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7 Simple Ways To Increase Your Income In The Next 30 Days 

Are you ever curious how money seems to gravitate towards some people easily and effortlessly and they never seem to run out while others can barely hang on to it despite their hard work and hustle to succeed?  Albert Einstein said it best: ‘Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match …

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Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid As A Consultant Or Freelancer

When launching your own consultancy or freelance practice, getting started can feel a bit like the Wild West of business. The spectrum of freelancing is huge, ranging from small pocket change side hustles to huge 7-figure consulting solopreneurships. And unfortunately, there are no one-size-fits-all industry best practices, all aggregated into one neat package for you …

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How To Keep Your Youtube Channel Interesting

Nothing is worse than having a boring YouTube channel… Here are 6 ways to keep your channel feeling fresh. How To Keep Your Youtube Channel Interesting 1. Diversify Your Videos Nobody wants to watch the exact same type of video over and over again. Having, say, 3 haul videos in a row feels repetitive for …

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3 Things That Every Brand Needs To Be Successful

Branding is something that all businesses need, whether you are a one-person startup or an established small business. The importance of creating a brand identity is something that cannot be underestimated.  3 Things That Every Brand Needs To Be Successful 1. Consistency For a brand to have an impact and build up a strong brand …

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15 Soothing Decorations To Help Create Your Sanctuary From Work

We’re no strangers to the strain work can have on our minds, that’s why we create our sanctuaries at home. But sometimes home can be just as chaotic as the workplace, that’s why I’ve created a list of award-winning decor from Etsy’s Design Awards Finalists to keep you calm amongst the chaos. 15 Soothing Decorations …

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