of thinking. My favorite quote from the book is, “If you don’t find a way to make money in your sleep, you will work until you die.”

5. Courses

  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – where I learned everything about affiliate marketing from this 6-figure blogger.
  • Pinterest Avalanche – where I learned how to use Pinterest correctly from these two 6-figure bloggers.
  • How To Start A Money Making Blog – everything I learned from building a blog from 0-150K followers in 2 years and how you can also turn your blog into your business.
  • How To Make Money As An Influencer – the exact ways to make money from social media, and it’s not all about having a huge following. I made my first $100 from one tweet when I had just 8K followers.

6. Digital Product

  • Teachable – I’ve tried other course creation software programs and settled on this one because of its user-friendliness and customer service.
  • Thinkific – this is another course creation platform for you to check out.

7. E-commerce

  • Shopify – I would recommend this over Amazon because you can actually build your own brand with Shopify instead of it just being a marketplace where you don’t have access to your customers. Plus they have more than 8 FREE COURSES that help you start your first e-commerce store.
  • Woocommerce – The best way to get started for the e-commerce newbie. Also, it’s a free plugin!
  • Printful – The fastest way to create a custom drop shipping brand.

8. Email Marketing

  • ConvertKit – is designed for content creators who make (or want to make) a living online. They have integrated landing page and opt-in options as well as incredible segmentation and automation tools. It’s like 10 tools packed into one powerful software system. Here are 4 webinars to sign up for according to your level.
  • Aweber – another great email marketing service provider.
  • Sumo – a plugin to help capture leads who land on your website/blog.

9. Graphic Design

  • Canva – free graphic design software that I use to design EVERYTHING.
  • DesignEvo – the fastest and cheapest way to make a professional logo. Learn how to create a logo in 5 minutes with zero graphic design experience here.
  • 99Designs – another great place to get cheap professional designs of all kinds!
  • Design Contest – instead of having one person design your logo, host a competition where a ton of graphic designer fight to be your designer by proving themselves by designing your logo.
  • Creative Market – the biggest online graphics store where you can get bundles of graphics for cheap and have pre-made content for a year, all you have to do is schedule it out!
  • VistaPrint – the cheapest and fastest way to print a ton of business cards. I order 500 from here each time for just $10.
  • PicMonkey – loved and used by most bloggers as a way to design on the go on your phone.

10. Influencers

11. Organization

  • Trello – a great way to stay organized as a team. You can create tasks and see the progress on different projects from everyone on your team.
  • Wondershare – your all-in-one PDF solution!
  • OntraPages – landing pages that you can easily create in 5 minutes.
  • Savor – this is a 90-day content planner. If you like to write things down in a physical notebook, this is great.

12. Podcast

  • Podbean – everything you need to create, manage and promote your podcast!
  • SimplePodcast – podcast player that is designed to grow your audience and get more downloads!

13. Social Media

  • SmarterQueue – social media scheduler that I’ve used to grow my following on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on autopilot. I haven’t touched my social media accounts in over a year and I just hit 150K followers.
  • Tailwind – best Pinterest scheduler and with their Smart Loop feature you can be 100% hands-free from your account as you watch your traffic grow.
  • Planoly – top Instagram scheduler because you can visually plan out your feed. Plus it’s one of the few Instagram-approved schedulers out there which is why you can auto post from it.
  • Social Warefare – Makes your content easily shareable and tracks all shares for you!
  • Loomly – the very first social media scheduler I ever used! It’s a great place to start especially if you’re a visual learner.
  • SimpleSocial – automatically publish Facebook Live videos to your WordPress site.

14. SEO

  • FatJoe – one of the largest outsourced link building and content service providers in the world with more than 1,000 clients. They create incredibly successful SEO campaigns.

15. Side Gig Opportunities

16. Video

  • Zoom – record your podcasts, interviews, lessons for your courses, or honestly anything! I use it to talk to my interns so that I can share my screen with them.
  • VidIQ – more YouTube views in less time with this analyzer tool.
  • Telestream – video transcoding, streaming, capture, screen recording and more!
  • StreamYard – the easiest way to create professional live streams

17. Website

  • WordPress – 90% of bloggers use WordPress, you should too.
  • GoDaddy – Website hosting and domain name company, one of the largest and most reliable.
  • BlueHost – Website hosting and domain name company, they have incredible customer service.
  • Grammarly – this free grammar and spelling tool has saved me countless times. I used to get called out for spelling mistakes on my graphics all the time, now it never happens!
  • JetPack – way to keep track of your blog stats and where your traffic is coming from.
  • Genesis – SEO optimized theme that most 6 figure bloggers use.
  • Divi – SEO optimized theme that most beginners use.
  • Media – add advertisements to your blog and make passive income.


Images below were taken from my Instagram account @elainerau.

1. Fashion

  • Sudara – a charitable fashion company that supports at-risk women and help them get out of the world of trafficking by providing them with a new skillset in sewing fashionable clothing.
  • Aliexpress – if you don’t know about this online store, it’s going to blow your mind! They are always running promotions and games to win points and coupons. Check out the best Aliexpress Coupons here.
  • JustFab – I get all my shoes from here – mostly knee-high boots (my fav)!
  • American Shield – I never leave the house without my laptop. I used to use sling bags and totes, but I actually have a slight curve in my spine so it wasn’t the best for my back, so I looked around like crazy trying to find a cute backpack that I could also use while traveling. Use promo code LADYBOSSBLOGGER for 20% off.

2. Beauty

  • Revive Light – I always thought people aged gracefully because of genetics (and genetics do play a big part) but the older I get, the more I’m learning that people who look “ageless” actually spend a lot of time and money to look that way! it’s never too early or too late to start slowing the natural aging process. Use VIPLADYBOSS for a whopping 30% off!
  • DermawandPro – uses microcurrent technology, which is a clinically tested therapy treatment that’s used in top spas and medical offices for facial contouring, toning and firming skin. Use promo code VIPBOSSLADY for 10% off the entire site!
  • Just Natural – all their products are 100% natural.

3. Health & Wellness

  • Heat Therapy Mat – infrared mat embedded with natural gemstones designed for wellness and pain management. Use ladyboss10 for 10% off + free shipping OR lbbfreegift for a free energy bracelet + free shipping!
  • Energy Duvet – 50% of our lives if not more is spent sleeping… that’s a lot of time in bed lol! I never thought too much about my bed until AFTER I got an Energy Duvet and noticed the stark difference. Use ladyboss10 for 10% off + free shipping OR lbbfreegift for a free energy bracelet + free shipping!

4. Menstrual

  • PMS Box – they have a “buy a box, give a box” initiative for women in need. Use LADYBOSS10 for 10% off your first order!
  • DaisyCup – I’ve been using menstrual cups for almost a decade now, basically from before they were even popular! I’ve saved SO MUCH MONEY on pads and tampons it’s ridiculous. You can use one menstrual cup for YEARS – the brand does matter according to how long they last. I like to replace mine every year though. Use promo code VIPLADYBOSS for 20% off!
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