Our wonderful clients are the reason we’re in business. What we do is feature female entreprenuers on our ladybossblogger platform(s). Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied client too! 

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jen-edit2-1-copy“Elaine is truly an inspiration. Her work is always timely and on point. Her writing style is genuine and she truly makes her features feel like one of a kind. Yet, what is most amazing about Elaine is her kind spirit, go getter attitude and humbleness. I’ve always known she was going places and I am honored that she has shared that with us.” – Jennifer Lezan-Veguilla 8izrr4rzt


“My interview was nothing short of amazing… Ladybossblogger article of B.O.Essentials All natural skin care was right on time. We got back so much positive feedback regarding our article. Elaine Rau keep doing great things.” – Christina King Rogers 8izrr4rzt


thumb2“Elaine is the inspiration over all! Thanks for including me in your fabulous blog! Definitely a great page loaded with tons of inspirational articles and useful information from different young female entrepreneurs in different fields! #LadyBoss is definitely the bible of the female entrepreneurs world in my book! ” – Meiling Jin 8izrr4rzt


thumb3“LadyBossBlogger was amazing to work with! We connected on instagram and I am so glad we did! She gave me an opportunity to share my story with more people to ultimately have the opportunity to help even more people. I loved the article she posted and I got a lot of traction on my Facebook with it! She was professional and her blog portrays that greatly.” – Lindsey Mango 8izrr4rzt


“It was such pleasure to work with @ladybossblogger! Very professional and my interview went through the roof on social media. It was great exposure and she blasted it in more ways than one. I am so glad I was able to connect with her and I am hoping to do more business along side with her!!! #ladybosses” – Crystal Young 8izrr4rzt


thumb5“Ladybossblogger gave me an opportunity to share my passion in a more personal light. I am grateful and I appreciate of thus process because it made me see just how far I’ve come! Thank you Elaine for making such a platform to celebrate other entrepreneurs such as myself!!!” – Le’Keshia Smith 8izrr4rzt


“LadyBossBlogger is wonderful. We connected on Facebook & she gave me an amazing opportunity to share my story with the world. It was a fabulous experience & I look forward to working with her in the future.” – Andrea Richie 8izrr4rzt


“I am humbly grateful that Ladybossblogger gave me the opportunity to share my business! My interview was amazing! So many people reached out to me to say they enjoyed reading my interview and are more aware of my brand and services! Thank you so much for your work!” – Nesha Griffin 8izrr4rzt


“I want to first thank Lady Boss Blogger for my awesome article. I had a great experience and appreciate anyone acknowledging hard working women. Thank you again.” – Maria Wills 8izrr4rzt


“LadyBossBlogger was awesome!! She gave me an opportunity to share my heart and passion. I’m grateful for this opportunity! I will definitely be sharing her and expertise! Thank you Beautiful Lady!!” – Tommie Bengs 8izrr4rzt




“Thank you for the feature!! You are giving women a opportunity to share their story..” – Fontonette La’Shay Smith 8izrr4rzt


screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-11-07-02-pm“What really makes Lady Boss Blogger stand out is that it raises awareness about the female entrepreneurs you would not normally hear about – our unsung heroines. Elaine has gone out of her way to showcase me and many other women in such a professional and illuminating manner. Working with Elaine was both rewarding and extremely easy. Lady Boss Blogger is a platform to watch for sure.” – Janine Truitt 8izrr4rzt



“LadyBossBlogger is a great organization to work with. I am glad they spotlighted me in their blog.” Alexandra Eidenberg 8izrr4rzt




“Elaine was a pleasure to work with. She was responsive and professional. I appreciate the opportunity to showcase my business.” – Sheryl Simon 8izrr4rzt


“Working with Ladybossblogger was a breeze! The communication is great! All the blogs I have seen posted so far are amazing and I am excited to work with her again!” – Kayla Strong 8izrr4rzt


thumb9“I must express special thanks to LadyBossBlogger for allowing me the opportunity to share my journey on how I started online. I am even more inspired by her commitment to bringing to life other leading female entrepreneurs by industries their stories. Thanks again and all the best to your success.” – Julian Palmer 8izrr4rzt


“I highly recommend ladybossblogger. It is a repository for startups regardless where you are in your journey. I liked the fact that she captured the essence of my business in the interview. Many thanks for the feature Elaine, it was an absolute pleasure collaborating with you.” – Annie Forrest 8izrr4rzt


img_3129-copy“The interview experience was excellent! Elaine is so professional yet she made the process easy and enjoyable. It was nice to have someone so interested in my business and truly eager to allow me to shine. This is a great opportunity for female entrepreneurs. A great community of great women. I’m happy to be a part of it.” – Naomi Dunsen-White 8izrr4rzt




“Working with Elaine was awesome!! She’s professional, timely, and the process was seamless!! Thank you for the opportunity!” – Cara Ivy 8izrr4rzt


thumb“Working with Ladybossblogger was a smooth and wonderful experience. From the first contact it was clear that I was dealing with a professional who is devoted to shining a light on female entrepreneurs doing great work in the world. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story and reach more people so I too can support more entrepreneurs building businesses that make a positive impact on people and the planet.” – Kathya Bustamante 8izrr4rzt

“It has been simply amazing working with The Lady Boss Blogger. Thanks for all you do for women. And I look forward to working with you again in the future.” – Arlean Timmons 8izrr4rzt


“It was such a pleasure to work with @ladybossblogger and be featured on the blog! It was a beautiful process, she’s so professional and easy to work with. You can always tell when someone is operating in their zone of genius – the blog feature was magical. Thank You!” – Janae Martin 8izrr4rzt


“Girl power times five! I had an amazing and professional experience with LadyBossBlogger. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to share what I know with other women, and get it in return! Awesome organization. ❤️” – Dara A’Darah 8izrr4rzt

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