How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business And Traffic

“Pinterest is not a social media platform. It is a search engine optimization tool.”

From now on, if you’re a business woman or an aspiring female entrepreneur who’s trying to leverage Pinterest to grow your business stop calling it a social media platform. Instead call it a “search engine optimization tool” for your graphics. Pinterest is a tool that is used to rank business accounts higher in their smart feed in order to drive massive traffic to sites that you’re able to control. If you want to succeed on Pinterest “you have to be worth looking at”. From now on begin to think of your Pinterest account as a body. Start with the following body parts below.

  • Your Pinterest Profile

This is the “face” of your Pinterest business account. It must look clean if you want pinners to keep looking at it and get clear on these questions in order to create a top-notch profile bio:

  1. What do you do for your target audience? (Teach? Train? Help? Mentor?)
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What outcome do you help your target audience achieve? (Grow their income? Followers? Lose weight? Build their confidence?)
  4. What is your call to action? (Sign-up? Register for? Join my?)
  5. What freebie can you give away that’ll be of high value? (Workshop? Webinar? Guide? Mini e-book? E-course?)

Then, put your answers into the following formula:

[What do you do for your audience?]  [Who is your target audience?]  [What outcome do you help them achieve?] . [Call To Action] for my free [What freebie can you give away?] right here [Provide your link].

Lastly, you want to include a photo of your beautiful face as your profile picture along with having a keyword-rich profile name.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written by Gia Foretia How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business And Traffic

Your Pinterest Boards

You’ve already seen what it takes to create a beautiful face now it’s time to work on your core – also known as your Pinterest boards. If you want a toned core you need to get rid of all the bad foods, drinks and habits that you had before. The same goes for your boards. If you haven’t done so already, get rid of all the pins and boards that your target audience can’t take immediate action on in order to improve their lives.

Yes, that does include deleting your personal pins of your favorite celebrities, magazines, artists etc. If it hurts really bad to get rid of them, turn them into “secret boards”, which allows only you to see and pin to. Then, begin creating boards with keyword-rich titles that include pins with high quality evergreen content. In fact go on a pinning spree for each new board that you create! As you begin to pin consistently everyday, Pinterest will reward you by putting your account in front of pinners that will most likely follow and use your content.

The Perfect Pin

Now, it’s time to work on your arms also known as your branded pins. You can’t expect for pinners to know who you are in the middle of thousands of pinners if you aren’t unique. When you create pins with a consistent aesthetic and of high value they will help stretch your business across many avenues on Pinterest resulting in maximum exposure. Here are 6 key elements you must include on each of your pins to gain this result:

  • A keyword-rich, easy to read and clear title
  • The consistent use of 3-4 on brand complimentary colors and fonts
  • A screenshot of your freebie on your pin
  • Your website link
  • A rich pin that adds your website name, post title and photo to each pin
  • Evergreen content (you want your content to do the selling for you)

Join Group Boards

If you don’t want to remain stuck in a situation that continues to bring in the same undesirable results then it’s time to put one leg in front of the other and put yourself in the right environment that’ll help you get to that next level. That’s exactly what group boards will help you do. Group boards are boards owned by 2 or more pinners that allow other pinners to pin content on their boards.

If you find a group board within your niche that has high engagement, pinners that re-pin each other’s pins and has content of high value, you’ve literally hit a gold mine. Group boards are not exempt from the smart feed, they want to rank high as well because the higher they rank the more quality pinners they attract. When those pinners pin your content to their following this in turn results in more exposure, collaborations, partnerships and networking opportunities.

Get a Boardbooster Account

Now it’s time to let your account go and let it walk on its own. But, still check up on it once in a while. This is where Boardbooster comes in handy. Boardbooster allows you to put the repining of all your best pins on autopilot. It has 2 essential features including

  1. Its ability to revive all your old pins and re-expose them to your following
  2. Finding all the pins on your boards that are damaged (pins with broken links, links that lead to slow and irrelevant websites etc) because these damaged pins are causing your account to drown in the smart feed without you even knowing.

A lot of entrepreneurs get frightened when it comes to putting themselves out there on Pinterest because of the thousands of other entrepreneurs who are promoting their same service. To be honest, it doesn’t matter because there’s space for everyone and no one else can sell your service in the unique way you can. So just start, embrace your personality and use these tips because they will draw towards you loving fans, followers, subscribers and customers. Pinterest needs you!

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written by Gia Foretia How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business And Traffic

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written by Gia Foretia How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business And Traffic

Gia Foretia helps female entrepreneurs increase their traffic and clientele via the usage of social media and copywriting strategies. She’s a science-fiction fanatic and pizza-lover. Follow her on Facebook at Gia Foretia for more tips and tricks.