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7 Smart Strategies For Selling Products Online

The best advertising campaigns are the ones that aren’t easily called out as marketing efforts. The campaign slides under your nose and the community (not the company) helps it become mainstream. This is called “viral hacking”. However, it’s not always that easy to get the attention you want for your business. It takes a lot …

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11 Reasons SEO Is Crucial For Business Growth

Search Engine Optimization: Why do you need to pay attention to this in business? There are more than a billion websites on the web so it is really difficult to get people to view your site… unless you put in some extra effort. Bringing in quality traffic is the KEY to the growth and development …

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5 Must Have Extensions For WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions available today. Over 40% of e-commerce websites are created using this WordPress plugin. With WooCommerce, you can create a fully fledged e-commerce solution and start selling your products and services to the online world in practically no time at all. Part of what makes WooCommerce so …

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5 Definitive Advantages Women Have In Sales

When most people imagine someone working in a sales department, they picture a well-suited male. While many in the sales department are men, females have garnered a much-respected position in the industry. The level of success a sales professional enjoys is only up to them—how hard they work in improving their sales skills and how …

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How To Write Compelling Product Descriptions That Boost Sales

Product descriptions act like sales assistants. They answer questions, educate your audience and show customers why they need the items you sell. To write compelling, effective and persuasive product descriptions, follow these steps. Create Buyer Personas Before you write a single product description, define your audience. Are they single moms, young teens, busy executives, or …

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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Selling

Great salespeople are a rare breed. It takes a certain type of person to fearlessly charge into a market full of prospects that don’t want to talk to you — and then convince them to buy from you. A huge challenge for entrepreneurs is that, in order for their companies to succeed, they must become …

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How To Successfully Achieve Your Sales Goals

It’s that time again where we get jazzed about what we want for the coming year. Something similar to the concept of declaring New Year’s resolutions for oneself but a bit more robust and longer lasting. Goals are intentional declarations for a roadmap to design our life on our terms. The following are 5 surefire …

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How To Reach Your Sales Goals

You’ve got that sales goal, you’re excited by it, you knuckle down and figure out the a-z on how you’re going to hit it, how many sales you need to make xyz but then that voice starts to creep in, like wow this is really big, it’s such a big amount, how am I ever …

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5 Factors Of Sales Success For Business Leaders

In my Navy submarine career, I learned to sell. We’re all in sales of some sort every day of our lives. I realized that an essential component of leadership was selling your ideas and strategies to others. After I retired from the Navy and started my business career, I looked for ways to help my …

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Gigi Stetler Was Stabbed More Than 20 Times Only To Survive And Rise To The Top Of A Male-Dominated Profession

Gigi Stetler of Davie, Florida nearly lost her life after she was stabbed more than 20 times and left for dead. Today, Gigi is fully recovered and a successful Broward County, Florida business woman. She’s turned her life around, risen to the top of a male-dominated profession, and become an author and keynote speaker after overcoming challenges including …

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