9 Ways Small Businesses Can Save Money On Advertising

Almost every small business struggles with gaining more potential clients because they are on a limited budget.

Even if a new business has the funds, it does not make economic sense to spend heavily on traditional marketing at the very outset.

Here are 9 money-saving tips for small business owners not keen to spend extensively on advertising and marketing.

9 Ways Small Businesses Can Save Money On Advertising

1. Generate word-of-mouth publicity.

This age-old marketing tool still works as an organic means of gaining goodwill and brand loyalty. Offer a great product or service that solves a real problem for your customers, and you will never have to ask for new clients because of your referrals from happy customers.

2. Choose unconventional marketing.

Rather than paying dearly for traditional advertising platforms such as television, print, and outdoor, invest in digital marketing to build a strong online presence and reach a wider audience while spending a fraction of the traditional price.

3. Avoid in-your-face advertising.

Rather than bombarding your potential customers with pop-up ads and persistent sign-up invites, indulge in subtle advertising through guest posts, informative and strategic content and engaging social media posts.

4. Use guest posting to gain visibility.

Customized guest posting, such as that offered by https://www.submitcore.com, is an affordable tool for startups looking to build visibility and brand recognition without having to spend a fortune. Remember to hire a guest posting service that specializes in servicing your industry niche.

5. Focus on organic traffic.

Invest in a robust SEO strategy to increase organic traffic to your website and social media pages. Do it in-house or outsource it to an SEO agency, but ensure that the right keywords are optimized, or you will end up wasting time and money and get frustrated with digital marketing. If you are somebody that still wonders ‘what does an seo company do?’ then you’re probably best off outsourcing those responsibilties to a professional agency.

6. Focus on quality and not quantity.

Don’t get baffled by the aggressive advertising done by, say, a competitor. Online shoppers today are wary of aggressive marketing tactics, and with so much noise around, it’s the quality of the content that ultimately wins over quantity.

Consider, for instance, which brand will attract genuinely interested customers: a brand that posts a meme a day on its Facebook page or one that publishes one informative blog post a week giving useful tips or product information or simply sharing their story.

7. Hire an experienced digital agency.

Specifically, one that caters to small businesses and startups, such as https://www.submitcore.com, which offers custom digital marketing packages at competitive pricing suited to small budgets.

For instance, if you own a law firm, a local/small business SEO campaign can help you reach your local community by delivering a custom-made digital campaign based on the best keywords.

8. Reward loyal customers.

Another way to build loyalty and widen your customer base is by rewarding referrals and repeat purchases. Your present clientele is an invaluable asset, so find ways to keep them happy and engaged.

9. Grow your social media outreach.

Make the most of this powerful and affordable medium to promote your brand—but avoid posting tacky or irrelevant content just to keep it alive. Use tools like SmarterQueue to recycle your content and to ensure you’re always active online (even when you’re offline)!

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