How To Collaborate Effectively With Other Influencers On YouTube

collaborate influencers youtube

Choosing to collaborate with other influencers on YouTube is a great way to create fresh, new content while being promoted on someone else’s channel. 

It can be so exciting, as it is an opportunity to look at your channel with new eyes. Also, hanging out with a new friend is fun!

Here are some ways to make sure that excitement stays productive. 

1. Research Who You Are Collaborating With

Before you reach out to another YouTuber or when they approach you, make sure you research that influencer THOROUGHLY.

Look at all of their social media pages, make sure you know about any scandals they have been in, if their values are in sync with yours, and that their content is similar to yours.

Don’t just look for negative stuff though, also look for aspects that make you feel inspired.

  • What recent projects have they done?
  • What do you find interesting on their channel?
  • Also, who else have they collaborated with?
  • Have they said anything about their experience working with the influencer?

2. Get To Know Them

While this is different than research, having conversations about things outside the project is incredibly important. 

Having an established relationship makes the collaboration feel natural for both influencers during the project. And will, therefore, come across organically to the audience as well.

People can spot awkward from a mile away. If the video comes across as uncomfortable, viewers tend to click away.

Don’t fret if the moments are small though, everyone can relate to an awkward silence once in a while.

3. Have A Plan (and a backup plan)

This may seem obvious but come into the collaboration with a clear vision of what you want to do, how you want to do it, and how to evaluate the final product.

If a video seems to have no direction or has too many, it comes across as disorganized and becomes hard for viewers to keep watching. 

Be sure to also have a backup plan in case the original project can’t be done or isn’t turning out the way you both planned. 

4. Stay Authentic

This is perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT THING.

Stay true to yourself, your values, and your brand.

Of course if at any point something isn’t going right, feel empowered to speak up and take control of the direction of the project. You have equal say, no matter how many more followers someone has than you. 

Make sure that the end result fits with your brand and feels authentic to you. Otherwise, it will stand out to your audience

5. Have An Equal Exchange

Make sure the collaboration is a two-way street.

For most influencers, this involves a different video for both influencers’ channels. So plan for two videos. 

This provides the opportunity for both parties to be introduced to a new audience and to have something produced for their channels. 

Deciding to collaborate with other influencers on YouTube may seem complicated at first.

But don’t be afraid!

You’ll have another influencer with you on the journey, so at least you’ll have someone to relate to.

Once you master these 5 things, future collaborations will be a breeze. 

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Amanda Korz is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. When she is not working, she enjoys writing poetry, reading, and playing video games.

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