20 Incredible Latina Bloggers

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Looking for some great latina bloggers to follow? We tracked down 25 for you in 5 different niches!

  1. Fitness/Health
  2. Beauty
  3. Fashion
  4. Travel

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20 Incredible Latina Bloggers


1. Massy Arias – massyarias

Massy is currently a health coach with a love for natural food and supplements in her fitness journey. She has endorsements with TRU SUPPLEMENTS and is s a creator of her own fitness program called #MA30DAY.

I recommend Massy’s page because besides being health and body consciousness, she knows how to sport some fashion in her feed once in a while.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

2. Michelle Rivera – thehealthylatina

Michelle lives in Chicago and loves exploring the fitness experiences the city has to offer. Her blogs include the best gyms, marathons, yoga, and so much more.  

She is no stranger to Hispanic cuisine, but that sometimes can’t be the healthiest. She focuses on creating healthier versions of our favorite dishes while being an educator and writer.

I like her blog because it does not focus on routines, but various opportunities to get into shape. Sometimes overlooking another routine, could be overwhelming, but finding various ways to get fit is appealing.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

3. Jessica Castanedaeasylivingtoday

Jessica is based out of Chicago and is a hard working mother and wife. She bases her blog on the hardships she may face to get into shape but, it does not let it get in her way of accomplishing her overall goal.

Her blog is helpful for the everyday woman, trying to get a grip of getting back on the grind. She has helpful tips and hacks!

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

4. Daiana Diaz – daianadays

Daiana is from Colorado and strives to be the best version of yourself. She posts about body transformation, and the ability to love your body. She is all about motivation to get the body you have dreamed of.

I picked her from the lineup because she is spirited to coach her audience to feel confident in their own skin.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

5. Keirys Peña – keirysp23

Keriys is currently in Florida, living life through blogging and vlogging. She cares about a person’s well-being, and the ability to get into health and fitness.

Her blog is up and coming, but her content is great. She shows examples of how to start a morning in a healthy manner, and more health/fitness tips.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


6. Jessica Caldoron – jesskeepinitreal

Jessica is from the Bay Area and is an advocate for amazing skincare routine. She tests out products and posts about them on her blog and social media pages.

Her page is amazing because I love how much she focuses on skincare, it is something we all take for granted but should be treasured. She tests out products, and them posts her favorites, and then talks about what to pack when vacationing.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

7. Melissa Flores – itsmelissaflores

Melissa is a glowing goddess, her makeup is always looking like perfection. Her type of makeup sense is more drama on the face like contour, eyelashes, eyebrows, and a strong lip.

Her blog is memorizing with her strong makeup looks from natural and to a little pop of color.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

8. Dee George – regalrubbish

Dee George is based from Toronto, Canada. Her blog is regalrubbish, with an influence of glam all the time. Never a day without glamorized makeup and serving looks.

Her blog is great, because she tests our certain makeup brand products, and tells her opinion.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

9. Lynnette Hernandez – bylynny

Lynette Hernandez is from Houston, Texas but she’s no country gal, she’s a glam girl. Her blog is bylynny, which reviews makeup and gives you tutorials of some of her favorite looks.

I recommend her blog because she keeps up to date with beauty trends regarding face treatment, holiday looks, and much more.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

10. Priscilla Eslo – priscillaeslo

Priscilla Eslo is based in the Big Apple, and the founder of @eslove_official. Running her own beauty products makes her a beauty expert on the best products for the skin.

Her blog is amazing because she talks all areas of beauty like sensitivity, gift hauls, and how to prevent some skin effects.

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11. Arleen – xioarleen

Arleen is a fashion killer right now, and the founder of two organizations; @xioarleen.agency and @x.official.brand. She resides in Los Angeles, but she travels to show off her style.

Her blog is one of my favorites because her style blog is based on events, and how she dresses for them.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

12. Alama – almamia

Alma is an influencer, and most importantly a blogger. She works closely with beauty brands like Sauve and Proactive. Her beauty products work hand in hand with her fashion sense because they influence her to make the perfect look.

I like her blog because it is simple and to the point. She explains most of her outfit choices within five sentences, perfect for us women on the go.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

13. Amanda Korina – fromtheheelsup

Amanda is based in New York City and is serving looks left and right. She focuses it on staying on trend, with her sense of style. She is not afraid to try out any type of trend.

I like her blog because it focuses on color trends for the season, and dream closets ever women dream of.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

14. Yessi Bause – yessibause

Yessi resides in Chicago and is an all-around media expert. She is a content creator, public relations specialist, and a blogger.

Her blog is great because she focuses on certain items of clothing, and how she styles them.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

15. Rosalba Aguilar – adayofrose   

Rosalba is in the Big Apple and loves showing all her fashion pictures throughout the city. Her style is contemporary with comfort.

I love her blog because she also focuses on certain items on trend; from there she shows how she wears it and reveal other tips.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


16. Alyssa – travellatina

Alyssa’s blog posts are groundbreaking for any Latina because she defeats the normalities we have been given since birth. She has traveled the world and loves to showcase her views and opinions.

Her posts are important because coming from a tradition based culture, we were always told to do things a specific way or other things to limit ourselves. She talks about taking the risk, even if you are traveling alone, to explore the world because life is about taking risks.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

17. Saha Zavala – thedailysash

Sasha’s beauty shines through her blogs posts in a small town and big cities. She is someone who likes to post about the top ten things to do in each specific travel destination she is at.

Her blog is very personalized with her travel, lifestyle, and beauty. It has shown how much she cares about her brand image!

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

18. Diana – dianajanisbel

Diana is based out of Miami and is in love with any tropical location. She travels throughout the world to capture a glimpse of the beauty of water. Most, of her blog, is based on travel tips.

I like her blog because she tried to reach to all her audience members. She talks about how to get a great vacation when you have limited vacation time, and where to book a trip.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

19. Olga Maria – dreamsinheels

Olga Maria is a content creator and founder of @latinaswhotravel. Her motto for her blog is “Your passport to travel and dream in style”.

I absolutely love her blog because it is neatly organized by continents, a region of land, and etc. Giving her audience a view into what place they want to know more about.

Latina Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

20. Veronica Lorento – sinohasviajado

Veronica Lorento is currently in Spain, but she loves to travel to North America, Europe, and Asia. Her blog is completely in Spanish for our Spanish speakers.

Her blog is minimalism at its best while using photo effects to add to the experience.

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