16 Christian Brands Looking For Brand Ambassadors Right Now

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Have you been looking for creative ways to share your faith? What if you could get paid for it? These 16 Christian companies are looking for people to become brand ambassadors for their campaigns today.

1. Elevated Faith

In order to join Elevated Faith’s brand ambassadors, you must post about the brand on either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Those who use your personalized code will receive 15% off their order and you will receive a 10% commission. You will also become a part of the Elevated Faith community and receive sneak peeks of new products.

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2. Arise Apparel Co

In order to become an ambassador for Arise Apparel Co, you need to have an active Instagram account with over 5k followers. Those who use your personalized code get 15% off their order. In addition, when you become an ambassador you:

  • Receive 2 free shirts
  • Receive 1 free shirt every 10 times your code is used
  • Will have your photos reposted to the Arise Apparel Instagram
  • Will help Arise Apparel test out their new products
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3. God The Father Apparel

God The Father is subtle, high-quality streetwear. In order to join, you need to buy from their site using the code AMBA20, this will give you 20% off. Once a part of the community, your personalized code will give you 15% commission. From that point, you will need to post to your Instagram feed or stories twice a month. However, posting more often and to multiple social media sites is recommended for the most referrals.

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4. Seek Jesus

Becoming an ambassador for Seek Jesus is super easy! All you need to do is purchase an item with a 15% discount when you apply. They do not care what your follower count is, just that you post about their brand and their message on either Instagram or TikTok. You will earn 15% commission from the purchases made with your personalized code.

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5. She Who Is

She Who Is is looking for empowering women to help them spread the word of God. Unlike the other brands discussed in this list, you do not need an Instagram account. You will however need to purchase items from them, but with a 20% discount.

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6. In His Steps

In His Steps is a Christian footwear company. Their approach to brand ambassadors is the most unique of the group. In order to apply, send an email to info@InHisSteps.co detailing why you are passionate about their brand and values. They will work with you to come up with a plan to support you with donations and discounts on IHS products.  

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7. Love Happens

When you become a brand ambassador for Love Happens, you do not just make a commission, but you can also make a donation to your favorite Christian organization. Your organization affiliate will receive a 20% donation and you will get a 15% commission. Those who use your code will get a 10% discount on Love Happens products.

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8. Evy’s Tree

Evy’s Tree specializes in hoodies.

Their requirements or brand ambassadors are:

  • Share fashionable, high-quality photos of their products on your social media accounts and blog
  • Have and maintain at least 5k followers across all of your social media platforms
  • Share sales and campaigns upon request
  • Maintain professionalism on your accounts and within the community
  • Spread Evy’s Tree message

And their brand ambassadors perks are:

  • Chances to be featured across our social media accounts
  • Be the first to know about and receive new products
  • Receive quarterly gift boxes 
  • Earn product gifts for friends and family
  • Receive commission through their Affiliate program
  • Be part of a community of love, kindness, and compassion 
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9. Versed

In order to become a brand ambassador for Versed, you must own and promote a product of theirs that you love. Be sure to tag them in all your social media posts about the brand. You will receive 10% commission on each order. You could also potentially receive extra promotions and gift cards.

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10. ODG Apparel

When you become a brand ambassador for ODG Apparel, you will receive a personalized link to share. This link will earn you a 15% commission. There are also reward tiers based on how many sales you have. The teirs are as follows:

  • 1-1 sale: lifetime 15% discount, sticker bundle
  • 2-3 sales: tier 1 rewards plus 1X Brea fruit shirt
  • 3-5 sales: tiers 1 & 2 rewards, and 1 Tetelestai hoodie
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11. Catholic Modern

When you join Catholic Modern’s brand ambassadors, you will have a personalized link to share which will earn you a 10% commission. You will also have exclusive access to new designs. Those who use your referral code will receive a 10% discount.

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12. Underdog Athletix

Underdog Athletix is athletic gear “powered by Jesus”. They want to inspire athletes of all ages and stages. They welcome athletes of all levels and do not have a minimum follower count. If they add you to their program, you will receive a 20% discount on all of their products. Simply post to your Instagram and/or TikTok about the brand and its message.

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13. Handcrafted Affirmations

Handcrafted Affirmations create handmade affirmation decorations for your home. You get 10% commissions on orders using your code and can either receive that money or donate it to an organization of your choosing. Those who use your code will also receive 10% off.

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14. The Christian Movement Apparel Company

In order to be a brand ambassador for The Christian Movement Apparel Company, you must have a minimum following of 1,500 people on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You will need to post 1 photo of yourself in CM Apparel to one of the aforementioned platforms weekly. You are welcome and encouraged to do more. If you are posting on Instagram, Insta Stories do not count toward the weekly minimum. Along with your commission, you will get a free promotional product twice a month.

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15. NHiM

When you join NHiM’s brand ambassadors, you will have a personalized link to share which will earn you a 7% commission. Those who use your code will get 15% off of everything. As a brand ambassador, you will be the first to know about new NHiM products.

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16. Active Faith Sports

When you join Active Faith Sport’s brand ambassadors, you will have a personalized link to share which will earn you a 10% commission. Those who use your code will get 15% off coupons for purchase $40 or more. There is no requirement for where you should promote, so any and all of your social media accounts and your blog or website are great spots.

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Grace Lopykinski is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She currently attends the University of Tennessee and is studying business administration and English.

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