5 Emerging Technologies Every Restaurant Must Have

Around 80% of customers claim that tech tools make their guest experience much better.

If you still haven’t invested in some tech tools, then you are most likely missing out. So check out a site like restaurantpossystems.com to stay on top of the latest tools on the market, which can help make a big difference to your restaurant business. With the right of technology, anything is possible. These innovative technologies can give your business a competitive edge, boost productivity and increase sales.

For a little help, listed below are five must-have technologies for restaurants:

5 Emerging Technologies Every Restaurant Must Have

1. Self-service Kiosks

Traditionally, ordering food in restaurants generates stress. Lots of lines, slow service, and no vacant seats are just some of the factors contributing to that stress. However, gone are the days where you need to line up to order food. Thanks to these innovative self-service kiosks, you can now order conveniently.

These electronic ordering systems provide guests a more conducive touchscreen menu. Guests can directly and quickly make the order process much easier with your POS (point-of-sale) system.

With the help of kiosks, your business can potentially increase its revenue, put an end to long lines, present promotions, focus on expediting, lessen labor costs and boost accuracy. So whether you own a small food serving business or a major chain restaurant, a kiosk might help you towards success.

2. Technology That Lets Customers Split Bills Within a Group

Split, a mobile application, can help your restaurant improve guests’ dining experience and increase revenue. How? This mobile platform allows you to connect to every smartphone and mobile device in your restaurant.

It allows customers to see, divide and pay their bills instantly at their tables with just their mobile devices which saves time, boosts productivity and improves table turns. You can also include other features like text messaging, satisfaction surveys, etc.

3. Pre-order

Meal pre-ordering is one of the most promising and innovative restaurant technologies nowadays. With its help, guests and customers can order ahead, preventing them from waiting at the restaurant.

An online food pre-ordering strategy means less stress and hassle for the owners. Employees can also have more time attending the concerns of in person customers, which is one of the many burdens for busy workers.

Food pre-ordering helps any food service business boost table turnover and produce excellent customer experience. Restaurants like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Starbucks implement this strategy.

You will also want to check out master data management tools through companies such as Profisee so you can manage the data you collect from your app!

4. Food Delivery

Most restaurants nowadays offer food delivery services to customers. With this kind of service, restaurants can certainly leverage the benefits of not handling delivery logistics, hiring more employees and taking care of customer service.

As such, your business can potentially connect with more people since you can now create your business’s food delivery application, and customers can easily view your restaurant’s menu.

Know that millennials and busy people are the ones behind the popularity and trend of this service. So, aim your attention on these type of people because they value and appreciate your restaurants delivery service more than ever.

Don’t forget to bring a card reader to avoid any delays. If you still don’t have one, you can shop for card readers in any online store like Deal Wiki.

5. Food Delivery Tracker

Having technology that updates customers on their food delivery progress, particularly on restless nights, is very important. With the help of this technology, customers can now measure how much time it will take to get the food they ordered.

Regulate customer expectations with promised delivery time using an online app like Trackin. Just input the expected delivery time, and it will instantly amend your online ordering, display color code on the screen and notify you when you are late.

Allow your customers to view, in real time, the know-how of their orders from the food preparation to the arrival time at your delivery site or table-side. Just make sure that it will not take too long for the food to arrive. Customers don’t want to wait, especially if they are hungry!


In this digital age, technology dominates the world. It is no surprise that technology helps all consumers and all industries, especially the food service industry. Don’t miss out on all the benefits these tech tools can give you. From kiosks to a delivery tracker, you will never have a hard time working again!

5 Emerging Technologies Every Restaurant Must Have

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