7 Tips For Planning A Successful Women’s Event

Planning A Successful Women’s Event

We live a more connected life than ever before – but are we really connecting?

Despite sharing so much of our lives online, women are craving a more authentic interaction, and things like conferences, summits, workshops, and female workspaces are all gaining in popularity for this reason.

A live in-person event can be a powerful tool for your brand – it is an opportunity to create loyal believers out of your followers.

Here are 7 tips for creating an amazing event!

7 Tips For Planning A Successful Women’s Event

1. Identify the WHY

The single biggest thing you can do is make sure there is a clear WHY for women to attend your event.

  • What is it that will bring women through the door?
  • What problem are you solving for them, in what way are you helping their lives?

If you can find a compelling why you will easily connect with your target audience and they will show up with intention.

2. Attend other events yourself

You must put yourself in the position of the guest to understand what makes an event impactful. Every event you attend is an opportunity to learn something.

From the number of speakers to the event agenda to the food and gift bags, everyone does things a little differently.

Try to expose yourself to many event styles, topics, and formats in order to design your perfect day.

3. Network like it is your job

Talk to as many people as possible about your event. You never know who you might meet in line at the grocery store or coffee shop. You are always one conversation away from that perfect speaker, partner or sponsor.

Have your elevator pitch ready to go you so can easily and naturally promote your event when you are out and about.

4. Make it easy to be there

Do your best to eliminate any obstacles your attendees might have that would prevent them from attending.

  • Do they need childcare?
    • Partner with a babysitting app or service.

Understand your target audience and make sure your event is happening at a time and place that is convenient to their lifestyle.

  • Is there parking?
  • Will there be food?

All of these details give your guests the message that you understand them.

5. Go the extra mile

Details matter and your event is a reflection of your brand. Make sure that every touchpoint you have with your guests gives them joy and shows them a little bit more about your brand personality.

Surprise your guests with unexpected details that help to create a special atmosphere and make your guests feel appreciated.

6. Be authentically you

Don’t try to imitate other events. Your event is a live expression of your company vision and brand values. Women can spot an imposter a mile away.

Create an event as if you were designing it for yourself. Your speakers and partners should be aligned with your values as well.

By being true to yourself, you will attract your most relevant audience.

7. Think of your attendees as Brand Ambassadors

The women that attend your event are your best form of PR!

They have already taken the leap to extend the relationship from online to real-life, and this is an opportunity to solidify that relationship. When these women leave your event, they should be inspired to tell others about you!

A women’s event can be a powerful way to connect with women in your target audience on a deeper level.  At these events, women have the ability to look at each other in the eye, to laugh, to smile, to really be seen – and your brand is at the center of it.

Taking the time to craft a thoughtful, intentional event will leave a lasting impression with your guests!

Planning A Successful Women’s Event

Planning A Successful Women’s Event

Melanie Panchal is a former advertising executive turned purpose-driven entrepreneur. She recently launched The Next Collective – a women’s platform that curates events and experiences helping women to answer the question ‘What’s Next?’. The Next Collective brings women together in inspired settings to discuss career pivot, entrepreneurship and or simply finding more personal purpose.

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