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  • Blog created by Elaine Rau to highlight the WHO & WHY behind female entrepreneurial BRANDS. I started the blog in Honduras during a really rough time in my life and was desperate to connect with women online. Read my quick 1 min story below!
  • My desire is to fill the media with stories about powerful every day women and change women’s mindsets about themselves. The media plays a powerful part in how we see ourselves, what we think we can achieve, and what limitations we put on ourselves. The more women are properly portrayed, the more women will rise up in leadership and push past their self-limiting beliefs.
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  • Every single blog post benefits the Micah Project which is a home for street kids in Honduras. My husband was once one of these kids. The work they are doing is incredible – they are changing lives every day. You can help too by signing up to be a sponsor. You get a blog post on your business, while the kids get the supplies they need.

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Before I started LadyBossBlogger, I had worked my way up the corporate ladder and held the coveted title as the National Wedding Sales Manager. My job was my life and I loved what I did. However, it all came crashing down when I received a phone call from my husband (Oscar) telling me that his brother had just been MURDERED. I immediately asked my boss if I could go see him and bury his brother… AND HE SAID NO because it would affect my work. I was stunned. I realized at that exact moment that my boss didn’t care about me at all and I needed to get away.

So I tried to quit… but to no avail! MY BOSS WOULDN’T LET ME QUIT. I ended up having to hire a lawyer to quit. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was in a very bad place emotionally after having worked for him. I was terrified of my boss – I never knew if he would blow up at me that day or even yell at my clients. I was always walking on egg shells hoping it was going to be a good day. I had zero self confidence because my ideas were always shot down and I truly believed that this job was the end all be all for me. Finally when I was able to quit, I cried for a week from relief.

Then I moved down to Honduras to be with Oscar and his family. However, I didn’t realize how hard the transition would be. I didn’t speak Spanish, I didn’t understand the culture, I had zero friends and there were no job opportunities for me. I was completely isolated and started to feel really lonely. So I started this blog as an outlet for me to connect with people, specifically online business women, to learn what they did in order to succeed in business and make money online.

During the year that I lived there, Oscar’s nephew, a kid he used to be a guardian for, and one of his best friend’s brothers… were all murdered. My husband fell into a deep depression and suffered from PTSD from having found his brother’s body himself. When we moved back to the states a few months ago, things just got worse. In 2018 I made a pact with myself that I would dedicate my business to serving the Honduran community and help alleviate as much suffering as I could. I hope you will join me on my mission to help Honduras, specifically the street kids there.


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Read my interview on the Huffington Post: bit.ly/ElaineHuffPo


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Gabrielle Leonard five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneur
I am so happy to have worked with Lady Boss Blogger! This was an amazing experience. I highly recommend working with her! She was kind, professional and she knows her stuff!! I love what she stands for and anyone who is all about services gets 5 stars in my book! – Gabrielle Leonard 8izrr4rzt

Christina Alva  five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurI enjoyed working with Elaine. She is super friendly and professional. She made my article look amazing! She exceeded my expectations. I am recommending her to all of my friends. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with LadyBossBlogger. I enjoy reading her features and I appreciate what she is doing for entrepreneurs. – Christina Alva 8izrr4rzt

Roberta Lee five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurA very clever and well thought out way to share the stories of female entrepreneurs. I loved the simplicity of the process and how easy it was to work with the Lady Boss Blogger team. Thank you Elaine for reaching out and reminding me to submit my interview, I definitely needed those nudges! Really admire the whole operation over at #LadyBossBlogger – thank you for featuring Roberta Style Lee. – Roberta Lee 8izrr4rzt

Carlita Singletary five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurAbsolutely amazing work done by @ladybossblogger of capturing both the impact of work that is provided by our organization in the community. We are truly inspired and grateful for this entrepreneurial queen and her staff for highlighting us as one of the many wonderful and gifted women who inspire others as they walk the journey of entrepreneurship. We are blessed because of it! – Carlita Singletary 8izrr4rzt

Payton Mcgriff five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurElaine truly walks the talk of empowering female entrepreneurs.  Elaine doesn’t just stand on a foundation of genuine intention while connecting personally to her followers and guest bloggers, she provides meaningful and empowering content that reaches female entrepreneurs at every stage in their LadyBoss journey. Guest blogging with Elaine is seamless, professional, and fun, and I couldn’t have been happier with my experience! – Payton Mcgriff 8izrr4rzt

Althea McIntyre five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurWorking with Elaine was easy breezy. I’m so impressed with how smoothly and efficiently the process was.Thank you Elaine for reaching out to me and inviting me to submit my interview, for following up and most importantly for your professionalism, positive attitude and standard of excellence! It’s an honor to be featured on #LadyBossBlogger. – Althea McIntyre 8izrr4rzt

Eileen Doyon five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurWhat a marvelous experience I had with Ladybossblogger right from the start. So professional and personable. Elaine listened to me and my mission! The article that she put together is awesome, and how she coordinated everything is top notch. I enjoy reading her other stories and hearing of other women’s successes. We are all in this world together and it is a nice feeling to know that people like Elaine are there for support! I am truly honored. Thank you Elaine! – Eileen Doyon 8izrr4rzt

Millie Lachapell five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneur
Such an amazing experience. An absolute pleasure working with ladybossbloger. From the very beginning her and team were very professional and awesome to deal with. I would definitely recommend to my fellow women in business! – Millie Lachapell 8izrr4rzt


Olivia Oakley five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurA huge thank you to Elaine – to be given the opportunity to feature on LadyBossBlogger is a privilege. I was absolutely delighted with my interview. The whole process itself was so easy and Elaine was incredibly good natured and patient throughout. The interview has opened up some fab new opportunities for me. Not only did it drive more traffic to my blog, but it has also given me the chance to collaborate with another well being blogger and to be featured on her podcast. – Olivia Oakley 8izrr4rzt

jen-edit2-1-copyElaine is truly an inspiration. Her work is always timely and on point. Her writing style is genuine and she truly makes her features feel like one of a kind. Yet, what is most amazing about Elaine is her kind spirit, go getter attitude and humbleness. I’ve always known she was going places and I am honored that she has shared that with us. – Jennifer Lezan-Veguilla 8izrr4rzt

I had a really enjoyable experience working with LadyBossBlogger. Tiffany L Stokes five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneur From the first time I connected to the time I finally completed the process, it was months. I really appreciate that Elaine followed up with me over that time about the interview to see if I was interested.The process itself was so easy. Everything is already laid out. I love that they keep you informed of everything, from when your interview is going live to everything else. It has been fun working with them. –Tiffany Stokes 8izrr4rzt

My interview was nothing short of amazing… Ladybossblogger article of B.O.Essentials All natural skin care was right on time. We got back so much positive feedback regarding our article. Elaine Rau keep doing great things. – Christina King Rogers 8izrr4rzt


Lauren Marie five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurAMAZING experience with Elaine at LadyBossBlogger! The entire process was professional. It’s always an honor to share my story, but this interview has to be one of my favorites to date. The finished result not only looks incredible, it reveals a true essence, which is not always portrayed in today’s journalism. I love that I’m in the same tribe with other incredible female entrepreneurs who believe in the empowerment of each other. You made my week, LadyBossBlogger, Thank you!! – Lauren Marie 8izrr4rzt

Conchetta Jones five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneur
My experience has been amazing.I am so grateful to the Ladybossblogger for this opportunity. The article is wonderful and my Facebook group page has been busy with people wanting to join. – Conchetta Jones 8izrr4rzt


Stephanie Mansour five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneur

Your feature made me look even cooler than I thought I was!  Thank you for your amazing graphics, attention to detail, and most importantly the amazing work that you do to inspire other women!!! – Stephanie Mansour 8izrr4rzt


Danielle McDonald five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurElaine is fantastic at what she does! She provided an excellent experience from start to finish, and I’m truly thankful for having the opportunity to be featured on LadyBossBlogger. It’s great to be able to contribute and add value to platforms that really care about their audience and makes a difference. That’s exactly what Elaine has created. Thank you once again Elaine. – Danielle McDonald 8izrr4rzt

Kristin Brause five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneur

Super positive experience. I loved all the follow up emails and the SHARES Elaine got out of the post. I would check my laptop and a new little mockup would pop up somewhere, on Facebook, Insta and on the blog. Thanks a million, I felt like a superstar that day  – Kristin Brause 8izrr4rzt


Azizi Marshall five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurThank you Ladybossblogger for the opportunity to share my love for the arts and its ability to heal communities. Running a training and counseling organization takes a lot of work, and it was such a lovely experience to work with Elaine in sharing the realities of maneuvering through this artful landscape. To have a platform that recognizes women and their efforts in making this world a better place is priceless. Thank you Elaine! You are one Boss Lady. – Azizi Marshall 8izrr4rzt

Tiffany Alvin five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneur
What a great feeling to be featured on the Ladybossblogger & share my love for designing jewelry & accessories with the world! ELAINE she’s the best! The process was smooth sailing & she made me feel like family & Welcomed me with open arms from the beginning to end! What a pleasure to be apart of such a network with other female enterpreneurs like myself! Thanks for this opportunity! – Tiffany Alvin 8izrr4rzt


JaQuette Gilbert five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurI thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Elaine Rau. She was very patient with me during this process and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share how and why I began my writing journey. I am also excited to connect with the other amazing womenpreneurs who are a part of this wonderful platform! Thank you so much, Elaine, for allowing me this opportunity! – JaQuette Gilbert 8izrr4rzt

Latashia Holmes five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurCan’t say Thank You enough to @ladybossblogger. This was such a amazing experience from start to finish. You made this interview exceptionally interesting and thoughtful. I’m honored to have encountered you and your blog . I also want to Thank You for your support and networking. I genuinely appreciate you and your authenticity. Much success and God Bless you! – Latashia Holmes 8izrr4rzt

thumb2Elaine is the inspiration over all! Thanks for including me in your fabulous blog! Definitely a great page loaded with tons of inspirational articles and useful information from different young female entrepreneurs in different fields! #LadyBoss is definitely the bible of the female entrepreneurs world in my book!  – Meiling Jin 8izrr4rzt


Andreea Michaud five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurLadyBossBlogger is such an amazing platform for all the women entrepreneurs out there! I had such a pleasure being interviewed here and I am so grateful for the opportunity to talk about my business and my passions. I hope I can help it in any way I can to blossom into a go-to maven for entrepreneurial advice. Thank you for all the great work, ladies!! – Andreea Michaud8izrr4rzt

thumb3LadyBossBlogger was amazing to work with! We connected on instagram and I am so glad we did! She gave me an opportunity to share my story with more people to ultimately have the opportunity to help even more people. I loved the article she posted and I got a lot of traction on my Facebook with it! She was professional and her blog portrays that greatly. – Lindsey Mango 8izrr4rzt

Tammy Ruffin five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurThis was such a wonderful experience! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to share my story with Ladybossblogger! Elaine was very kind and patient with me throughout the interviewing process. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and sometimes it gets lonely at the top. But, to have a platform that is so uplifting is beyond measure and it means a lot! Thank you so much Elaine for all that you are doing for us femalePRENEURS around the globe  – Tammy Ruffin 8izrr4rzt


It was such pleasure to work with @ladybossblogger! Very professional and my interview went through the roof on social media. It was great exposure and she blasted it in more ways than one. I am so glad I was able to connect with her and I am hoping to do more business along side with her!!! #ladybosses – Crystal Young 8izrr4rzt


Elizabeth McCourt five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurHappy with my experience with Ladybossblogger! Elaine was professional and comprehensive in her approach, which I appreciated. I got a lot of wonderful feedback and of course a friend of mine is calling me ‘ladyboss’. It’s an honor both to contribute and support other women entrepreneurs. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to connect and share my story! –Elizabeth McCourt 8izrr4rzt

Ladybossblogger gave me an opportunity to share my passion in a more personal light. I am grateful and I appreciate of thus process because it made me see just how far I’ve come! Thank you Elaine for making such a platform to celebrate other entrepreneurs such as myself!!! – Le’Keshia Smith 8izrr4rzt

Lindsey DeBruler five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneur

Thank you so much @ladybossblogger for allowing me to tell my story and share it with the world! Your interview questions were great to answer because it let me really think about my future goals and how my business has started to flourish. You were wonderful to work with and I am proud to be featured on your site! Thank you again! – Lindsey DeBruler 8izrr4rzt

LadyBossBlogger is wonderful. We connected on Facebook & she gave me an amazing opportunity to share my story with the world. It was a fabulous experience & I look forward to working with her in the future. – Andrea Richie 8izrr4rzt


Lisa Downer five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurTHANK YOU Ladybossblogger and CEO/founder Elaine! You have created such a great platform for women entrepreneurs to share their story and network! As I was completing my interview my first thought was: “I would love to help others and sharing my story!” I didn’t realize how grateful I would feel to slow down and be reminded of what I have done and where I am going. Thank you for that! #ladybossblogger. – Lisa Downer 8izrr4rzt

Abiola Wendy Abrams five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneurI love everything that Ladybossblogger stands for! What an honor to be featured amongst such amazing women. We are the average of the folks we most spend time with. How cool to get to spend time with such a powerful and engaged community. Well done, Elaine! – Abiola Wendy Abrams 8izrr4rzt


Laurie Tuck five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneur Thank you Elaine for the opportunity to be featured on Lady Boss. Working through the interview questions helped me reaffirm why I decided to start Wear & Away and how far we have come from idea to reality. I am honored to be in such great company and you are providing a wonderful platform for woman to share and gain strength from one another on the amazing journey of entrepreneurship. – Laurie Tuck 8izrr4rzt

I am humbly grateful that Ladybossblogger gave me the opportunity to share my business! My interview was amazing! So many people reached out to me to say they enjoyed reading my interview and are more aware of my brand and services! Thank you so much for your work! – Nesha Griffin 8izrr4rzt


I want to first thank Lady Boss Blogger for my awesome article. I had a great experience and appreciate anyone acknowledging hard working women. Thank you again. – Maria Wills 8izrr4rzt


LadyBossBlogger was awesome!! She gave me an opportunity to share my heart and passion. I’m grateful for this opportunity! I will definitely be sharing her and expertise! Thank you Beautiful Lady!! – Tommie Bengs 8izrr4rzt


Danna Can five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneur Lady Boss Blogger is all things polished, professional and a pleasure to collaborate with. I am tremendously grateful to the spotlight she gave to my business and my accomplishments (and struggles) as an entrepreneur. As a publicist, my clients are always my focus. I am grateful Elaine gave me the chance to shine! – Danna Can 8izrr4rzt


Tammy Brown five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneur I was truly honored to be featured on #Ladybossblogger. Any platform that showcases women’s accomplishments and promotes lady boss empowerment should be recognized. Elaine is such a beautiful spirit and I appreciate her for creating such an outlet for women to shine and learn from each other. I will definitely be spreading the word to other lady bosses. – Tammy Brown 8izrr4rzt



Thank you for the feature!! You are giving women a opportunity to share their story. – Fontonette La’Shay Smith 8izrr4rzt


screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-11-07-02-pmWhat really makes Lady Boss Blogger stand out is that it raises awareness about the female entrepreneurs you would not normally hear about – our unsung heroines. Elaine has gone out of her way to showcase me and many other women in such a professional and illuminating manner. Working with Elaine was both rewarding and extremely easy. Lady Boss Blogger is a platform to watch for sure. – Janine Truitt 8izrr4rzt



LadyBossBlogger is a great organization to work with. I am glad they spotlighted me in their blog. Alexandra Eidenberg 8izrr4rzt


Noelia Gutiérrez five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneur Thank so much Elaine and Ladybossblogger for this opportunity. An experience amazing. Elaine is a wonderful person, very professional!! Thanks for all you do for working women. And I look forward to working with you again in the future and I will recommend your work to all the entrepreneurial women of San Antonio. – Noelia Gutierrez 8izrr4rzt


Maria Von Losch five star review on ladybossblogger female entrepreneur 

Ladybossblogger is a great place to get inspired and motivated for boss babes. The founder Elaine is a rockstar! I stumbled upon LBB Instagram page and loved all the women and their stories and never thought with a comment that I would be sharing my story here. Thank you very much for the opportunity. – Maria Von Losch 8izrr4rzt


Working with Ladybossblogger was a breeze! The communication is great! All the blogs I have seen posted so far are amazing and I am excited to work with her again! – Kayla Strong 8izrr4rzt


thumb9I must express special thanks to LadyBossBlogger for allowing me the opportunity to share my journey on how I started online. I am even more inspired by her commitment to bringing to life other leading female entrepreneurs by industries their stories. Thanks again and all the best to your success. – Julian Palmer 8izrr4rzt


I highly recommend ladybossblogger. It is a repository for startups regardless where you are in your journey. I liked the fact that she captured the essence of my business in the interview. Many thanks for the feature Elaine, it was an absolute pleasure collaborating with you. – Annie Forrest 8izrr4rzt


img_3129-copyThe interview experience was excellent! Elaine is so professional yet she made the process easy and enjoyable. It was nice to have someone so interested in my business and truly eager to allow me to shine. This is a great opportunity for female entrepreneurs. A great community of great women. I’m happy to be a part of it. – Naomi Dunsen-White 8izrr4rzt




Working with Elaine was awesome!! She’s professional, timely, and the process was seamless!! Thank you for the opportunity! – Cara Ivy 8izrr4rzt


thumbWorking with Ladybossblogger was a smooth and wonderful experience. From the first contact it was clear that I was dealing with a professional who is devoted to shining a light on female entrepreneurs doing great work in the world. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story and reach more people so I too can support more entrepreneurs building businesses that make a positive impact on people and the planet. – Kathya Bustamante 8izrr4rzt

It has been simply amazing working with The Lady Boss Blogger. Thanks for all you do for women. And I look forward to working with you again in the future. – Arlean Timmons 8izrr4rzt


It was such a pleasure to work with @ladybossblogger and be featured on the blog! It was a beautiful process, she’s so professional and easy to work with. You can always tell when someone is operating in their zone of genius – the blog feature was magical. Thank You! – Janae Martin 8izrr4rzt