50 Brands Currently Looking For Brand Ambassadors

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The difference between being a BRAND AMBASSADOR v.s. an INFLUENCER:

  • BRAND AMBASSADORS tend to have smaller social media audiences and generally purchase the product at a discounted price. They earn money when they successfully get people to purchase products from the company using their personal promo code.
  • INFLUENCERS tend to have larger social media followings and generally get the product for free and may even get paid to promote it. They can also make money through promo codes and affiliate programs.

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If being a BRAND AMBASSADOR sounds like something you’d enjoy, here are 50 companies that are currently looking for them!

50 Brands Currently Looking For Brand Ambassadors

0. LadyBossBlogger

This brand is looking for women who are passionate about entrepreneurship and learning how to make money online as a blogger and influencer. They sell results-driven online courses.

In order to be considered, you have to…

  • Have an active Instagram page 
  • Have a public profile
  • Follow @LadyBossBlogger and @ElaineRau for a chance to become their brand ambassador/influencer

1. Sand Cloud

This is a brand that is dedicated to saving marine life. They sell things like beach towels, clothing, and accessories.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Help spread the word about them through social media
  • Receive discounts on products
  • Get the chance to be featured on Sand Cloud’s Instagram

2. Enjoy Leggings

This small brand is looking for potential brand ambassadors who have a lot of followers on social media to spread the word about their brand.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Get free leggings!
  • Get sneak peeks at new products
  • Get the chance to be featured on their social networks

3. Izzy and Liv

This brand is looking for ambassadors who embody the definition of black culture, are confident in their own skin, and can express themselves through fashion.

In order to be considered for the brand ambassador job, you have to…

  • Have an active social media presence on either Instagram, YouTube, or a personal blog
  • Have a public profile
  • Have a strong following on your social media

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Earn free products and discounts.
  • Spread the word about their brand through all social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Blogging, etc.

4. Happy Earth

This brand sells apparel to raise awareness about environmental issues.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Receive a personal code for discounts AS WELL AS a discount to share on social networks
  • Preferably do something good for the earth! Join in with your community to plant trees, pick up trash, etc.
  • Be a voice for the movement of environmental cleanup

5. Brava Fabrics

This brand offers a very attractive Ambassador program with free products once you are accepted! The fair fashion label from Barcelona, Spain is known for their unique designs, high-quality materials and sustainable manufacturing. They are currently looking for ambassadors with at least 500 followers and a public, active account. Should you be accepted after the quick and easy application process, you will receive the following benefits:

As an ambassador, you will get…

  • 1-3 free garments of your choice

  • 20% discount on your orders

  • 15% for your followers & friends

  • 10€ store credit for each sale

6. One Tribe

This brand is more bohemian-style; they sell tops, dresses, pants, jewelry, accessories, and even have certain collections you can shop from.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Share the custom code you made with your friends and family. Every time that code gets used, you will receive 25% commission

7. Unemployed Denim

This brand has a bunch of comfy-cozy clothes that you can wear anywhere. Obvious to their name, they have a ton of denim as well. On their website, you can see where they’re accepting brand ambassadors on the map of the US! They’re always looking to expand their team, so fill out an application to find out more on being a brand ambassador.

8. Breezy Swim

Breezy Swim sells the cutest swimsuits as well as some apparel and accessories. They’re looking for ambassadors all the time!

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Receive 15% commission of the sale price every time their personal code is used
  • Receive deals and discounts on apparel
  • Get invited to exclusive events and photoshoots

9. Poppy Apparel

This cute shop sells almost every type of clothing and accessory you can think of! In order to become an ambassador, you must fill out an application and post a picture on Instagram.

If you are accepted as an ambassador, you will…

  • Get paid 30% of the profit when someone uses your code
  • Get paid every 5 sales
  • Post to your social network to spread the word about them

10. Pura Vida

Pura Vida sells adorable bracelets that give back! They’ve donated over 1.5 million dollars to over 170 charities. If you want to be a part of this movement that supports artisans, Pura Vida is the brand for you. You must be active on Instagram AND Facebook and be over the age of 18 to apply to become a brand ambassador.

11. Trendy and Tipsy

This shop sells dresses, tops, jackets, vintage apparel and SO much more. They have a Trendy Girl Gang Ambassador Program for people who are passionate about their brand and want to spread the word. Your Instagram must be set to public and you have to constantly create content about their products.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Be featured on their social network pages
  • Receive 15% off discounts for you and family
  • Get credits every time someone uses your 15% off code

12. The Honest Company

If you’re a mommy who uses this brand for your babies, The Honest Company is looking for brand ambassadors! They provide safe and non-toxic products for babies and for women as well. They are looking for ambassadors in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore/Washington DC and New York/New Jersey.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Have the opportunity to receive free products
  • Receive $15 an hour (37.50 for 2.5 hour store visits, $60 for 4 hour store visits)

13. New Balance

If you love footwear, this might be the place to apply to be a brand ambassador. You will get to represent this brand and receive promotion and prize products from the company.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Be compensated for miles you drive from store to store
  • Receive $15 an hour

14. Oakley

This huge brand has a great opportunity for brand ambassadors. You will need to become an expert on all-things-Oakley before you can apply. This job is also a part-time position.

15. Forge Graphics

This brand works with Nike and Adidas and so could you!

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Receive $15 an hour
  • Be compensated for miles you drive from store to store


Want to get some free shoes and a free t-shirt? Become a brand ambassador for ASICS!

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Receive $15 an hour
  • Be compensated for miles you drive from store to store
  • Receive a pair of free shoes
  • Receive a free t-shirt

17. Winky Lux

This makeup brand is looking for ambassadors who are passionate about makeup and their brand.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Get invites to private parties
  • Have the chance to be featured on their social media
  • Get quarterly makeup kits
  • A chance to earn a commission from referral purchases
  • Receive Winky Lux branded merchandise

18. Tweezerman

Tweezerman is looking for individuals who have a large following base. In their words, “a YouTube Beauty guru, Beauty Obsessed Blogger, or Instagram Superstar.”

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Receive a welcome tool kit
  • Have the opportunity to participate in new product launches
  • Get invitations to exclusive events
  • Represent the brand at photoshoots and events
  • Showcase your social media
  • Be willing to feature products on your social media

19. Lash Factory

Lash Factory is ALL THINGS lashes!

They have mascara, lashes, eyeliner, and even lash enhancer. If you love trying new products, reviewing them and have an established blog or YouTube channel, apply to be Lash Factory’s ambassador!

20. MOVE Makeup

This makeup brand is specifically designed for active, empowered women. It’s also sweatproof and natural! They have a bunch of different products as well. They’re currently only accepting applications from dancers, athletes, beauty bloggers, and beauty vloggers and they accept 100 submissions a month

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Earn a $75 store credit monthly
  • Note in your bio that you’re a MOVE ambassador
  • Post two images of MOVE products a week

21. The SkinCare Boutique

This skincare line has all things skincare; including bundles, primers, and even virtual consultations if you’re not sure what’s right for you. As an ambassador, it’s important to them that you know specific details of all of their products.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Post one picture/video every other week using The SkinCare Boutique
  • Endorse their brand respectfully and positively
  • Share your specific discount code for your friends and family

22. Trendship

All you need to do is sign up with your Instagram account and you can basically “shop for free”. You can sign up for up to 5 campaigns at once, and if the brand likes you, they will send you their product in exchange for an Instagram post. All posts must be completed 2 weeks after you receive the product if you want to stay active on the platform. 

23. PMD Beauty

PMD beauty is totally innovative! They have product systems that allow you to lip plump at home, microderm at home, and much more. They also have bundles like the “fresh face kit” and the “plumped up lip kit.” If this sounds interesting to you, apply to their ambassador program.

24. Althea Angels

Althea, a beauty company, is looking for content creators, YouTubers, bloggers, and influencers to become a part of their ambassador program.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Be able to review products you receive
  • Attend events for Althea
  • Receive a welcome gift
  • Receive an exclusive discount code
  • Get Althea studio access
  • Get seasonal annual shopping credits

25. The Better Skin Co.

This skincare company is looking for influencers who have at least 5,000 followers as well as over 200 likes on your 10 most recent posts. Fill out the ambassador form to see if you’re a match for their company.

26. Orglamix

Orglamix is a beauty and skincare company looking for ambassadors to receive free products and promote their brand. Your Instagram must be public, have over 500 followers, and the search is only open to USA residents.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Receive a 40% off discount in exchange for high-quality pictures
  • Receive a $10 gift card for just signing up!

27. Evy’s Tree

This hoodie company is looking for women who share the same values as their company: sharing love, kindness, and compassion. You must maintain a minimum of 5,000 followers across ALL social media platforms, spread the word about Evy’s Tree products and business using high quality photos, and spread the Evy’s Tree mission.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Have the chance to be featured across all Evy’s Tree social media
  • Be the first to know about new products
  • Receive commission

28. Amazing Lace

This clothing company is looking for both content influencers and brand ambassadors. Content influencers will receive free merchandise for an occasion if they’re going somewhere and can post pictures. Brand ambassadors will receive merchandise continuously who will be able to build an impact for their brand. They ask that you email them to apply.

29. Arvo

Arvo sells watches for both her AND him! They also have a little bit of apparel, including sweatshirts, socks, and hats. Applications for brand ambassadors are currently open! They’re looking for energetic ambassadors to promote their motto, “be good, do good.”

30. Outdoor Products

Do you love the outdoors? Hiking and walking trails? Outdoor Products is looking for individuals involved in their community and outdoor enthusiasts! As a brand ambassador, they expect you to use their gear as much as possible. When you share your referral link on your Instagram and someone buys something, you receive 15% commission. You must be following Outdoor Products on at least two social media outlets.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Actively post on your social media
  • Include in your bio that you’re an Outdoor Products ambassador
  • Encourage others to use your referral link
  • Create and submit original photos and videos of you using Outdoor Products gear
  • Contribute to their social media accounts

31. Trek Light Gear

If you love camping and being outdoors, check out this brand. They sell hammocks, apparel, lifestyle gear, and so much more. They call their brand ambassadors, “badassadors.”

In their words, “you don’t have to be a photo/video pro – but it helps. You don’t have to have a large social media following – but yeah, it helps.” They’re looking for people who embody what their brand is all about.

32. Discount Dance Supply

Discount dance supply is the place where dancers get all of their essentials: leotards, shoes, tights, etc. They’re looking for dancers with a big social media presence who can spread the word about their latest dancewear trends. Social media ambassadors and college ambassadors are both welcome!

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Be provided with the latest dancewear
  • Post artistic photos on a regular basis

33. Yoga Tech

If you’re into fitness and yoga, you have to check this brand out. They have the cutest athletic wear and they’re super affordable. They’re looking for people who are dedicated to their brand and enjoy their products.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Get complimentary outfit packages
  • Samples for contests and giveaways
  • 10% commission on sales made from your channel
  • Customized discount code for you and your followers

34. Blue Planet Eyewear

This eyewear company sells sunglasses and even reading glasses. Each pair of glasses is made with recycled materials to help eliminate waste. They also have a Visualize Change Program where with every pair of glasses they sell they give a pair of corrective glasses to someone in need.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Receive commission
  • Free and discounted products
  • Personalized referral code

35. Mophie

Mophie is the #1 selling mobile battery case brand in the United States. If you’re interested in finding out the ins and outs of this company, apply to be one of their brand ambassadors!

36. Kona Surf Co.

This surf company sells apparel for women, men, and even kids. They also have custom surfboards available. They’re looking for dedicated friends and followers to help support their brand through community outreach and social media. Fill out the form on their website and wait to hear back if you’re a match for their company!

37. LAJ Apparel

Love Ann Joy is a Christian-based apparel company. They’re looking for motivated individuals who are ready to be their voice, presence, and influence.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Share LAJ Apparel’s daily word posts
  • Share posts of you in their apparel
  • Provide feedback on merchandise and new products
  • Participate in monthly meetings

38. Liquiproof

Liquiproof labs has products in order to take care of your fashion and accessory needs. These products protect and clean all your favorite items. If you have an engaged following and are interested in goodies from this company and learning more, email them!


FINDRA clothing brand is interested in people who love the great outdoors. If you love traveling and want to promote clothing from people who do too, apply here!

40. Not Sorry Apparel

This brand has a plethora of different kinds of clothing from Christmas sweaters to swimwear. They’re looking for people who want to spread the word about their brand across all social media platforms. Every post for them must include a Not Sorry hashtag and post at least 4 times per month.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Get a free clothing item each month
  • Gain experience
  • Gain networking opportunities

41. Lemon

The lemon collection has adorable loungewear for women. As an ambassador, you’ll be eligible to receive free clothing as well as exclusive offers!

42. Sunny Co. Clothing

Sunny Co. Clothing has swimsuits and a bunch of apparel: hats, tops, skirts, accessories, and hoodies.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Receive a free hat and swimsuit
  • Earn commission for referring friends
  • Share photos and meet new people
  • Get exclusive discounts

43. Nuyu

This brand is looking for brand ambassadors to share and promote their companies around college campuses. If you’re obsessed with your Instagram and love fashion, this might be the job for you. Nuyu has ambassadors in 30 schools across the country!

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Earn up to 20% of all sales
  • Receive unique learning experiences
  • Work with other ambassadors across the nation

44. Cashmere & Company

Cashmere and Company is a super cute brand that has every kind of clothing item you could think of. The requirements to become an ambassador include:

  • You must be over 16 years old
  • You must post 4 Instagram posts a month
  • Put their company name in your captions
  • Keep photos high resolution and fun

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Receive 20% off all products as long as requirements are met
  • Pick a free clothing item monthly

45. Calamity Jane’s Apparel

Calamity Jane’s Apparel has the option to get a monthly subscription box or you can buy your favorite pieces separately. I love the idea this company has and the clothes are great! It was founded by a stay-at-home mom. They’re looking for brand ambassadors all over the country!

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Bring awareness to the brand
  • Get a congratulatory box of goodies
  • Free monthly t-shirts
  • Exclusive coupon codes to use for yourself and friends

46. She Inspired

This women’s clothing brand has all the things you need for a great night out: adorable jackets, dresses, and tops! Some requirements include:

  • Creating content and buzz for the brand
  • Answering questions from the community
  • Giving feedback on products
  • Attend events for the brand

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Get a flexible schedule
  • Get exposure to your social media
  • Receive commission

47. Lay Low

Lay Low Apparel is a comfy cozy brand based out of New York. They want to involve more people in the company by finding great brand ambassadors.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Get a referral code and every time someone uses it you will receive 20% commission on the order total
  • Be paid through PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App
  • Get 40% off discount code

48. The Great North

This brand has graphic tees, sweatshirts, and tanks for both men and women. They provide free products, vacation incentives, cash bonuses, and more to their successful brand ambassadors.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Receive 50% off products
  • Receive a referral link for your followers to use and receive commission when it’s used
  • Receive international exposure

49. The Copper Closet

The Copper Closet sells new apparel as well as clothes that are pre-loved! They have different levels of brand ambassadors which are listed in the link, follow it to find out!

50. Timberland

This huge brand is looking for hard-working people with a strong social media presence to promote Timberland.

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Receive free products before they were for sale
  • Help design new products
  • Receive special promotions
  • Go to events

51. Born Tough (BONUS)!

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Receive 15% commissions on what you sell

Now go out there and become a brand ambassador for one of these great companies! Or go here to learn more about hiring brand ambassadors. Good luck!

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