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Julia Lam Is Bringing Fashion And Function Together For Working Professionals

Julia Lam is an early Facebooker, serial entrepreneur, and now the Founder and CEO of Tara&Co, a company that re-imagines products for women on-the-go. Their first product, The Tracy 2-in-1 bag, is a stylish and convertible bag that launched in November 2017 and is named after tech diversity advocate Tracy Chou. Previously, she was the …

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How To Become The Happiest, Healthiest, And Most Inspiring Boss EVER!

Leaders performing at an optimal level are awake, aware, and inspiring. They are resilient, have control of their mind and senses, and can see life at a deeper level—thus inspiring their teams to strive for, and reach, their highest possible level of work. They also do their personal best to serve as positive examples—cultivating mental …

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Samia Pego Keating Helps Women Transition Into A Life And Business They Love

Samia Pego Keating is The Confidence Mindset Coach and founder of Focus Mind Coaching. She is passionate about empowering women to discover who they truly are by helping them to go from a place of fear, self-doubt, to finally gain clarity, confidence and courage to transition to a business and life they love. When she is not …

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How To Build A Credible Blog And Stand Out From The Rest

What is the first thing you do when someone talks about their blog? You look them up, right?! You check out their social media accounts, their website, their reviews and whatever else you find online. The more people can find about you online, the more credible you are. Especially if your blog is mentioned in …

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Sally Bibb Helps Organizations Put The Right People In The Right Jobs

Sally Bibb is the author of several books including her most recent, The Strengths Book: Discover How to Be Fulfilled in Your Work and Life. She is the Founding Director of Engaging Minds, a specialist strengths consultancy that works with organizations in the private and public sectors including hospitals, prisons and schools. Before founding Engaging …

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5 Time Management Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you likely juggle many different roles during your working week. Some of those roles may involve activities you don’t particularly enjoy or feel confident about doing. As we flitter between what we love to do and what we need to do, we can end up wasting time procrastinating or demotivated. A key …

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Caitlin Charles-Jones Designs Ethical And Innovative Knitwear

Caitlin Charles-Jones is the Founder and Creative Director of her eponymous knitwear label. The brand specializes in premium British knitwear, designed and made in the United Kingdom. What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? When I graduated from my MA, I was all set to go after the ‘dream job.’ I even …

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