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How To Build A Brand That Lasts

As a real estate CEO and entrepreneur, I’ve built two multi-million dollar brands. Here is the advice I would give, based on my 20+ years of successful experience, to other female entrepreneurs who wish to do the same. Know The Brand’s Purpose The purpose of a brand is to deliver an amazing experience. What has …

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How To Turn Your Passion For Essential Oils Into A Business

Can you remember the moment you discovered your passion? To be perfectly honest, I can’t quite remember the exact moment I realized that I was passionate about essential oils. It was mostly the result of a slow buildup of research and experiments over weeks and months. Like most, I started out with essential oils by …

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How To Become A More Productive Person

If you could choose one: Would you want more hours in your day? OR Get more done in the time you already have? I connect with dozens of female entrepreneurs and mompreneurs in my work, and almost everyone asks for strategies to boost productivity. They report that they feel lost, undirected, unfocused, overwhelmed, and confused. …

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How To Provide Boss Service

Building a brand for your business is important and starts with you. You represent your business so it seems natural that your business will take on your brand. When building your business, referrals go a long way. That’s why you want to make sure that you are providing Boss Service – service that stands out …

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How To Schedule Your Content For The Next 12 Months

Imagine waking up and knowing all your blog posts are going out, all your social media posts are posted, and checking your email to see that your weekly newsletter is already in everyone’s inboxes. Oh the things you could do if you didn’t have to worry about these content marketing tasks every week. Let’s be …

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5 SEO Tools Every Online Business Owner Should Have

If you run an online business, you would learn that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing is an indispensable aspect of the game. Good SEO strategies can help get you on the first page of Google, giving your business the visibility it needs. Many entrepreneurs get intimidated by the thought of SEO because it seems …

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