10 YouTube Video Ideas For New Creators

Have you just started your first YouTube channel but have no idea what to make a video about? You have your niche down, yet you’re struggling with content.

Look no further!

Here are 10 YouTube video ideas for new creators.

1. Introduce Yourself

Who are you? What do you do? What is your niche?

These are all questions people would love to know about you before subscribing to your channel. A short video explaining who you are will get more views than you think and will be a great way to introduce yourself to potential subscribers.

2. A Challenge

There are so many challenge YouTube videos. These range from some dangerous and extreme challenges, such as the “chubby bunny” challenge to simple “truth or dare” challenges.

These videos are engaging, as you can let your followers decide the questions, and always a blast to watch!

3. Day In My Life

Some of the most popular lifestyle content on YouTube revolves around “Day In My Life” videos.

It is super easy to create! All you will do is vlog your day and what happens! Easy peasy.

Humans are naturally interested in what other humans do, so a “Day In My Life” is guaranteed to get views.

4. Review Something

People love to get others’ opinions on everything! There are so many things to review – and they could all get loads of attention from outside sources. Brands and people tend to repost positive reviews.

Here are some things you could review:

  • Awards show looks
  • A movie
  • An appliance
  • A clothing company
  • Dollar store products
  • A book
  • A laptop

The list goes on!

5. Teach A Craft

Do you know how to do something most others do not? Then this might be a great idea for you.

People are always looking for videos when it comes to doing something new. If you’re excellent at a craft, such as knitting, crocheting, or even jewelry making, record a tutorial to teach others!

6. Haul

Hauls are a very big category on YouTube. There are hundreds of types of hauls that have been recorded.

You can take even your simplest shopping trips and create them into a YouTube haul, showing what you purchased.

Examples of hauls include but are not limited to:

  • Candle hauls
  • Grocery hauls
  • Soap hauls
  • Clothing hauls
  • Antique hauls

7. Introduce Your Pets

One thing is for sure about YouTube – people love seeing videos of pets.

A great way for your audience to get to know you better is for you to show your pets and explain a bit about them. You could share their adoption stories, their breeds, their name, and more!

8. Show A Talent

If you have a hidden talent, YouTube is a great way to be discovered.

Many great singers, dancers, and actors have actually began by making YouTube videos.

9. Favorites

Another easy video idea is to film yourself talking about your favorite products or items that month.

The items can be completely random and you can pick your own categories, so no two favorites video is the same. A super-easy way for your audience to get to know you better and to share what you love.

10. Travel Video

Videos about destination locations are super popular! They’re great for attracting potential tourists and helping families decide where to travel.

You don’t even have to travel yourself to make this video, as you could make a video about why your town is a great destination!

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Lily Scott is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She currently attends LIM College in New York City and is studying the business of fashion and visuals for social media.

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