You’ve got that sales goal, you’re excited by it, you knuckle down and figure out the a-z on how you’re going to hit it, how many sales you need to make xyz but then that voice starts to creep in, like wow this is really big, it’s such a big amount, how am I ever going to get there?

It’s the place that many entrepreneurs find themselves in when they think about their sales goals. It would be awesome to think that it can be really easy to make the sales and the sales would just totally flow but is that reality? Well actually it can be, but for many entrepreneurs they spend most of their time feeling as if trying to hit their sales goals is always so hard and difficult, it’s always about pushing and ultimately they miss more goals than they hit.

So here’s some really quick tips when it comes to not just hitting your sales goals, but being able to do it in a way that seems to just flow!

Entrepreneur resources by female entrepreneurs written by Jane Willmott How To Reach Your Sales Goals


It’s not your job to make the money and yet most people will say, I want to make 5k, Making 5k can sound really difficult, but that’s because you’re looking at it from the view of actually making the money which isn’t your role at all. That money already exists, whether you desire 5k, 10k or even 100k, the money you desire already exists, it’s not your job to make the money it’s your job to receive it!


Don’t try and sell something for the sake of selling it, it doesn’t work and it’ll drive you up the wall. You won’t be inspired and you’ll have to force everything. Always sell things that you want to sell, that gets you excited, that motivates and inspires you to make those sales rather than seeing it as something you’re just doing to make xyz amount with.


Most people hold themselves back because they overwhelm themselves with complicated strategies that they really don’t need, when it comes to hitting your sales goals – always keep things simple. Simple means you’ll get it done and avoid overwhelm. You don’t need a million funnels, you don’t need a strategy with 20 million moving pieces, you just need a simple strategy that’s going to work for you!


Don’t hold on to the ending, don’t hold on and obsess over the sale. One of the best things anyone can do when aiming for a sales goal is to let go of the result. That’s not to say you forget about it as such but you let go from obsessing over it, trust that if you show up in the simple way you know works for you then the sales are going to happen. When you trust yourself in that way, you don’t need to hold on and obsess over the sales because obsessing over the sales actually strangles them from coming in!


Step into the version of you who’s easily hitting that sales goal, understand who you’d be, what you’d be doing, how you’d feel etc. If you are already there, then step into all of that on an inner level. Example: if you’d be more confident after reaching that sales goal, step into that confidence and bring it into your life on a daily basis right now, make that confidence a done deal on an inner level.

Ultimately it’s all about you, it’s about how you’re thinking, how you act and how you choose to perceive things. If you think things have to be difficult then they will be, if you don’t believe you can reach that sales goals – you won’t. It’s also really important that you understand when it comes to sales goals the biggest obstacle you’ll ever face is yourself and more importantly your fear. Learn to question yourself rather than allow fear to take control and spin you down an avenue of self sabotage. But most important of all, let go and have fun because the more fun you have the more money you’ll make!

Entrepreneur resources by female entrepreneurs written by Jane Willmott How To Reach Your Sales Goals

Entrepreneur resources by female entrepreneurs written by Jane Willmott How To Reach Your Sales Goals
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