Lee Whetstone Highlights Millennial Success Stories To Help More People Succeed In Business

Lee Whetstone is an Entrepreneur, Motivator, Purpose Builder, and the Founder and CEO of Leading with Lee Magazine. She sets a media platform for entrepreneurs to share their success stories and also uplifts and encourages future game changers to live and work in their passion filled purpose. She has been featured in, Fashiongxd Magazine, …

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How To Become A Successful Businesswoman

What makes a successful businesswoman? It must be more than having customers and money. It must be more than a solid business plan. If these were the only two ingredients, most companies would fail within five years. Success requires so much more. This is what Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, a successful businesswoman for 26 years, …

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Alicia Joynes Makes Your Dreams Come True By Doing The Startup Work For You

Alicia Joynes is the principle consultant for ANJ Consulting, a boutique consulting firm that aids with the formation of non-profits and small businesses. It is their motto to “make your dreams come true by doing the start-up work for you.” She is a strategic visionary focused on progress and is building a legacy of developing …

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Sharon Ringiér Hosts Women’s Empowerment Conferences For Female Entrepreneurs

Sharon Ringiér is the Founder of The I’m Possible Women’s Empowerment Conference, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of female entrepreneurs. By using a unique combination of education focused on personal and professional development, she’s hoping they’ll gain the insight and tools needed to find balance in their demanding lives as well as realize …

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Yvette Gavin Helps Go-Getters Experience Accelerated Success

Yvette Gavin is an international speaker, trainer, author, and coach. She’s the founder of Yvette Gavin Consulting, a global personal and professional development firm that helps established and aspiring executives, high achievers, and entrepreneurs experience accelerated success while building a holistic lifestyle. What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? The strongest memory …

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Tana Session Helps People Identify And Move Beyond Previous Adversities

Tana Session is an Award-Winning International Speaker and Coach, and a recognized expert purveyor of Reinvention and Transformation. Recently recognized as a Huffington Post “10 Black Female Experts to Follow in 2018,” Tana’s mission is to help you identify and move beyond previous adversities. She will give you actionable tools so you can show up …

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Simone Morris Provides Minority Women Owned Businesses With Necessary Resources To Succeed

Simone Morris is CEO of Simone Morris Enterprises LLC, a certified minority women owned business providing consulting, training, coaching, and educational keynotes. The company’s mission is to empower women to succeed. Simone holds an MBA from University of Connecticut and is a certified life coach and also a certified project management professional. She will soon add …

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