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How To Build Strategic And Loyal Business Relationships

Over the course of your career you will meet many people. Some of them will have a positive and enormous effect on your career and your business and others not so much. It will be nearly impossible to foresee who those people will be. What is most important is to know how to develop, manage, …

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How To Write Emails People Will Actually Read

Are you sitting waiting for people to respond to your 50+ emails? Are you looking for a job, an investment, an office or even a date? Well the secret is in HOW you write your mails. The key to getting people to remember you is to intensify the energy that radiates from you – also …

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How To Decrease Your Stress Levels

Stress is an unavoidable part of business; it’s an unavoidable part of life… or is it? What is stress? Stress is the body’s reaction to perception. It is how you’re perceiving something that is causing your brain to trigger your organs to produce stress chemicals. And your perception is based on the references in your …

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Valencia Griffin-Wallace Equips Women In Transforming Their Lives

Valencia Griffin-Wallace is an international speaker, bestselling author, and radio show host. She is passionate about helping women build unapologetic confidence and become goal getters. As a wife, mother, and a bonus mom who runs several businesses, she understands that it is easy for women to put themselves last. By giving women bite sized steps …

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Michele Aikens Helps People Make Bold Moves

Michele Aikens, CEO of Sepia Prime Communications & Consulting (formerly Sepia Prime Woman, Inc), is known as “The BOLD Mover Lady,” or the “Confrontational Dreamer”. Michele consults with businesses and individuals to help them create their own “Bold Moves”. She is a frequently sought after speaker and life coach who talks most often on Balance, …

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Gigi McMillan Approaches Style From The Inside Out

Gigi McMillan is a fabulous and fierce go-getter entrepreneur who decided to bet on herself 4 years ago after a life-changing experience. She has now taken charge of her future and is moving up the ladder of success. If you ask her, she will say “winning is in my crosshairs” and nothing less will do. As a personal style …

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