73 Ways To Promote Your Blog

There are loads of ways to get your blog out there!

But what are the ways that actually WORK?

I came up with a list of ideas to help start reaching a larger audience, starting today.

I am going to touch on 7 topics all in relation to best promote your blog posts:

  1. 6 Social Networking Sites To Focus On
  2. 12 Social Networking Tools + Techniques
  3. 7 Ways To Network Professionally
  4. 14 Ways To Create Stunning Visuals
  5. 18 Things You Should Be Doing In Content Creation
  6. 10 Ways To Establish Credibility
  7. 6 Ways To Best Utilize Email Marketing

73 Ways To Promote Your Blog

6 Social Networking Sites To Focus On

1) Join group boards on Pinterest to make your blog known to more people.

2) Get a Tumblr account to reach an extremely niche audience!

3) Create a Facebook page + group to promote your latest blog posts.

4) Use Twitter to heighten your online presence.

5) Google+ will help your posts get shared.

6) Post quality photos and design on Instagram. Click on the picture to follow @ladybossblogger.

73 Ways To Promote Your Blog ladyBossBlogger.com

12 Social Networking Tools + Techniques

7) SmarterQueue will help you find relevant content and recycle your content! This is how I look like I’m on social media 24/7 when in fact I haven’t touched my accounts in MONTHS.

8) Manage and grow your social media accounts by outsourcing work or hiring interns.

9) Be personal. Reply to comments on social media.

10) Bring on the hashtags! Use All-Hashtag to help you out.

11) Social Warfare, a social share plugin, will help maximize your blog’s shares on social media.

12) PinGroupie helps you connect with relevant bloggers and group boards on Pinterest.

13) Set up a Facebook Ad account, but don’t waste money on boosting your posts, you can’t measure the success of your campaigns that way.

14) Don’t be afraid to share your posts multiple times! Be creative and design new visuals in Canva and PicMonkey to share the same post in a refreshing way.

15) Share and promote relevant content from larger bloggers in your niche to build relationships. Social Pilot can help you with this.

16) Post daily on your social media channels and consistently on your blog. Check out Loomly to help you do this, it’s the first social media scheduler I used when I first started.

17) Host contests on social media that will encourage your audience to share your posts and increase awareness of your blog.

18) Try Tailwind. This tool will help you schedule posts on Pinterest at the most optimal times. See below, Tailwind also tracks your growth.

73 Ways To Promote Your Blog ladyBossBlogger.com

7 Ways To Network Professionally

19) Join LinkedIn Groups if you haven’t already, it’s a great place to network and build professional connections.

20) Contact influencers with whom you share a common niche or interest and propose a collaboration idea.

21) Always provide a link to your blog on social media posts and other networking profiles in your email signature.

22) Make connections with fellow bloggers and learn how you can mutually help each other!

23) Respond to inquiries and comments with timeliness.

24) Be sure to comment with valuable insight on other blogs that are similar to your own niche.

25) Reach out to blogs, magazines or publications where you can guest post or get be featured in. Or befriend publicists, that is how I got onto the Huffington Post! Read my interview here.

73 Ways To Promote Your Blog ladyBossBlogger.com

14 Ways To Create Stunning Visuals

26) Use a mobile-friendly WordPress theme. I recommend Divi to start off with.

27) Be original. Unique, creative photos will make you stand out from bloggers who use stock photos. Get cheap professional designs from 99designs.

28) Have a clean, eye-catching logo and use it frequently on all of your graphics.

29) Make your graphics into different sizes so they’re easily shareable on all platforms.

30) And if you don’t already have a logo, use DesignEvo to create an impressive one!

31) Integrate relevant images in all of your blog posts. If you don’t want to create your own designs, download a bunch from Creative Market.

32) Use Canva or PicMonkey to create shareable and stunning images.

33) Research the most compelling social media designs for your target market, then create more images and graphics with the same style!

34) Maintain a consistent design style.

35) Post graphics and have a WordPress theme that aligns with your logo.

36) Make relevant infographics and designs for your posts.

37) Put effort into your blog’s appearance. People are more drawn to appealing and professional designs.

38) Choose a responsive, powerful SEO rich theme such as the Genesis Framework.

39) Organize your feed using Planoly. See my Planoly account below.

73 Ways To Promote Your Blog ladyBossBlogger.com

18 Things You Should Be Doing In Content Creation

40) Generate SEO-friendly and easily readable content.

41) Create interesting, clickable headlines that get to the point!

42) Take advantage of Google Analytics to see which content most attracts your audience. Then write more of that same content!

43) Use plugins such as SocialWarefare to avoid spam and make your posts more shareable.

44) Target your audience. Get to know your audience and what they care about.

45) Write relevant posts by keeping up on the latest global trends and news.

46) Write consistently and frequently and schedule out your content so your audience knows when to expect your latest posts.

47) Respond to major trends. Always tackle issues that matter at the moment for a traffic surge!

48) Feature bloggers and influencers whose content complements yours.

49) Allow credible individuals to guest post!

50) Record your screen to add a different medium to your post.

51) Write content that truly matters and helps your readers, not just content that promotes your own blog.

52) Review and compare products that your target audience cares about and make money from it through Shareasale.

53) Make sure your posts are thorough and at least 1,000 words for maximized shareability.

54) Avoid spam by checking every comment before it’s allowed on your site.

55) Use relevant tags and categories when you publish a post, but no more than 15 tags, according to WordPress itself.

56) Create a Google Calendar to help you publish posts on time and stay organized for optimal consistency.

57) Narrow down your interests and stick to one of the 12 most profitable niches! This post is the reason I went on to create my Profitable Blogging Course and I centered it around these 12 niches and EXACTLY how to tap into and monetize them with specific examples per niche per lesson.

73 Ways To Promote Your Blog ladyBossBlogger.com

10 Ways To Establish Credibility

58) Be sure to list your credentials and experience in your blog bio.

59) Write with a consistent voice.

60) Make connections in person, too! Online networking isn’t the only way to increase awareness of your blog.

61) Be genuine. Get to know bloggers and influencers without immediately asking for favors in return.

62) Blog about well-known, influential people! Inspirational posts are insanely shareable.

63) Intentionally send emails to bloggers in similar niches to yours and let them know about your latest blog post where you mentioned them!

64) Make your blog’s purpose clear and straightforward by writing out your story.

65) Be knowledgeable in the niche you chose to write about or interview experts.

66) If you’re good with film and cameras, consider creating YouTube videos featuring interviews, tutorials, and other interesting content. Use VidIQ to help you get more views.

67) Don’t shy away from including images of yourself. People like to see the face behind the genius posts. If you’re shy, include photos with your friends! I’m pictured below in purple with all of my BEST FRIENDS!!!

73 Ways To Promote Your Blog ladyBossBlogger.com

6 Ways To Best Utilize Email Marketing

68) Capture emails from your website using Sumo.

69) Attach social media icons and links to your social media accounts in your emails. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Linkedin Pinterest Instagram

70) Include an email subscription button or link to increase your number of email subscribers. Make sure to include a freebie in exchange for people’s emails.

71) Include links to your contact information, blog, e-courses, and e-books in your emails. Grab my FREE 22-page How To Become An Instagram Influencer ebook!

72) Use ConvertKit, the best email marketing tool for bloggers.

73) Send emails that announce your latest post! This spikes my traffic like crazy every single time.


You can create content like crazy, promote it, and spend all your time on your blog but…

Without a business plan, strategic blogging strategy, obtainable and measurable goals, profitable systems, coach and accountability partners… you won’t see the results you want.

Those are the KEYS to profitable blogging.

Let me continue to help you. 🙂


To become an entrepreneur and make money online, you must think like one.

All the entrepreneurs I know invest in themselves by investing in education… and there is still so much to learn.

Believe it or not, this is just the tip of the blogging iceberg!!!

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