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5 Emerging Technologies Every Restaurant Must Have

According to restaurant technology establishment, Toast, around 80% of customers claim that tech tools make their guest experience much better. If you still haven’t invested in some tech tools, then you are most likely missing out. These innovative technologies can give your business a competitive edge, boost productivity and increase sales. For a little help, listed …

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Mariz Brown Runs A Supportive Community For Professional And Entrepreneurial Women

Mariz Brown was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to California when she was 12 years old. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business of Administration and has been an entrepreneur in the Los Angeles area for over 10 years and in the corporate world for almost 5 years. She is …

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12 Most Profitable Niches For Making Money Online

Not every niche is viable or profitable, not matter how “passionate” you are about it.  That is the one big lie that most bloggers believe when they start out: “Just follow your passion, and you’ll make good money.” Another big lie is that you’ll make good money right off the bat.  There are several distinct …

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How To Become A GDPR Compliant Blogger

What is GDPR? It stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it went into effect today: May 25, 2018. If you’re a blogger that collects or could potentially collect information from people living in the European Union, then you need to put more privacy settings in place. It doesn’t matter if your main audience isn’t …

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Brandi Marsh Empowers Girls To Walk With Purpose, Integrity, And Prayer

Brandi Marsh is the CEO and Founder of the pon-profit, Ebony and Pink Pearls. Ebony and Pink Pearls is a faith-based organization whose mission and core values are to empower young girls to walk their purpose, seek God in prayer, and honor God in purity. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Counseling from California …

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5 Personal Traits To Develop To Become The Best Business Woman You Can Be

When you run a business, or even your own blog, there are many factors involved in the success of the venture. These includes things like: Targeting the right customers Having a point of difference Marketing effectively Keeping a close eye on cash flow Providing good customer service, and more However, it’s also important to keep …

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Tara & Jaime Help Brands Thrive With Cutting Edge Social Media Marketing

Founded by two cousins on the beaches of Long Island, Savvy Sisters Media, Inc. is a growing digital public relations firm that specializes in social media marketing. On the cutting edge of change, your savvy sisters, Tara and Jaime, are here to thrive with your brand. As students studying communications, Tara and Jaime are on …

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How To Pitch A Collaboration With Brands

As someone who receives numerous pitches from Public Relations teams every single day, I know what catches my attention and what doesn’t. One thing that lots of people will tell you to do that you really don’t need to do is send a “media kit.” Now, having said that, you still need a media kit, …

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