148 Influential Asian Bloggers You Need To Know

Influential Asian Bloggers

Looking for Asian bloggers who are creating their own space in 9 distinctive niches? We have highlighted the top bloggers in the following areas:

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. Dating and Relationships
  3. Self Improvement
  4. Beauty
  5. Food
  6. Parenting
  7. Fashion
  8. Travel
  9. Lifestyle

Here are some blogging resources:

148 Influential Asian Bloggers You Need To Know


1. Lush Angel

Angela shares how she keeps motivated and how she does her weight training. Her blog isn’t just a typical lifestyle blog, she also encourages you to live a good life!

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2. The Bull Runner

Jaymie is the first Filipino world marathon majosix-starar finisher. Her dream is to run marathons all over the world. In her blog, she teaches people how to start a long run and stay motivated.

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3. Kikay Runner

Noelle is a Kikay runner that shares her daily training routine. She gives advice and shares her racing experiences.

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4. Flow Retreats

This is a blog for you if you are interested in an active lifestyle, want to learn how to do yoga and practice a healthy fitness life.

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5. The Yogini From Manila

Jane is a Filipina yogini and certified yin yoga from Manila. She shares articles about yoga and its benefits on your health.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

6. Kikaysikat

Kaycee focuses on mental health and physical fitness in her life, and believe that it’s important for ones to deal with their own imperfections.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

7. Go Jackie Go

Jackie shares her workouts and ways to be healthy as a fitness enthusiast. She maps out fitness and wellness sets for her viewers to train specific parts of their body.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

8. Carmy

Carmy is a health and fitness blogger who shares her healthy living journey with her audience as being an avid runner and fitness enthusiast.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

9. Blogilates

Award-winning fitness instructor, Cassey, created her youtube channel and a blog that you can actually create your workout calendar through the site, workout instructions and challenges that you can do.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

10. Bella Lam

Bella is a yogi who loves to blog about budget-friendly vegan recipes, hormonal health, and holistic wellness.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

11. Shape

Shape Singapore is like a magazine that gives you lots of information about the latest on health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, lifestyle, beauty, and wellness.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

12. FitnessFest

FitnessFest serves everyday people from different fitness levels, ages, and sizes.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

13. Veg Fit

Priyanka Gupta is an Indian vegetarian who loves fitness. She wants to share her experiences and inspire readers.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

14. With Love Fay

Fay is a certified and experienced personal trainer who teaches her readers to train, eat and think like a professional soccer player.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

15. Your Med Guide

Vidya shares her med knowledge with her viewers and teaches how to live with diabetes.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

16. Rochelle Rivera

Rochelle shares her all-time favorite low-calorie snacks and supplements she takes every day.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

17. Wysa

Jo Aggarwal and her team focus on helping people deal with mental health issues and teaches people how and where can they get help.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

18. Christine Yu

Christine blogs heartfelt and inspiring bits on running, yoga, surfing, and life.

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1. Bride and Breakfast

Janna is a Philippino wedding blogger who provides wedding advice and inspiration.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

2. Marry to Marry

This blog is run by a newlywed couple. They create the ultimate guides to make your dream wedding come true.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

4. Lunch Actually

Violet and Jamie left their full-time jobs to embark on a new journey to help singles find love. They are based in Singapore and Malaysia and share tips on how to maintain good relationships.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

5. Texan In Tokyo

Grace and Ryosuke are a multiracial couple who love to share their stories on getting along with different culture and language barriers.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

6. Questa Dolce Vita

Jasmine is a second generation Canadian who is in love with an Italian! She shares their love story and the story of culture shock with her current husband. 

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

7. English Wife, Indian Life

Firangi Bahu left her home, family, friends and career in England and boarded a one-way flight to India… for LOVE. She fell in love online while on opposite side of the world and were married a couple of months later. This blog tells the story of her journey as a white loving wife who learned how to live in India.

Asian Bloggers ladybossblogger

8. My Japanese Slice

In this blog, you can see this multiethnic relationship have come to a happy ending after some tough years of long distance relationship.

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1. Living Life With Jen

Jen is a certified mindfulness life coach who helps you manage your stress levels and develop self-wellness. She also provides private and group coaching promising to result in a positive and long-lasting change.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

2. Asian on the Outside

Angela believes that life is what you make of it, she shares stories and tips to conquer your fear and find happiness in all the little things.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

3. Miss Kaykrizz

Ruth helps aspiring flight attendants achieve their dream career as a flight attendant.

4. Write, Breath, Live

Elaine is positive and inspirational, she shares her productive thoughts and useful tips for her readers to stay positive and improve themselves.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

5. The Filipino Eye

Grace blogs about her life as a Christian and how she stays happy through all life’s challenges with God.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

6. Personal Excellence

Celestine always wants to be her best self and live her best life. She helps readers achieve their highest potential in life to live their best.

7. Evelyn Lim

Evelyn’s blogs about abundance, self-help, mental focus and self-love.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

8. Positive Provocations

Zeenat wants her audiences to take the first step towards a happy and positive life. By reading her posts, she wants to bring love, care and positivity so people know they can achieve everything.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

9. Scribble and Scrawl

Somali directs you to your creativity with the motivating stories she writes and develops your personality so that you can achieve things you did not think you could before.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

10. Think Simple Now

Tina Su’s motto is “Whatever you are going through, you are not alone.” She achieves this by sharing her real-life stories so that feel accompanied.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

11. Vanity No Apologies

Anshita shares her DIY tips and makeup tutorials explores Indian beauty remedies.

12. Dr. Prerna Kohli

Dr. Prerna Kohli is a clinical psychologist who blogs to help people relieve their troubling symptoms.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

13. Confessions of Successful Asian Women

Aliya shares her lessons from things that happen in her daily life.


1. Drea Chong

Drea is a Singapore based fashion, beauty blogger who mostly shares skincare, hair, and makeup guides on her blog. She also lists her favorite cosmetic brands for your reference.

2. Pen My Blog

Shivani is a beauty blogger who is based in Malaysia and shares different brands of skincare and the makeup she likes.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

3. Musicalhouses

Jerlene tries different brands of makeup and skincare products and creates amazing review lists for viewers to choose what they would like to purchase.

4. Non Sono Quitter

Joan is a Korean-American beauty blogger who loves Korean beauty and shares her k-beauty resources.

5. The Beauty Junkee

Martha loves all things girly and beautiful. She reviews the products she uses and shares her favorite collections on her blog.

6. Greta’s Junkyard

Greta mostly shares new trendy makeup, skin care reviews and the spa treatments that she enjoys.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

7. It’s Tin Life

Tin focuses on health, skin care and beauty. She reviews products, teaches how to tutorials, and makes DIY products.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

8. My Women Stuff

Paris B is Malaysian! She does products reviews and blogs about beauty tips and news from an Asian perspective.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

9. Style Vanity

Alyssa focuses on Asian beauty products tackling common skin concerns and providing informative and honest product reviews.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

10. Althea

In Althea, you will find posts debunking popular Korean beauty trends and of other review posts for the trendiest products.

asian bloggers ladybossbloggerasian bloggers ladybossblogger

11. Fifty Shades of Snail

Jude is a K-beauty blogger and talks about Asian cosmetics and skincare.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

12. Wiseshe

Women of all ages will find something that they love and that’s useful in this site.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

13. Viva Women

Viva is a blogger that focuses on natural skin care and holistic living. She likes to discover and share skin care tips, provide ingredient analysis and writes green product reviews.

14. New Love

Bhumika blogs about everything related to skincare, makeup, product reviews of different brands, and various tips.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

15. Bun Bun Makeup

Juli is a blogger that shares makeup and skincare products and how she uses them from an Asian perspective.

16. Christinahello

Christina is a Canadian based Korea beauty blogger, she shares her reviews on trying new products and her skin condition.

17. Ask Me Whats

Nikki is a top beauty blogger based in Malila, she likes to write on nail art tutorials, tips and shares her advice.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger

18. Silverkis’s World

Silverkis is a beauty lover living in a tropical city, Singapore. She loves to try new products and believes every girl should love themselves.

asian bloggers ladybossblogger


1. Vangietarian

Angie is a plant-based marathon runner who shares healthy lifestyle tips and delicious vegetarian recipes.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

2. Indiechine

Ling wrote a cookbook for how to cook Vietnamese street food at home and shares a lot of authentic Vietnamese recipes that you may have never tried before.

3. China Sichuan Food

Elaine shares traditional Sichuan dishes and recipes and likes to talk about the history and the meaning of having specific foods on different occasions.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

4. The Woks of Life

This is a blog by Judy and her family. They post their everyday dishes and recipes from different countries.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

5. Just One Cookbook

Nami is a Japanese home cook who explores a lot of classic and modern Japanese recipes and shares them with her audience so that they can easily remake the dishes at home.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

6. My Korean Kitchen

Sue is passionate about Korean fusion food. She creates easy step-by-step recipes and blogs about cultural topics to interact with her viewers.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

7. Omnivore’s Cookbook

Maggie does not only shares the recipes that she loves, but she also explains why and how the Chinese use different sauces and spices.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

8. Rasa Malaysia

Bee creates weekly meal plans and delicious dinner ideas in under 30 minutes.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

9. Lady Iron Chef

Brad is a Singapore based food blogger who likes to share her favorite location to dine in and her delicious looking Chinese traditional recipes.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

10. Sailu’s Food

Sailaja shares a lot of different Indian dishes. Seems like trying to make Indian snacks is a good way to start trying new dishes!

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

11. Kawaling Pinoy

Lalaine creates hundreds of Filipino and Asian inspired recipes and easy-to-follow videos for viewers to get a taste of this great cuisine.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

12. Viet World Kitchen

Andrea is a cookbook author and cooking teacher who mostly shares authentic Vietnamese recipes.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

13. Hot Thai Kitchen

Pailin hosts a cooking TV series and created a YouTube channel to share Thai recipes that she tested multiple times to be sure her audience would understand.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

14. Spice the Plate

Emma creates tasty, easy-to-make traditional and modern Asian recipes. She blogs about cooking tips and you could even shop for your pantry on her blog which helps you a lot to gather all the ingredients.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

15. I Heart Umami

Chih Yu makes following Paleo a lot easier and cheaper than you’d expect. Her recipes are inspired by her cultural background, Taiwan, mixed with Paleo cuisine.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

16. Eat What Tonight

Joyce is a Singaporean who loves to spend time in her kitchen and puts in the effort to cook home dishes daily.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

17. Malaysian Foodie

This is a Malaysia based food blog that shares their food reviews and promotions around the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

18. The Hong Kong Cookery

The blogger of this site shares authentic home cook dishes from Hong Kong that you would get when your parents cook, these recipes may remind you of home.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

19. One Arab Vegan

Nada is a vegan based in Abu Dhabi. Look up her blog posts and you will find some new recipes for a vegan meal.

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

20. Hungry in Taipei

Joan is a Taiwan based blogger who mostly shares good food and restaurants that she loves. You can try her recommended places in the next time you travel to Taipei!

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger

21. Vermilion Roots

Christine focuses on healthy Asian flavors recipes that are made with vegetables and fruits. This blog helps vegetarians explore something new!

asian food bloggers ladybossblogger


1. I Am Not The Nanny

Thien-Kim shares her experience of raising her biracial kids. She gives out multicultural resources and relationship tips for readers.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger

2. Multiracial Asian Families

Sharon blogs and wrote a book about raising multiracial Asian children in a post-racial world.

3. Hapa Mama

Grace is a mother of two. She not only shares her parenting and motherhood experiences, she also talks about her family’s stories and sense of identity through her Asian cultural background.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger

4. Boston Mamas

Christine is a music and brain scientist who shows her readers the fun way of parenting, and how to keep up the relationships around her.

5. Roll With Carol

Carol shares her everyday life being a mother of two. She likes to promote good deals on products that are daily or weekly necessities. 

6. Shaine Wong

Shaine is a pretty mother who shares her parenting tips and how she stays looking gorgeous despite her busy life.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger

7. Junee Station

Mama Ee is a full time mother who take care of her little boys from keeping them mentally and physically healthy.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger

8. Jia Shin Lee

Jia Shin shares her lifestyle with her two little beauty girls and how she deals with her busy days as a full-time mother.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger

9. Malaysian Parenting

Jessie is an influencer and blogger who mostly posts her experiences about beauty, traveling and parenting. She shares a lot of good advice for parents and kids to explore some new activities in bonding time.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger

10. Mother, Inc.

Daphne talks about her life with 5 kids! It might be exhausting to take care of all of them, but it is precious to see them grow.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger

11. Ngjuann

Ju Ann was not prepared for her pregnancy. She shared the challenges she went through to now being a happy mother of two.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger

12. Mama Wear Papa Shirt

June is a therapist, writer and a mother of three. She helps parents stay mentally healthy and calm with skills to manage behaviors and family bonding.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger

13. Madpsychmum

Madeline documents her life from pregnancy to her kid’s growth. She also gives out reviews on nursing rooms.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger

14. What I Run Into

Chris loves to share how she and her children grow. She also shares how she stays in shape after pregnancy.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger

15. Bicultural Mama

Maria is a Chinese-American mom who grow in a bicultural family. You would get related with her parting style and culture experiences with her.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger

16. Mommy Diary

Angela blogs about popular topics in regards to living a fun (yet busy) mommy life with authentic stories and parenting tips.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossbloggerasian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger

17. My Mom Friday

Michelle’s blog is about her lifestyle being a working mom. She shares fun weekend ideas with her audience on things to do with the family.

asian parenting bloggers ladybossblogger


1. Wendy’s Look Book

Wendy Nguyen is an Asian American style blogger who is based in Los Angeles. She is a board member of the Juvenile Justice Advocate and regularly volunteers at juvenile detention centers.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

2. The Chrisellefactor

Chriselle Lim graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She likes to keep her posts clean and simple and gives ideas on dressing professionally.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

3. Vnikali

Veronica Li is a style blogger who posts about her experiences of collaborating with different brands. You get an insider look into the fashion industry with her.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

4. Song of Style

Aimee song is an interior designer who posts about her styling look, trend guides and experiences in fashion week.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

5. Style Bubble

Susie Lau is a British born Chinese who is a fashion insider that posts fun, creative outfit ideas.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

6. Paradigma

Patricia Prieto is a style and travel blogger based in the Philippines. In addition to blogging, she is also a fashion stylist and aspiring fashion designer.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

7. Kryz Uy

Kryz shares her fashion style by posting her favorite monthly look, her collections and what she wears for certain occasions.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

8. Jessica Chaw

Jessica is a Singapore based fashion blogger. She is creative and gives out a lot of ideas on how to dress up basics.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

9. Feralcreature

Eugénie Grey has the coolest aesthetic as a fashion blogger and rocks her signature geometric tattoos. Her blog features her different outfits on in different occasions and locations.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

10. Bad Habits

Shaine shares her creative interests and thoughts in fashion and art in her blog posts. You will definitely get inspired by her.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

11. Stephanie Lim

Stephanie is a Malaysian fashionista who collaborates with and models for lots of luxury brands.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

12. Xoxohilamee

Mizuho is a Japanese fashion blogger that likes to share simple and cosy outfits. You can actually shop her look by clicking on her tags.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

13. Duo Gigs

Dou Gig is run by twins Cherrie and Evangeline with the same passion for fashion and beauty.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

14. Ulimali

Uli studied Fashion Media and loves to share her vintage fashion style with her audience.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

15. Fashion Bunny

Yuna focuses on trendy fashion in Korea for daily clothes and special days.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

16. Jina

Jina is a Korean based blogger and Youtuber who shares what she bought and how she likes to match her outfits.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

17. Triciagosingtian

Tricia is a fashionable blogger based in Maila that shares her mixed fashion style of Japanese and Western street fashion.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

18. Mellow Mayo

Mellow loves to travel around the world and take stunning photos with her styling ideas.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger

19. Extra Petite

Jean is passionate about classic and timeless fashion style. With her posts, you will never have to worry about how to style yourself if you’re petite.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger


1. Tricia Will Go Places

Tricia Gosingtian is a fashion and travel photographer blogger from Manila, she likes to blog about places she stays and travels to.

2. It’s Camille Co

Camille is a fashion designer who likes to share her fashion and experiences of traveling to different countries. She takes a lot of stunning pictures in every location.

asian travel bloggers ladybossblogger

3. Eat With Jess

Jess Jann shares her experiences of traveling around the world and what she likes to eat in different countries.

asian travel bloggers ladybossblogger

4. Lissa Kahayon

Lissa travels to a lot of different countries and cities and shares how to take good photos to document your trip.

5. Travel and Beyond

This is a blog documented by a lovely intercultural couple, Rosemarie and Joseph. Rosemarie shares every detail from planning the trip to the activities they do.

asian travel bloggers ladybossblogger

6. China Nomads

Chi-chi and Zachary write this amazing blog about different cities in China, they share the transitional food they find in different cities and their hiking experiences.

asian travel bloggers ladybossblogger

7. Travel.Snap.Stories

Cat is a Singapore based family traveler who loves to explore and visit new places. You will not only find travel tips on her posts but also tips on how to have a fun time while traveling with kids.

asian travel bloggers ladybossblogger

8. I Am Alieen

Alieen has an awesome blog that included travel guides, adventure plans, resources and tips in her posts.

9. Exotic Philippines

In G’s blog posts, she delves into the Philippines’ interest, travel guide and activity that helps you fully explore their culture.

asian travel bloggers ladybossblogger

10. Lady And Her Sweet Escapes

Anne is an adventurer from the Philippines and went to Dubai as a healthcare worker. She travels to a lot of different places and documents her experience in words.

asian travel bloggers ladybossblogger

11. Little Miss Honey

Honey owns a family travel blog that inspires women to explore life’s surprises.

asian travel bloggers ladybossblogger

12. Elvira Edison

Elvira loves sharing her travel experiences and tips and takes photogenic stories for her posts.

asian travel bloggers ladybossblogger

13. Lamyerda

Lamyerda is a Filipino slang word that means travel around, wander or explore new places. Riz loves sharing travel guides, visa application processes and hotels reviews on her blog.

14. Traveling Slippers

Jonna is a Filipina working as a nurse in Oman. She blogs to share her life and adventures as an expat and enthusiasm to travel and wander around the world.  

asian travel bloggers ladybossblogger

15. My Travel Monkey

Ting start blogging because she wanted to keep her memories of traveling around with her little boy. She shares restaurants that are child-friendly, guides to locations and shares things about the locations that inspire her. 

asian travel bloggers ladybossblogger

16. 2BearBear

This is a lovely blog talking about a couple’s travel experiences. Tom and Kate blog by taking pictures in different locations with their iconic teddy bears instead of themselves.

asian fashion bloggers ladybossblogger


1. The Zen Mom

Angela is a super mom who hosts a TV show, writes and is a public speaker.

asian lifestyle bloggers ladybossblogger

2. Charmaine Ng

Charmaine shares her lifestyle as a small busy city citizen, a Hongkonger. 

3. Melissa C. Koh

Melissa is a dream chaser. She shares everything about her life – from clothing choice to travel destinations to her wedding experience.

asian lifestyle bloggers ladybossblogger

4. Queenhorsfall

Diana has lived in 5 different countries and speaks 4 different languages! Looking at her posts is like exploring various different cultures around the world.

asian lifestyle bloggers ladybossblogger

5. Reappropriate

Jenn is an Asian American who focuses on politics and experiences about growing up multicultural.

asian lifestyle bloggers ladybossblogger

6. Annalyn

Annalyn shares her favorite manila food and maintains her blog by with posts about her lifestyle and travel.

asian lifestyle bloggers ladybossblogger

7. Dear Kitty Kittie Kath

Kath is a lifestyle, beauty and motherhood blogger from the Philippines who share reviews on products and things to do as stay home mothers.

asian lifestyle bloggers ladybossblogger

8. Shopgirl Jen

Jen is a wife and a mother and a lifestyle blogger who loves to share everything that . happens around her.

asian lifestyle bloggers ladybossblogger

9. Women in Digital

Marjorie is a lifestyle blogger based in Manila who loves vintage fashion, talking about wellness and traveling around the world. She gives home tips and wants to inspire women with her real-life experience.

asian lifestyle bloggers ladybossblogger

10. Ruthdelacruz

Ruthdelacruz talks about stuff close to women’s heart like travel, food, beauty, gadgets and more.

asian lifestyle bloggers ladybossblogger

11. My Daily Race

Pia is a Filipino lawyer who was also elected as the Senator in the Philippines Congress. She shows her political lifestyle and shares the fun moments she has.

asian lifestyle bloggers ladybossblogger

12. Emma’s Edition

Emma is a Seattle lifestyle blogger who gives you fashion, career, and life advice.

13. Oh Joy!

Joy is a lifestyle blogger who shares everything from her life including her art work, kids and traveling around the world.

asian lifestyle bloggers ladybossblogger

14. Curvy Girl Chic

Allison is an Asian American blogger that shares her love for fashion, beauty and shopping.

asian lifestyle bloggers ladybossblogger

15. Mitsueki

Daphy start blogging about her lifestyle and taking photos with her signature smile! She posts about food, traveling, her life, and sometimes finance.


16. Crush on Da-hae

This is a blog by an ordinary girl who loves Korean and Asian dramas, movies, songs, and culture. She posts a lot of work that her favorite actress Lee da-hae has participated in.

17. RJ Aditi

Aditi is the most glamorous radio jockey of India, she makes popular movie reviews every week talking about her perspective and if it is worth it to watch it.

asian lifestyle bloggers ladybossblogger

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