How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days

I’ve had my Pinterest account for a a year now, however, it’s just been sitting there. Most of my traffic comes directly from Google so I wasn’t too worried, but when the algorithm changed and my page views tanked, I decided I needed to look into other streams of traffic – fast!

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So I signed up for Tailwind immediately to help me out.

Tailwind is a social media scheduler for Pinterest.

You’ve probably heard a billion times how automation platforms free up so much time and do 80% of the work for you, well, it’s because it’s true. Automation platforms are literally my Business Besties. They are so reliable and always on time! ?

I use SmarterQueue to schedule all my other content.

Check out the stats I pulled from my Tailwind account.

105 new followers in the last 7 days!!!

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.

Before setting my Pinterest account up for success, I had been getting about 50 followers a month.

All I did was randomly post every now and then, whenever I felt like it. This was usually about once or twice a month. However, whenever I did post, I posted like 200 pins at a time. I worked like a power surge haha! I also repinned a bunch of other people’s content to make my boards look like they had some meat to it.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to use Pinterest, I simply didn’t understand it, so I couldn’t even be strategic even if I wanted to! ?

After two weeks of scouring the internet for resources and strategies, I grew my account from STAGNANT and BORING to GROWING and EXCITING. Ok sorry that was kinda cheezy, haha, but it’s true! ?

Let’s dive into the 5 things you need to do to make your account FOLLOW WORTHY.

Note: I took MASSIVE ACTION in order to get my results. This is not going to be a walk in the park, this is going to be training for a triathlon. Learn the exact steps I took below!

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

This is what my profile looked like before. It was disorganized and unappealing. ?

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

After implementing the first step I will be talking about below, I gained 57 new followers in 5 days!!! I couldn’t believe it so I took a screen shot of it below for you. All I did was optimize my bio correctly. The next week I continued on to step 2 and 3 and gained 105 new followers!

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

#1 Optimize Your Bio

Go to your Pinterest profile right now and change these parts of your bio.

  • Business Name
  • Picture
  • About You
  • Location

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

Make sure your Business Name states WHO you’re helping and WHAT you do to help people as well as your WEBSITE so people can start associating the two.


Also, make it as short and concise as possible.

I help [WOMEN] to [WORK FROM HOME]. Now you fill in the blanks. ? I help [WHO] to [WHAT].

Note: Think about what people would type into the search bar that they need help with.

Next, if you don’t have a picture, upload one of yourself immediately. If you’re just starting out, a picture of yourself is better than a picture of your logo. It builds trust knowing WHO is behind the BRAND.

Your About You section should state in a different way who you’re catering to and what you do, followed by KEY WORDS. I had such a hard time understand what key words were for some reason, but basically it’s telling people what type of content you post.

Again, think about what YOU would type into the search bar to find YOU they are looking for.

In my case I post;

All these key works (aka topics) correlate with what I have on as well as what I post on all my social media platforms.

Finally, make sure you write a location. Having a location in your profile establishes credibility and trustability. The more complete your bio, the more trustworthy your account looks – therefore the algorithm will favor you more.

This is how my profile looked after I changed my bio. Yes, I also changed my boards. Continue reading to see what I did there.

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

#2 Organize Your Boards

This is what you need to do for every single board you currently have, or want to create.

  • Optimize your board names
  • Join Pinterest group boards
  • Create board covers

Name your group boards after potential search terms.

My first three are;

  1. How To Become A Successful Business Woman
  2. Motivational And Inspirational Quotes
  3. Powerful Lady Boss Interviews

The first boards you display on your profile should be where you pin the majority of your own pins from your own blog. If you have enough content to fill more boards, that’s great! If you don’t, make sure to repin other people’s content to bring value to your own profile AND theirs.

? When people see you have quality content, they will follow you!

? When the person sees that you’re repinning their stuff, more than likely they will reciprocate and pin your stuff!

Make sure to have a MINIMUM of 10 pins per group.

Pinterest, unlike lots of other social media platforms, IS ACTUALLY NOT A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. It is a search engine.

This is KEY to understanding Pinterest. 

You don’t socialize on there person to person, you ‘talk’ in the form of sharing good content with one another. The more popular your posts are, the higher you rank, just like in GOOGLE.

It’s like a VISUAL GOOGLE where people put out content and it ranks it according to popularity. So the more you work with one another, the better, because you can tap into each another’s audiences and grow together. That is the point of GROUP BOARDS.

Below is a list of my group boards. Click on the ones you’re interested in joining, then email me at to become a collaborator!

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

Now I know my boards don’t have a LOAD of collaborators or followers and you may be in a different niche than I am, so go to to find the most worthwhile Pinterest Group Boards to join!


Before you request to join too many group boards, make sure your profile is BEAUTIFUL so when people check you out, they will see you run a well branded profile and see that you’re serious, and accept you into their group immediately.

How do you make your profile gorgeous?

Simply create board cover photos!

#3 Brand And Optimize Your Boards

Now that you have optimized all your Board Names, you need to optimize your Boards as well AND Brand them. Go through and create a board cover in for each board.

If you haven’t heard of Canva, it is hands down the easiest-to-use design app out there, plus it’s FREE and accessible on both your laptop and phone!

Select a square design template and type in your board names, then download the PNG and upload it to your board. I use the same template I use for all my other social media and blog posts to keep everything beautifully branded and easily recognizable across all my social media outlets.

If your board name is too long, such as mine below “Motivational And Inspirational Quotes From Female Entrepreneurs”, simply trim it to the make sure the main point comes across “Motivational & Inspirational Quotes”.

I have the longer board name to help with key word ranking!

PS. Don’t look at my ZERO repins lol, I’m a newbie ok! ? ? Anyway I’m talking about followers not repins and traffic, once I figure that out I will write a post about it for you!

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

***PPS UPDATE A FEW DAYS LATER (I am writing this on March 31): I have discovered how to get repins AND traffic!

I just had to be a little patient. Look at my screen shots below and how my monthly viewers have more than quadrupled in March!!!

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

Additionally, I’ve gotten 66 clicks and 23 saves for just one of my “How To Become An Instagram Influencer” pins and my viewers have SHOT WAY UP.

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

Finally Pinterest is on the board for me as a traffic source!!!!! Wooohoooooo!!!

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

Ok final picture of why this system works, I got 166 saves in ONE WEEK.

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

***Now, going back to what I was talking about.

Notice how I have a description underneath my board name as well as a CALL TO ACTION.

If you want people to join your board, you must give them a way to do so! Or if you want them to do something else, let them know! And make it easy. The best way is simply to email you.

This description is extremely important because not only does your Board Name have to be good, your description must have the keywords associated with what you’re pinning in that board so people can find it!

RECAP: The 3 things you need to create an optimized board;

  • Good searchable board name
  • Keyword rich description
  • Board cover photo

If you’re unsure how to do it, I have a quick tutorial below. Click on your board, then click on the edit button (the one that looks like a pen) and the screen below titled “Edit Your Board” should pop up.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to fill out what category your board is!

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

Then click “Change” to change your cover. Select the picture you created and upload your PNG. When you upload it and it asks for a website, don’t leave it blank, plug in your site so people know that pin is related to you!

Keep in mind when you’re designing your pins to make sure your words fit between the little slit like in the picture below.

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

#4 Use Tailwind To Schedule The Content You Create in Canva

I don’t know why I thought that Tailwind would create pins for me, they are a scheduler for your content, not a creative mastermind or graphic design firm! ?

Create all your pins in Canva then upload them to Tailwind.

Sign up for a free Tailwind account, your first 100 pins are FREE!

I created 50 new long vertical pins using the Pinterest templates in Canva, since all my previous designs were squares.

According to Pinterest Gurus, the best performing pins are 735 (W) x 1102-1500 (L).

I wanted to test out a bunch of different styles to see which ones worked best. For each of my blog post titles, I had my wonderful intern create 50 pins with different images and designs like the ones below, to test which performed the best.

If you don’t have an intern and don’t want to design them yourself, Fivver and Upwork are great freelancer sites to find reasonably priced graphic designers!

I scheduled all 100 of the pins to go out throughout the week, averaging about 15 pins a day.

Tailwind selects the best time for your posts to go out so you’re always posting at the most optimal times!

Which is super nice so you don’t have to worry about that! So far during my first week I’ve gotten one glorious repin on 16 different designs. One pin is better than none, so I consider this a success! ? Now I have a bit more data than before to know what type of pins are working, what times work best, and what group boards respond the best too!

Always stay positive and be patient in the process. Take it one step at a time and learn every step of the way USING DATA to help you get better!

Sure you can manually pin everything and save some money, but then you’re operating BLIND.

Note: The same principle applies to growing your email list. Sign up for ConvertKit to gain invaluable data on your subscribers and their email habits. Read: How To Turn Your Social Media Followers Into Subscribers to learn how to use Pinterest and other social media channels to drive people to your list.

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

#5 Claim Your Website And Create Rich Pins

Now, “claiming your website” and “creating rich pins” were literally the two biggest reasons I didn’t use Pinterest very much.

Pinterest is COMPLICATED and TECHY!

And there is no easy way to get around these two things. Plus it doesn’t help that they are CRUCIAL to having success on Pinterest… ?

I didn’t leave this to the last step because it’s the least important, in fact it may be THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP.

I just didn’t want you to get overwhelmed before you even began to see some success.

So just get over the fact that it’s about to get techy and let’s DO THIS!

You’re going to need to download the Yoast Plugin first.

If you don’t know what a plugin is, it’s basically an add-on you can download to customize your site. They are almost always FREE, which is super nice!

The Yoast Plugin helps you strategically optimize your blog posts for the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results, but it has many other functions as well.

We will be using it to add the necessary “meta tags” on your website. In short meta tags are the words Google understands that helps them know how to navigate your site. Here is a snippet I took from that explains it really well.

“As a search engine prowls your site, it gathers information from the title, headings, content, and Meta Tags such as description or keywords. Meta tags can be added manually, through changes to the Theme template files or through WordPressPlugins.”

The Yoast Plugin plugin helps you access the code on your site WITHOUT having to touch any of the actual code on your website (and potentially messing something up).

If you do mess up, instead of spending a ton of money on a web developer and crying in the corner because your website is down, simply delete the plugin and start over. ?

Now, log in to the backend of your WordPress blog, locate your left side bar and find the word “Plugins”.

Click on Plugins -> Add New -> Type in Yoast SEO in the search bar -> Download it

Your screen should look like the one below.

Once you’ve downloaded it, click on “Install Now” which will turn to “Activate” once it’s done downloading, once you click on “Activate” it will turn to “Active” like it is below. (It’s all the same button it just changes).

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

Your New Plugin Is Now Located On Your Sidebar (labeled as SEO)

Click on SEO -> Social. Check out the Pinterest tab.

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

Confirm Your Website

  1. Go to your Pinterest Settings
  2. Click on Claim Your Website
  3. Copy that meta code
  4. Go back to your blog and paste the code in your Pinterest Tab

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

Apply For Rich Pins

Rich pins help with your SEO. Basically it adds more info to your pin to help Google understand your pins better, therefore making them more searchable and higher ranking. Go to and apply.

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

Once you click on “Add Rich Pins To Your Account” it will take you to the screen below. Click “validator”.

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

It will take you to the following page where you will type your URL into the box and click VALIDATE. Then click APPLY NOW.

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

After you apply, Pinterest will review your profile and email you within 24 hours to see if your profile qualifies. If you do everything in order from step 1-5 you shouldn’t have any issues being validated.

A wonderful additional course you should take is PINTEREST TRAFFIC AVALANCHE.

They walk you through everything they know about Pinterest waaay deeper than everything I just talked about – they are the PINTEREST PROS.

If you have any questions about Pinterest, feel free to reach out to me at and I would be glad to answer any questions you may have!

If you loved this post, please share and PIN the pic below!

Much Love,

<3 Elaine Rau 

Former National Wedding Sales Manager, Elaine Rau, packed her life up in one suitcase and moved to Honduras where she started to learn how to become an online entrepreneur. Elaine now helps other bloggers learn how to become entrepreneurs.

How To Get 100 Pinterest Followers In 7 Days written by Elaine Rau #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttraffic

*Disclosure: There are some affiliate links in this post, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

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  1. Anuj thakur

    Trusting someone with your project is like taking a big leap of faith and I am happy that I did it with PinPinterest as in the last few months; I have seen a good number of followers turning up on my page. Earlier, I’ve tried several ‘market famous’ tools like Tailwind and BoardBooster, but was disappointed by each one of them. PinPinterest is different… The best thing that I like about PinPinterest is that it has this amazing algorithm that is so intelligent that it picks out the right kind of images which are relevant to my website i.e., and pins it into my account automatically.
    It has got speed control settings too & I am able to control the speed with which I want it to run. Interestingly enough, it runs on cloud so I didn’t have to download it on my PC even… and the best part is the accessibility and the flexibility of opening this on my cellphone which is like the real time feed… 🙂

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    I’ve been reading a TON about this and your blog BY FAR has been the best resource with action items that are easy to follow. I just implimented a few things to get started and I’m anxious to watch my company’s presence on Pinterest grow. THANK YOU!

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      Thank you so much for letting me know!!! I’m so glad they worked for you as they did for me 🙂 Keep going you got this!!!

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    PinPinterest com has been with me from the first day when I started using Pinterest. The results I got with this tool were legit, safe and most importantly automated. It increased my Pinterest account’s visibility and performance. Now, I feel like a celebrity on Pinterest, when I see my followers.

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