15 Gaming Influencers To Follow On YouTube

Want to start gaming? Already love gaming but need new women gamers to watch? Look no further! We have curated a list of 15 female gamers to watch on YouTube.

1. Gamer Girl

Karina (AKA Gamer Girl) is arguably YouTube’s most famous female gaming content creator. Some of Karina’s favorite games include Minecraft and Roblox.

She uploads videos of her playing almost daily.

2. iJustine

Justine, more commonly known as iJustine, is a tech and gaming YouTuber. She often creates videos reviewing gaming tech, playing, or doing fun videos related to the gaming world.

iJustine - Wikipedia

3. BBelleGames

Belle is a gaming YouTuber making videos of her best moments while playing popular video games.

Some of the games she’s popular for playing are Animal Crossing, Fortnite, and Valorant.

BBelleGames - YouTube

4. Spawntaneous

Sam, known on YouTube as Spawntaneous, creates amazing gaming content for her over 300,000 subscribers.

Also – she has a really cute dog.

Spawntaneous // Sam on Twitter: "When you meet one of your best friends on  @RocketLeague & he gets you something awesome for Christmas. Thanks  @seanwhite2783! ☺ @JINX… https://t.co/3hXInwXJy2"

5. Aphmau

Jess (AKA Aphmau) is a gaming YouTuber and mother-of-four – what a Lady Boss!

She is most known on YouTube for videos of her playing Minecraft.


6. LDShadowLady

LDShadowLady, known in the real world as Lizzie, is a gaming YouTuber most known for her content about Minecraft.

She picks some her best moments playing and compiles them into videos.

🌼🌺 LDShadowLady 🌺🌼 (@LDShadowLady) | Twitter

7. laviishlily

Lily is a female gamer most known for her Fortnite content.

She often creates comedic content about her experiences gaming while playing.

lily (@laviishlily) | Twitter

8. Tianna Mercedes

Tianna is a gaming content creator and is known for streams of her playing as well as recorded videos of gameplay and highlights of her streams.

tianna-mercedes. on Twitter: "GaMeR gIrL 🎮✨… "

9. Pokimane

Imane (AKA Pokimane) is a female gaming YouTuber who posts content of her best moments playing and full gameplay.

Some of her most popular content is playing with other popular YouTubers, such as David Dobrik.

Top Livestreamer Pokimane Reveals Exclusive Renewal With Twitch In Q&A

10. EmZ

Emma, more commonly referred to online as EmZ, posts videos of her gaming.

Her most popular content revolves around her sniper skills in Call of Duty.

Emma │ C9 EmZ 🐘 (@C9EmZ) | Twitter

11. Jules

Julia (Jules) is a female gaming YouTuber that is a lover of Call of Duty, making videos of her gameplay, and making skits about gaming.

Jules - YouTube

12. Cannot be Tamed

Pam is a gaming YouTuber who loves to talk about the gaming world.

On her channel, she makes reviews of new games, rates other gamers, and reacts to games.

Pam (@Jasyla_) | Twitter

13. Maddynf

Maddy is a gaming YouTuber with over 450,000 subscribers. Her most popular content includes highlights of her playing Fortnite.

She is also a content creator for complexity.

Big announcement - YouTube

14. Athena

Athena is a female gaming content creator that creates videos of tutorials and gameplay.

Athena TV - Bio, Family, Trivia | Famous Birthdays

15. Gab Smolders

Gab is a gaming content creator that posts full length gameplay videos.

Gab Smolders on Twitter: "How's it goin'? ✨ (Seriously tho hope everyone's  safe and healthy❤️)… "

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