95 Latina Influencers That Are Dominating Instagram

The future is female, and women are at the stage front making statements. At one of the forefront are Latinas, women from a Hispanic background. They have branched out from the typical stereotypes they have assumed for years and are becoming influencers for many people out there.

We’ve rounded up the top 100 Latina influencers on Instagram based on four categories:

  1. Fashion
  2. Beauty
  3. Fitness
  4. Mommy

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1. @thepennycloset_

Claudia Felix-Garay is based out of Los Angeles, California. Her profile is a range of lifestyle, beauty, and most importantly fashion. She slays in outfits from JC Penny, Forever 21, and Athleta; meaning she has style for all types.

She’s eye-catching, because she always has a love for Disney, and showcases her passion for fashion intertwine with Disney.

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2. @iamnadiap

Nadia is based out of Miami, Florida, but her origins are from the Dominican Republic. She is a blogger and with a range of interest in family, faith, fitness, but especially fashion.

What makes her stand out is her sense of amazing style, she is not afraid of color. She is a plus sized model and is not afraid to show her curves off.

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3. @cristinamichelle_

Cristina Michelle is based in New York City but lives in Long Island, New York. She is new to the scene but is proving her potential in fashion.

She works as a campaign manager, while dabbling in beauty, travel, and blogging. She is petite with the height of 4’11 and flaunts pure natural beauty.

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4. @likejesi

Jeseleyn Gonzalez is originally from Venezuela and now lives in Chicago, Illinois. She is young, but that does stop her from dreaming big.

She is a fashion designer and CEO of her design brand. Her style and brand are all about trends like oversize, buttons, faux fur, and more.

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5. @fashionistaover40

Evelyn is a proud Latina – she is an Afro-Latina/Nuyorican. She proves that you don’t have to be young to be an influencer or inspiration on social media. She rocks contemporary looks for women over forty and is not afraid of boldness.

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6. @esmirubii

Esmi Rubi is from Houston, Texas and shedding major cute outfits. She is currently a marketing major with a blog and vlog on youtube. Her current fashion sense is based on cuteness, with pops of red, black, and white.

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7. @rubyjanet

Ruby Janet is from Mexico but now is between her home country and the city of Los Angeles. She is the only person on our list who is a beauty queen!

In 2018, she was Miss Intercontinental Sinaloa 2018. She slays on the runway and her Instagram feed. Her feed is unique that she focuses on one primary color for a certain amount of consistent posts.

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8. @anfane

Ana Faneite currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, but is of Venezuelan descent. She’s a coffee lover, who loves to travel and loves her fashion.

She blogs about her life and is set on making her a statement. She switches her choices of clothing, from fun and flirty to snake print sexy.

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9. @pamallier

Pamela Allier is a Mexican beauty, residing in both Mexico and Los Angeles. She is not afraid of color, and intrigues from going colorful to matte clothing. She is a sunglass queen, with most of her pictures having shades.

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10. @fermedina

For Medina, is straight out of Mexico City. She loves traveling around the world, but fashion is her calling. She stuns with sophisticated modern looks, head to toe.

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11. @modacapital

Gaby Gómez is a breath of fresh air. She currently lives in Mexico City and stuns with her gorgeous big blue eyes. She enjoys sharing her outfits and travels with her followers.

She goes from flowy floral chic to business professional right away. She has no problem with having a little fun with her posts and sticking her tongue out a little bit.

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12. @gabilumireles

Gabilu Mireles is an advocate for curvy girls everywhere. She is not afraid to talk about her curviness and embraces it as a lifestyle.

She started her website for this movement and empowers women to love themselves. She loves stripes and pops of color.

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13. @fashionfromaz

Amparo Zepeda currently lives in Guatalama and is a proud Guatemalteca. Her style is based upon, clean, minimal fashion. To help with her look, she is a fashion designer, who loves chicness.

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14. @luisaallan

Luisa Alan is the ideal boho-chic fashionista. She makes flowy outfits look like we should say goodbye to form-fitting clothes. Her style is laid back with a surprise of adding a hat to the mix.

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15. @lapecosapreciosa

Sandra is currently from New York City, the fashion capital of the world. To make her mark, she is an advocate of beautiful curly hair.

In her spare time, she also founded a blog on curvy fashion, which she shows on her Instagram. Her style is traditional with a twist of modernism.

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16. @stilettoconfessions

Jennifer is Mexican, and currently living in Boise, Idaho. She is making a splash because not a lot of influencers are from there, but she’s making a change in the community. She is not afraid of being risque, and she takes chances on making a statement.

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17. @flopereira

Flor Pereira is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She’s into beauty, travel, and of course fashion. She likes to keep her makeup natural, or with a pop of color. She loves being comfy chic, with a bit of pizzaz.

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18. @lefreakeschic

Valentina Ríos is from Chile but is now in Madrid, Spain. She is a modern, rocker girl. She is not afraid of leather, color, and prints, and even mixing them all at one time. She walks around making a statement anywhere and everywhere she goes.

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19. @unatalluisa

Luisa Cárdenas is a modern girl next girl, living in Mexico City. Her love of decor and fashion go hand in hand. She keeps things simple, but it makes her stand out. She’s the oversize fashion girl, with sweaters and flowy pants.

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20. @tiffanydiana

Tiffany Diana currently lives in New York City and is a social media manager. The city gives her a light to shine with her outfits because she stays on trend while capturing the perfect off-guards.

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21. @pamhetlinger

Pam Hetlinger is pure classiness. She is from Panama but now lives in the city of dreams. Her style is elegance incorporated with modern fashion. She is not afraid to rock a pantsuit.

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22. @grasiemercedes

Grasie Mercedes is Dominican and currently living in Los Angeles. She is an aspiring actress and an advent thrifter. Her style is California chic, with an edge of using patterns or a little color.

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23. @dylanasuarez

Dylana Suarez is a California girl, who now lives in New York City. She has been a blogger for quite some time and has a fascination with photography. Her style screams Zara model because she takes risks with fashion.

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24. @natalieoffduty

Natalie Lim Suarez is super inspiring – she is a singer, blogger, and fashionista. She lives in the empire state of mind and is the cool, edgy chick. She sports front bangs and effortlessly slays in anything she wears.

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25. @babybri22

Brianna is an up and coming fashion influencer. She is studying within the medical field, but it does not stop her from having a killer fashion sense. She dares to be different by mixing and matching clothes of all sorts. She is a big fan of layers!

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26. @melanycecilia

Melany C. Rodriguez is based out of three major cities/states, of New Jersey, New York City, and Los Angeles. She is killing it with making a name for herself, working with top beauty brands all while traveling around the country.

Her recent accomplishment is working with Estee Lauder as a guest speaker on their skincare workshop.

27. @gabriellacatano

Gabriella Cataño-Salinas lives between Miami and Los Angeles. She studies social media marketing and is currently a beauty influencer.

Her beauty is unbelievable, she has light hazel eyes and does a perfect job in making them stand out with makeup. She has been seen on Univision television, and currently has a YouTube channel.

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28. @daisymarquez_

Daisy Marquez is at the top with her following and her makeup of course. She lives in Los Angeles and is one the leading makeup gurus on YouTube. Her makeup is bold all day, every day.

29. @beatsbyceleste

Celeste Pena is from Pflugerville, Texas; she is set apart because most beauty influencers are based in Dallas or Houston.

She is a college student, but that does not interfere with her passion for makeup. She is entirely self-taught and can do simplistic to full out glam.

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30. @dulcecandy

Dulce Candy, is a proud wife and mother while dabbing in self-love advocation. She has a successful YouTube channel and is currently involved with a number of skin care routines. She is working closely with Nivea, sold at drugstores, etc.

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31. @lora_arellano

Lora Arellano is a Los Angeles based makeup artist. Her style and look are unique. She makes a statement with green/blue color hair, and her beauty style is sinister with touches or color and girliness.

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32. @abreu.darlene

Darlene is based out of Houston, Texas. She has a YouTube channel because she loves to showcase what she can do with makeup. She takes pop cultures, holiday, and other references into account for her face look.

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33. @sereezy

Based out of California, she is a makeup artist and a fashion designer. Her beauty looks are influenced by neon signs, and her Instagram goes through posts dedicated to creating those designs.

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34. @beautybyyasmin

Yasmin is from Houston, Texas. She focuses on fashion and beauty. She loves a dramatic eye look, and now is getting into giveaways for her followers.

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35. @danielleinesblogs

Danielle is located in Huntsville, Alabama. She loves blogging and is all about standing out with her looks. She is the person to go for bold, powerful looks to uphold.

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36. @makeupbylee

LeeSondra Berovides is based out of sunny San Diego, California. She is self-taught and has a YouTube channel. Her winged eyeliner is one of the best and she is a go-to for a flawless makeup look.

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37. @alondradessy

Alondra is a fashion and beauty influencer. She loves to be full glam, and switch it from sexy to cute style. Her eyelashes make the statement on her makeup looks.

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38. @jmaybs

Johanna Maybelline Ortega loves to travel and includes glorified makeup looks to go with her destination. Her looks range from the highlight, glitter, and a bold lip.

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39. @theerealkarlaj

Karla is located in Los Angeles, California. Her Instagram page is based on California and the different locations within the state. From form-fitting fashion to color pop, she always has her makeup looks go with each style.

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40. @iluvsarahii

YouTube content creator, and an eye for trendsetting fashion, she loves looking taking off-guard pictures and has that oomph factor in dramatic eye makeup.

41. @leabelle_

This beauty guru is a wife, mother, and of course a makeup lover. She is based out of Portland, Oregon and goes for dramatic looks. She has a YouTube channel that shows looks focusing on color eyeshadow and contour 101.

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42. @yoatzi

This makeup lover is all about fierce eyebrows! She always has her eyebrows on point, and of course a full face of makeup as well. She is not scared to add hearts or even animal print into some of her makeup creations.

43. @makeupx_juliec

One look at Julie and you would have never thought that she is over forty-years-old. Julie is not a minimalist but fanatic of the dramatic look. Her signature colors are gold, brown, and red tones. 

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44. @yurigmakeup

This makeup influencer is one of my favorites on the list, because of how fun and exciting her looks are. She stuns in various colors of hair while reflecting that into her makeup. She is not afraid to go wild, with rocking colored eyebrows and making it look sophisticated.

latina influencers

45. @uptownbeautie

Erianny Noely is a natural beauty with a fabulous bright smile. She showcases her beauty with a sleek ponytail, bun or lets it down loose and finishes her look up with fantastic makeup. My favorite part of her makeup looks is that she has no fear of changing up her lip color, she goes from glossy to matte without hesitation.

latina influencers

46. @mystyleboxx

Rebecca is a stunner, with exceptional makeup skills. She takes her fondness of travel to influence her makeup. One of the best aspects of her makeup is her love of glitter! She could use glitter eyeshadow every day if she wanted to.

latina influencers

47. @claudia.cedano

If you are not afraid of any color, then you should follow Claudia ASAP! Every look is loud and proud, with never any use of regular color tones. Her use of color is like an artist because every look has that much drama and design.

latina influencers

48. @caromansabel

Carolina Mansabel is unique to perfecting that “no makeup look”. She likes keeping is natural looking with a splash of color and sometimes uses a color winged eyeliner to complete the look. She adds a natural glow to her looks, with beautiful highlights paired with an excellent skin care routine.

latina influencers

49. @myriamxn

Miss Miriam is an advocate for cruelty-free makeup and lives a vegan lifestyle. In her lifestyle, her makeup is influenced by modern pinup girls. Her winged eyeliner is sharp, and her edgy outfits are stunning!

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50. @laisdeleon

Lais DeLeon is a fitness guru. She works hard for her body and wants others to feel the success she has. She has her own Youtube channel and even her own mobile application. She loves to include her friends in her fitness journey and showing the results of her body.

latina influencers

51. @queenezza

Nezza is an inspiring woman who loves talking about her fitness journey. Her motto is all about the process of fitness/health and showcases it through dance and exploration. She is all about fun!

latina influencers

52. @chana.fit

Sandra Ramirez currently lives in California and working out is her passion. She rocks every fitness routine with cute and comfortable athletic wear. She has her own YouTube channel, and even works with some athletic wear companies. Check out her IG for some discounts!

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53. @iam_mariiah

Mariiah is based out of Dallas, Texas. Not only is she about fitness, but she’s also into dancing, singing, modeling, and is a choreographer. On her cruise through life, she is someone very much into her faith.

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54. @brittanyybeen

Brittany Been is all about fitness and fashion. She strives on feeling good and looking good. She has a YouTube channel and enjoys showcasing her meal prep. She also is a bikini competitor.

latina influencers

55. @daianadays

Daiana Diaz is a fitness coach and a big influencer for body love. She wants her followers to gain access to lose the weight the want to and gain their fit bodies. 

latina influencers

56. @sofritoyriqueza

Jazz is an all about empowerment and strives to be an empowerment coach to others. She has a website to showcase ways to live a better life with health and fitness regiments, she is also an advocate for healthy skin care routines.

latina influencers

57. @esmeyleon

Esmey Leon is a lifestyle and fitness expert in the making. She wants people to feel powerful through working out and in everything else in life. Her motivation stems from her website and having her podcast for people to hear.

latina influencers

58. @diana_soria_galvarro

Diana Soria Galvarro is a real fitness gal. She provides her followers with workouts, food, and how to establish a healthy fitness lifestyle. She does not have a website or YouTube channel, instead sge showcases everything through her IG.

latina influencers

59. @healthylatina

Michelle is a spokeswoman for healthy living and eating. She loves staying fit, but is a real foodie at heart. She aims to show people multiple food options while being a big food lover. She has a website that has her meal plan menu.

latina influencers

60. @healthfitangel

Angelica is a proud Latina, who loves to inspire others around her. She loves to indulge in chocolate and sweets but knows how to eat right. She has her website to help people throughout the process of losing weight and puts up motivational quotes to inspire. 

latina influencers

61. @stef.cantu

Stef Cantu is a health coach and is a founder of a fitness group for Latinas. She loves life and love showing her fit journey through traveling and with friends.

latina influencers

62. @latinafitnessfairy

Ann Valrie is a beginner in the lifestyle and fitness world. She is personable as she shows her followers that the whole process takes time.

latina influencers

63. @london_latina_fitness

Christina is all about loving life and loves everything life has to offer. She posts about her fitness routines and promotes bulking powders to use.

latina influencers

64. @Yeyefitlife

This Instagram profile is all about workout routines. Almost every post is about how she workouts with occasional pictures of her progress. 

latina influencers

65. @faith_fitness20

Johannah is the girl you need to see if you want that Kim K or J Lo bod. This girl is small, but that does not deter her from accomplishing her goals. She reports her progress each month and also has a website.

latina influencers

66. @jullieana

Jullieana is a dedicated career woman. She is also a mother, actress, and online fitness coach. She has her own website and mobile application.

latina influencers

67. @fitness.latina.al.100

She is a choreographer and Zumba instructor and has a YouTube page. She is all about dance and promotes how it creates health and friendship!

latina influencers

68. @iamjoanna.marie

Joanna Marie is a fitness coach. She is a firm believer in helping women get fit through a well thought out process of “no restrictions”. She wants her followers to stay happy through the process, not dread fitness.

latina influencers

69. @getfitwithmassi

Masiel prides herself to be the fat loss queen. She claims to be an expert and showcases her work through herself and clients she’s had.

latina influencers

70. @laventanitadeluz

Luz is a full-time mom but carves out time for health and good fitness choices. She is a blogger and loves rocking her edgy, sporty style.

latina influencers

71. @fittoovercomeintl

This fitness entrepreneur is all about empowering women. She loves teaching about leading, lifestyle, and fitness. She likes posting lists of food to eat and likes showing her workouts.

latina influencers


72. @nany

Daniela Ramirez is the epitome of Instagram mommy! She is a new mother, but has taken things smoothly. She is a lifestyle blogger and loves showing off her picture-perfect family.

latina influencers

73. @suitsheelscurves

Darlene is a mommy that is not afraid to show off her curves. She is into styling, travel, beauty, and being a full-time mom. She has a clothing brand and works with big companies as a mom influencer.

latina influencers

74. @lacooquette

María is a new mom in California, she’s a foodie, but most importantly she loves her family. She recently worked with YouTube and Dunkin Donuts!

latina influencers

75. @lifethroughmamaeyes

Romelia is a mom blogger who does not stop working even with three children and one on the way. She wants new mothers or mothers, in general, to know how to parent and shows them cool lifestyle tricks. She always takes the most IG worthy pictures of her children.

latina influencers

76. @jocelynfelix_

Jocelyn loves raising awareness about the journies that mothers face. In addition to parenting, she loves talking about makeup and her love of coffee.

latina influencers

77. @ marcelaveronica_

Marcela is a mom blogger who has three beautiful children. She loves to post pictures with her children and enjoys following trends with lettered signs.

latina influencers

78. @denise__spicer

Denise is a mom blogger, in her words “blog under construction”. She is an air force wife and has a sweet baby girl. She keeps her baby stylish with cute headbands and bows. She loves coordinating colors and accessories with her daughter in pictures.

latina influencers

79. @mommyinmpls

Mitzi loves being a mother and loves her little boy. She posts many adorable pictures of him and with him!

latina influencers

80. @marleen.torres

This Dallas, Texas mom loves exploring her city with her children. She takes her fondness of motherhood and turns it into a helpful resource for many other moms through her blog.

latina influencers

81. @lilbitsofpau

Paulina is a full-time wife, mother, and style blogger. She shows moms out there that turning into a mother does not have to stop them from chasing their own ambitions.

latina influencers

82. @heythere_melissa

Melissa is a newbie to the blogging world and to being a mom. It is fun to see her transform into a blogger mom and see how she’s becoming a mom influencer.

83 @modmadre

Brenda is a trendy mom who loves strutting her fashion. She dresses her daughter in the most stylish outfits – she loves the easy breesy on-the-go look yet still being incredible fashionable.

latina influencers

84. @ardenelise

This mom loves to explore her city of Fort Worth, Texas, with her children. In her quest to view her town, she dresses up on trend with her two daughters. If you need style inspo for your children, this is the page for you!

latina influencers

85. @crystal.ita

Crystal is a boho-chic mother who loves capturing her son’s best moments. Her pictures don’t seem forced but capture real emotion, and they all follow a particular filter.

latina influencers

86. @xkxmbxrlyx

Kimberly is an off-guard picture mother. She captures her pictures of herself and children through candid shots instead of posed ones.

latina influencers

87. @xicana_mama

Perla is a proud mother to two children and expecting twins on the way. She loves writing and photography. She is someone that likes showcasing her children, but at the moment is displaying her pregnancy.

latina influencers

88. @lamamacitablog

Ruby is a working mom. She is a special events and marketing director and is also a founder a Los Angeles blogging community. She loves bringing her children with her to events.

latina influencers

89. @_kassandranohemy

Kassandra is a mother to an adorable little girl. She is a blogger and a lover of DIY activities. Her greatest joy in life is her daughter and she loves doing mother-daughter activities.

latina influencers

90. @littlebiteoflove

Dorissa is a mother living in NYC with an occasional blogging hobby. She follows a clean-cut Instagram esthetic that includes her sweet daughter shining with seamless photographs of adorable moments in her life.

latina influencers

91. @mythashomestead

Mytha Reyna is a hardworking mother with a blog. She loves working on fitness and living her life to the fullest. Her feed showcases her family trips and adventures in her local city.

latina influencers

92. @life_with_alli_mei

Karla Meija is a mother from Los Angeles, California. She loves her family and she’s different from the rest because she is a musician! 

latina influencers

93. @aliciaeverafter

Alicia is a diligent mother who focuses on following her passions. She loves posting lovely pictures of her children during holidays and other events. While working on her family, blog, and becoming a foodie, she also dabbles in event styling.

latina influencers

94. @socialparenting

Prissy is a single mother based out of Orlando, but that does not stop her from accomplishing a lot for herself and her children. She has a blog and was even a Disney Parks Moms Panelist for the years of 2016-2018, giving her an advantage to Disney World perks. Her connection to Disney has helped her gain an audience, and with that audience, she has been able to be a brand ambassador for several other companies.

latina influencers

95. @chasingtheflores

Carmen is the definition of a mommy boss because she has three beautiful children while running an online organization for mom blogger/influencers. With her organization, she works in collaboration with companies, and her children take part in the action!

latina influencers

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