Lee Whetstone Highlights Millennial Success Stories To Help More People Succeed In Business

Lee Whetstone is an Entrepreneur, Motivator, Purpose Builder, and the Founder and CEO of Leading with Lee Magazine. She sets a media platform for entrepreneurs to share their success stories and also uplifts and encourages future game changers to live and work in their passion filled purpose. She has been featured in, Fashiongxd Magazine, …

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Heather Monahan Educates Women On How To Elevate Women

Heather Monahan is a women’s empowerment expert known as the “Boss In Heels”. She is a social media influencer, keynote speaker, Glass Ceiling award recipient and Pop Sugar contributor. Heather is committed to advancing others via and through her recent appointment to brand ambassador for Perry Ellis International’s female brand, Rafaella. What motivated and inspired you to start …

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How To Grow Your Personal Brand

With the internet boom and the emergence of startup culture, branding is not just restricted to traditionally wealthy business owners anymore. Anyone with an idea and the drive has the opportunity to set up a brand. It requires some meticulous work and creativity, but anyone can do it. If you are strategic with your branding, …

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Nadia Galloway Is Literally Redefining What It Means To “Sleep Like A Baby”

Nadia Galloway is a mompreneur who has always had a passion for children, the arts, and innovation. As a proud wife and mother of two children – Benjamin, 12 years old and Nola, 2 years old – she always understood and valued the importance of discovering natural gifts, a quality early childhood education and protecting …

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5 Proven Mechanics To Successful Business Email Writing

Emails are one of the most common communication tools in business – but they aren’t always as effective as we would want them to be. The tricky thing about business writing is that businesspeople are often busy and unable to spend a lot of time on reading all that comes to their inbox thoroughly. That’s …

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How To Become A Successful Businesswoman

What makes a successful businesswoman? It must be more than having customers and money. It must be more than a solid business plan. If these were the only two ingredients, most companies would fail within five years. Success requires so much more. This is what Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, a successful businesswoman for 26 years, …

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