How To Wield The Power Of Your Email Signature

One of the most under-used (and underrated) of all the digital tools at our disposal is the email signature. It can be so much more than your personal scribe, and as with other two-word descriptions, “email signature” doesn’t accurately portray the potential of such a tool. This is why most people dismiss it as an attractive sidekick. But if you learn how to wield the power of your email signature, you could turn a potential customer into a ready buyer in seconds!

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs on ladybossblogge How To Wield The Power Of Your Email Signature

Calls to Action

We are all aware that calls to action are extremely important, luckily it can be easily incorporated into an email signature. Besides email marketing, you really can’t find a better place for a call to action. However, to make your signature pop, you may need to enlist the help from this signature generator. It can assist you in designing and creating the perfect tool for all your emails to make the biggest impact.

Brand Logo

Carefully crafted strategies will result in brand awareness, increased trustability, and the desire to learn more. By consistency flashing your logo to the person you are communicating with, whether it be a potential customer or someone else, creates an unconscious link with your image to the feeling that you are generating with them through your emails. So make sure to be developing good relationships through your emails!

The hippocampus and other parts of your brain work together to build and re-build memories. To remember something, your brain first has to consciously register the memory, which is called encoding, and the best way to improve memory is to keep remembering the same thing, over and over. So by flashing your image over and over again from sending emails back and forth, you are allowing people to not only remember you, but also your brand!

Social Networking

All of your social media icons can be incorporated into the design of your email signature, linking the most important marketing avenue to any recipient of your emails and allowing instant access to your social media pages. Social media has grown in power, and is fast becoming the most popular platform for ordering products online. Tying this into your email signature is going to drive people to your various pages, increase your sales as well as your online following. Learn more about the benefits of social media marketing on Forbes.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs on ladybossblogge How To Wield The Power Of Your Email Signature

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