How To Reach Out To A Brand For Sponsorships

How To Reach Out To A Brand For A Sponsorship LadyBossBlogger

Sponsorships are a good way to bring in profit and show products you love to your audience. A brand will pay or sponsor you in return for you promoting their business and products. It may seem intimidating to reach out to a brand for sponsorships at first, but you’ll know exactly what to do after following these 5 simple steps.

1. Reach out to brands you already love

When trying to come up with brands you want to reach out to for sponsorships, a great place to start is to look at the brands you already know and love. Observe your daily routine and make note of the brands you use, for example, what’s in your beauty routine.

  • Contouring methods
  • Moisturizing products
  • Eyeshadow design
  • Eyeliner tutorials
  • Eyebrow techniques
  • Lipstick art

Sponsorships are similar to recommending products to a friend, but instead, it’s to your social media audience. When a brand sees you are already promoting them, it helps them to get a visual of the type of content you could produce for them.

2. Find the right contact

Once you find a brand you want to reach out to, finding the right contact is vital. When you reach out to a brand for sponsorships, you don’t want to send that email just for it to sit untouched in the wrong inbox!

If you send your email to a more general company email, the chances of getting a reply back are lessened. Reaching to a brand through a more specific outlet can lead to more success, as these are the people looking for influencers like you to partner with.

Here are a few job titles to look out for:

  • PR contact
  • Social media manager
  • Press team
  • Influencer manager
  • Collaborations
  • Talent and brand agent

You can start by looking for these contacts on the brand’s website, though you might not always have luck there. Using Google and LinkedIn to see the people in these positions can be helpful, but be careful to read the dates individuals worked at the company to avoid contacting a former employee. After finding this individual, jot down their email and get to writing!

3. Draft an email

After finding the contact, writing a warm email to the brand is important. Remaining friendly and including personal connections can be helpful to get brands to say yes!

When writing an email to a brand for sponsorships coming up with a template that works can make reaching out to brands simpler and less daunting.

A good template might look me outlined as followed:

  • Personal introduction and details
  • Connection to the brand
  • How your audience can be beneficial for their brand
  • Collaboration Idea
  • Sign off

Here’s an example of a template you might want to try.

Reach Out Brands Sponsorships

You can adjust this outline it to work best for you but this can be a helpful place to start.

4. Attach a media kit

After drafting your email, you might want to attach your media kit to the email. This can be a super helpful tool to get brands interested in partnering with you.

A media kit serves as a resume of your business, and captures your blog and/ or social media’s achievements.

It presents statistics and information, such as the these:

  • Follower numbers
  • Engagement rates
  • Audience demographics
  • Past partnerships
  • Website traffic report

This information is useful when you reach out to a brand for sponsorships, as it shows your reach and how your audience is valuable for their brand. Having a media kit can also make you seem professional and organized to the brands you are reaching out to for sponsorships.

5. Don’t freak out

After sending out your email, don’t freak out if a brand doesn’t respond back right away! While it’s easy to feel disheartened, don’t always think the worst.

Many brands and brand representatives have packed inboxes, so your email could have easily slipped past them. They also could be in the process of getting back to you.

Make sure enough time has passed before following up, as you don’t want to seem too pushy to the brand and want to keep things friendly. After at least a week, it seems reasonable to check in with a brand and restate your interest in collaborating.

6. Stay persistent

When reaching out to brands for sponsorships, don’t feel discouraged if a brand says no or never gets back to you! While this one brand might not be interested, there are plenty of potential brands out there that would love the opportunity of sponsoring an influencer or blogger like you.

The key is to be persistent in reaching out to brands. Don’t let a rejection stop you from networking further. Use these instances as learning curves, and maybe adjust your emails and see what works.

While this may seem scary at first, persistence pays off as so many brands are looking for influencers and bloggers to partner with. Using these tips to reach out to a brand for sponsorships and staying persistent will help you get that sponsorship you want before you know it!

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How To Reach Out To A Brand For Sponsorships LadyBossBlogger

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