5 Ways To Boost Shares On Your YouTube Videos

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All YouTubers want to up their subscriber count and views to promote more traffic to their page. This increase in traffic allows for larger profits. One way in which your content can be seen by more people is through the share feature on YouTube. This feature allows for users to easily send your video to others to view, making shares extremely valuable. To help grow your channel, here are 5 ways to boost shares on your YouTube videos.

1. Write a standout title

Creating a great title can be a great way to up your shares. When sharing a video, the title pops up in the share message. A clever or well-worded title can serve as a conversation starter between friends when sharing a video. Also, it’s important that the title is attention-grabbing so people click on your content in the first place.

It’s also important for your title to include important keywords and accurately describe the video content. This not only allows users to know what the video’s about making them more likely to watch and share it but also allows you to up your SEO.

Your SEO is your search engine optimization. By creating a descriptive title with keywords, your content is more available to the users who want to view your content.

For example, if a person wants a new makeup look for a night out, she might search “Glam Night-out Makeup Tutorial”. If you are a beauty guru on YouTube filming this type of look it may be useful to have some of the keywords in your title, so it will pop up when users like this seek out your type of content. This user then may want to share this makeup tutorial with friends making a well-thought-out title important.

2. Create a custom thumbnail

A thumbnail is a super important aspect of all of your YouTube videos as it is the first thing users typically see. Humans are visual creatures, so people typically look at the thumbnail before even reading the video’s title. Though it may not seem important a good thumbnail can be the difference between someone watching and sharing your content and them skipping over it.

Consider creating a custom thumbnail rather than a freeze-frame from your video. According to YouTube, 90% of the most viewed videos on the platform have custom thumbnails.

When creating thumbnails for your videos, you may want to have a theme or specific branding, to make your videos look cohesive and recognizable. Not only will this look good when scrolling through your video library, but it will also allow your content to jump out to your subscribers.

Creating a standout thumbnail is also an important aspect of boosting shares, as it pops up as an icon when sharing a video. Keep this in mind when creating a thumbnail and make something interesting and shareable. Thumbnails might be more shareable if they’re funny, informative, or creative. Also, remember not to make a thumbnail too strange that a user might feel awkward or strange sharing it with a friend.

3. Make your video the right length

Creating a video with the correct length is extremely important to get views and shares. Trying to cram too much into one video can be a big no-no!

Wistia found that 75% of people will watch a 2-minute video to the end. 60% will watch a 5-minute video. The longer a video is, the more likely people are to become disinterested and click off.

If people are clicking off your videos, they are less likely to share them. People won’t send a video they only watched half of before becoming bored. By keeping your videos concise, you are keeping viewers engaged, boosting the likelihood of them sharing your video.

4. Have embedding enabled

Hurray! Someone wants to share your content on their website and blog, but you forgot to have embedding enabled on your video!

Allowing users to embed your YouTube videos on their blog or website increases your reach and boosts your shares. When you have embedding enabled and they press share, an icon that says ’embed’ appears. People can then click on the icon to copy the embedding code and paste it to their website or blog. Before posting, make sure embedding is enabled to boost shares on your YouTube videos.

5. End with a call to action

At the end of your video, consider adding in a call to action. Reminding the audience who this video is for and who else could benefit encourages sharing.

Saying something like “If you know someone else who is dealing with this issue, share this video with them!”. This can jog user’s memories of someone else they know who would enjoy your content and find it useful or entertaining.

By following these steps you can help boost the shares on your YouTube videos. This allows you to further spread your reach and therefore grow your channel.

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Boost shares YouTube LadyBossBlogger.com

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