5 Rapid Ways To Gain Subscribers On YouTube

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So you’ve created a YouTube channel for your business, or you’ve had one for a little while but aren’t seeing the subscriber growth you want. 

Trying to gain subscribers on YouTube is time-consuming. It requires you to pour your heart and soul into your channel. But there are some tricks to make it happen a little faster. 

Here are 5 rapid ways to gain subscribers on YouTube.

1. Invest in quality over quantity

It may sound counter-intuitive, but posting fewer videos may do the trick if your focus is creating a ton of content. 

The simple fact is people don’t want to watch sub-par videos.

When you’re first starting out, it’s acceptable to post some short videos introducing your business. Then put energy into the quality of your videos, and people will definitely subscribe. 

It’s important to be consistent, but don’t just post short videos. Longer videos, ones that are over 10 minutes, are actually proven to do better on YouTube. 

YouTube wants people to spend more time on the platform and rewards longer videos by placing them higher in search results and recommended sections. 

So, be consistent by setting a schedule. If you can only post longer, high-quality videos every 2-3 weeks, stick to that. Just don’t fall off the platform for too long. 

2. Make your channel look professional 

Start your channel the right way by making it look like you know what you’re doing. Copy what all the big YouTubers have already done with the look of their channels.

  • First, upload a professional channel banner and profile picture. Keep it simple, but make it stand out from any other channel in your niche
  • Write a killer channel description that draws people in. Tell viewers what they can get from your videos and why you started the channel.
  • Organize your videos into playlists by topic. Don’t let your channel look cluttered by having too many playlists or too many videos in a playlist. 
  • Create eye-catching thumbnails with a consistent look. Keep a similar design and color theme for your channel to look organized.
  • Create a short channel trailer that shows off your best content. If you’re just starting out, make a trailer introducing your business. If you’ve been at it a while, gather some clips from your most successful videos.

Once people click on your channel after watching your video, they’re more likely to subscribe if it has a consistent, professional look.

3. Create “how-to” content 

Some of the most popular content to upload on YouTube is tutorial content, or how-to videos. It’s what people search for daily.

Watch videos from similar businesses within your niche to see what they have and haven’t done. Create similar-style videos but don’t make the same videos everyone else has already made unless yours has a different spin.

If you can create unique how-to content or give updated information on content already produced, you will gain viewer attention.

Always research what kinds of videos are doing well in YouTube’s algorithm, and put some effort into creating clickable titles.

4. Ask people to subscribe in creative ways

You may feel weird about it at first, but asking for subscribers is completely necessary. Practically every YouTuber does it at the end of their videos; it’s so commonplace we hardly notice it.

Try thinking of interesting ways to ask viewers to subscribe. Make it memorable.

Many YouTubers also leave end screens to close a video. An end screen should include a link to subscribe and links to the next video and/or similar videos you’ve done. 

So instead of clicking off the video right away, viewers will immediately have the chance to see other work you’ve done.

A clever way to ask for more subscribers is to announce goals or hold contests. Ask people to help get you to a certain number of subscribers by a certain time. If they liked your video, they may feel obliged to help out and share it.

You can hold different kinds of giveaway contests as well.

One example is to host a randomized giveaway for subscribers who comment on your video. Offer prizes that have to do with your business such as, a new product or service, discounts, or gift cards.

Another idea is to have buyers submit a video or written review of your products/services. This will increase engagement while building awareness and reputation.

5. Promote your channel 

When you begin a YouTube channel, it’s important to share it outside YouTube to your blog, social media pages, your family, friends, etc.

Share your videos on multiple sites every time you upload. Find forums on Reddit or other online communities to introduce your channel.

You can also send messages or leave comments on other small YouTubers’ channels asking them to check out yours. Make friends within a small YouTuber community and consider collaborating with them.

Another great way to promote your channel is in real life. If you ever hold presentations, go to conferences, or be interviewed, ask people to check out your videos.

With enough hard work, dedication, and thought, your channel has the potential to grow. The most important advice–what all YouTubers will tell you–is to be authentic.

Be yourself.

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Fiona Morgan is currently a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She attends Asbury University in Kentucky and is studying journalism with a minor in art. Fiona has an interest in blogging and a passion for using writing to help others. 

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