How To Find The Best Online Influencers

At first, Kim Kardashian seemed like the perfect influencer. She had a huge audience, great taste, and always tagged her #ads. Her fans loved her, and so did brands. But before you knew it, Kim began to change. She peddled way too many products, started charging astronomical sums, and spammed her Instagram feed with #sponcon. So what should brands with Kim at the top of their influencer wish list do?

According to Unity, a new kind of influencer marketing program, the key is to follow these 5 steps:

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs How To Find The Best Online Influencers

Don’t Let Kim Dictate The Terms – Name Your Own Price

A lot of brands want to get on Kim’s feed, so she can command up to $300,000 for a sponsored post. Meanwhile, some influencers might charge just $90 per post.

Thank Small If You Want Big Results

High-profile influencers like Kim have just a 2%-3% engagement rate, compared to 10% for micro-influencers. Micro-influencers connect you with a more highly targeted audience—so more people will buy your product for less spend than Kim.

Don’t Settle For Kim – Be Picky

Micro-influencer content is unique and personal—and by asking an influencer to produce multiple content options for you to choose from, you up your chances of audience conversion.

Make Sure Your Influencers Are Actually Influential

There are a lot of fake celebrity profiles and it doesn’t stop there. Because brands are willing to pay a lot of money to connect with their audiences, there is a disturbing trend of people have tried to take by posing as fake influencers. Don’t get scammed!

Don’t Paint Your Audience With A Broad Brush

Because micro-influencers are typically more niche than celebrity influencers, they can connect small businesses with a more highly targeted audience—meaning more people will buy your product for less advertising spend. Think about many different kinds of people that would love your product, if only they knew about it. Think: Mommy bloggers in Minnesota; running bloggers in Florida; street style bloggers in Portland.

Instead of wasting time on big-name influencers with big-dollar price tags, Unity uses AI to match brands to micro-influencers starting at just $200. The result is flexible, highly customizable content that’s more personal and relevant than anything Kim could give you—and it’s guaranteed to drive sales.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs How To Find The Best Online Influencers