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3 Ways To Make Your E-Commerce Business Successful

Americans have long loved to shop. But the ways in which we do our shopping are changing, and they’re changing fast. Twenty years ago, Amazon was a relatively new company riding the infamous “Dot Com Bubble”, which later burst and sent dozens of major websites — including plenty of fledgling e-commerce sites — to their …

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Michelle Knight Helps Others In The World Of Debits And Credits

Michelle Knight is an accountant turned online small business owner and entrepreneur, wanting to help others in the world of debits and credits! She has over 6 years experience in public practice, side hustling with her activewear brand, Aura Eve and her bookkeeping business, Little Miss Bookkeeping. She thrives on helping other small businesses and …

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Louise Reid Helps High-Achieving Moms Redefine Motherhood

Louise H Reid is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, empowerment coach and radio host/podcaster. Louise’s mission is to empower girls and women to rise up, break out and push boundaries; to create a life of freedom, fulfillment, and passion. She does this by empowering moms who have lost their identity in the busyness of motherhood and …

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Heather Havenwood Helps Women Double Their Business By Being An Influencer Instead Of An Expert

What you’ll learn in this interview: Her favorite business tools that she uses as an influencer The one book that changed her perspective on life Her advice on being valued and combating perfectionism 2 products that are indispensable in her life 2 influential women that helped her define womanhood How This Influencer Coach Runs Her Business …

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5 Strategies Used By Successful Women Entrepreneurs To Save For Retirement

Retirement is a complex concept to many and can be brought along challenges to face for all. This dilemma increases twice fold when it comes to individuals who are business owners and hence invest a chunk of their personal savings and earnings into their venture. Although sponsoring your start-up and planning for retirement can seem …

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The One Tool You Need To Skyrocket Your Influence

There is one tool that I discovered back in 2015 on accident that changed my life and business forever… it was podcasting. Before I get into podcasting and how I have used and leveraged it to become an influencer and to connect with other influencers, I want to bring up Oprah. We ALL love Oprah. Is …

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