How To Position Yourself As A Trustworthy Expert Online

One of the limitations of doing an online business is that people cannot meet you in person, and considering so many scams and fake sites which are happening all over the internet, it may be difficult for your potential clients and customers to trust you.

You need to help them to overcome their fears, doubts, like why they should trust YOU and invest their hard earned money in YOU? Here are five things you can do to position yourself as an trust worthy expert and get instant credibility online.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written by Danijela Jokic Vaislay How To Position Yourself As A Trustworthy Expert Online

Media Features

Getting media features is one of the fastest ways of getting instant credibility online. People use the media as a resource to get the information they need, and if you show up on a radio show, TV show, get press coverage, or your article gets published in some recognizable publication or media platform, people will innately believe that you must be an expert and someone they can trust, because they trust in that particular media platform. People trust media, so if you get featured, they’ll trust you too!

If you are targeting local clients, make sure to get in touch with the editors of your local TV and radio stations, and network with them, subtly letting them know that you would be honored to show up as a guest on their show and share some useful tips and advice with their audience in your niche. If you are targeting international clients, do your best to get your article published and get featured in recognizable platforms, such as HUFF POST, FORBES, ENTREPRENEUR.COM, LADYBOSSBLOGGER.COM or magazines such as COSMOPOLITAN, VOGUE, GLAMOUR, and SUCCESS.

After getting featured on one or more of these platforms, make sure you place their logo on your website in your FEATURED IN or AS SEEN IN section, and shout out to your community about them!

Client Testimonials

People value the results you can give them, versus your list of professional credentials, so make sure to ask for then show off the raving testimonials you receive from your previous clients and display them on your website. That can help you boost your credibility in a big way, as there will be stories of real people praising your work or product. Great testimonials won’t only include their words of praise, but also their full name, location, headshot, and website. If people can check out who stands behind the testimonial and see that he or she really exists, it will help you to skyrocket your credibility even more.

Your Life Behind The Scenes

A professional headshot and stock photos on your website won’t establish trust, however, “behind the scenes” shots will. Make sure to include a video, or lifestyle shots of yourself, and share some moments and “behind the scenes” pictures to help the visitor on your website connect with the ‘real you’. Also, do not hesitate to share your personal stories and get vulnerable: it will help your audience resonate and connect with you on a deeper level and build continue to build trust. You need to show that you practice what you preach in your real life and that you are a real person, people relate to that.

List Your Professional Credentials And Education

Make sure you display all the credentials you have, as well as your work experience and education related to the services you’re offering, so that people know that they are dealing with someone who is a real expert in their field, or who has been there, done that!

Start Blogging

If you have not by now, make sure that you start blogging, especially if you express yourself better in written word, or vlogging if you are a more talkative and “camera” person. Whichever your preferred format, share some of your best tips and advice in the niche your business is about with your audience. By giving good, proven, powerful advice that works, you will naturally position yourself as a trustworthy exert because people will be able to experience how much your advice can help them. If they found even one article or your video helpful, they will believe that you really know your “stuff” and will be more willing to hire you, buy your product, because they believe you can offer them results.

These five tips are easy to implement and are genuine ways you can build your desired credibility online and close the gap of mistrust which may be felt without personal contact.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written by Danijela Jokic Vaislay How To Position Yourself As A Trustworthy Expert Online

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written by Danijela Jokic Vaislay How To Position Yourself As A Trustworthy Expert Online
Danijela Jokic Vaislay is a life coach and author of ‘Self Worth – Women’s Guide To Increasing Self Worth, Self Respect, and Self Confidence’ book and 300+ articles on personal growth. For more information about Danijela and her work visit