How To Grow Your Business When You’re Limited By Physical Location

Are you looking to start or grow your business, but you feel you don’t have the resources to grow where you live? I understand. I’m from Indiana, so creating a career in fashion was difficult with the resources available. This is why e-commerce is so important. Especially when software systems like the SAP business one can help promote growth.
So, I had to find actionable steps that kept me motivated and progressing. I’m excited to share with you a methodology I designed called, “Always in SESAN which includes the 5 pillars;

  1. Stand Out
  2. Experience it
  3. Systems Oh My
  4. Always show
  5. Network

The great thing about “Always in SESAN” is the pillars can always be implemented to assist you with emerging where you are. You don’t always have to move to another city to be successful in business.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written by Dlang Ferguson How To Grow Your Business When You're Limited By Physical Location

The 5 pillars include:

Stand out where you live

It’s interesting wanting a career in an area that is not thriving in the state you live in. However, I look at this as an opportunity for you to build a market there. Even if you don’t want to take on creating the market, there is a huge opportunity here to establish yourself. This is your chance to step-up, stand out, and utilize your resources. You’ll find others who are interested in the same field and you’ll start to be the go-to person.

This is also an opportunity for you to practice, practice and do even more practice on your message and showing how your products/services benefit others. Don’t hide and complain about where you live; create, inspire, and emerge there.

Experience it

Think about each area of your business and how the customer is engaged. Also, think about how you can get the customer to engage with you. Whether the experience is online, at a workshop, and/or at a brick and mortar store. Craft an experience no matter how simple it may be, it could be a special way to thank them or a reminder email sent. You want to incorporate those details that will create an experience.

Show your clients that they are more than just a purchase to you. In doing so, your customers will help spread the word on how they were treated. This can also have the same effect if the feedback is negative, so be mindful of the customer’s journey with your products/services and how you want them to feel. Just put your best forward.

Systems, software, apps oooh my

Incorporating systems like email marketing, website hosting, management software, payment systems and social media management, was not put first on this list on purpose. They are important to have, but often we can get absorbed in having the right systems and social media platforms that it keeps use from moving forward. When selecting, use the platforms that will best serve you now, consider costs and also look at how it can be integrated with your current systems. Then test it and if it doesn’t work, at least you tried it.

You can always reach out to your customers directly, you don’t have to wait until you have a blog, website, email systems, or the best images of your products to start selling. Those things will come and evolve, don’t allow not having these things keep you from moving forward in your city. Go directly to where your customers are.

Always show the value and quality of your products/services

Just you reading this article, I am appreciative, because we are constantly receiving information, advice, suggestions, new technologies… the list goes on. So, if we are over stimulated; imagine our customers when choosing products/services. One way to keep your company on the top of their minds is by showing how the value and quality of your product/service relates to how they will use it. It’s about them!

Know the target market you’re serving, their objections, pain points, needs, and wants. Ask yourself, “How will my product or service address these key areas for them”? We want to concentrate on other ways to grow our business and we should, but good ol’ fashion value and quality should always be top priorities.


Utilize what you have, attend networking areas near you, and find communities to connect with online. As much as I promote thriving where you are. On several occasions (you define when) you’ll have to come from behind the computer, leave your state and travel to directly connect with the resources that you’re seeking. If the resources are not in your state, then go get them and now you can be a source for others to connect as well.

In conclusion, running a business takes courage. There are many avenues and approaches to explore. The “Always in SESAN” Methodology looks at applying simple, yet effective strategies that will always be in season (by tailoring them to your company).

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written by Dlang Ferguson How To Grow Your Business When You're Limited By Physical Location

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written by Dlang Ferguson How To Grow Your Business When You're Limited By Physical Location

Dlang Ferguson is the Founder of UnZIP and Create, her expertise includes fashion event production, fashion designs for curvy women, and creative business planning. She can see your big goals and tailor them into actionable steps for you to take in your business. Visit