5 YouTube Influencers That Grew With Rapid Success

5 YouTube Influencers That Grew With Rapid Success ladybossblogger.com

Do you ever wonder how YouTube influencers grow success so quickly?

We all know that building a personal brand from the start-up is an incredible challenge. It takes patience, dedication, the right strategy, and it sometimes takes years to see significant growth.

Sometimes people get lucky and go viral. Or they get featured by another famous influencer and blow up from there. Others get big by being controversial.

But many influencers build their honest following from scratch, and some are able to master it quickly. 

Here are 5 YouTube influencers that grew with rapid success. 

1. Raven Elyse

Raven Elyse has been making YouTube videos on different channels for 10 years, but recently saw a period of massive growth. She’s been uploading on her current channel, Raven Elyse TV, for 6 years and grew from 500K to over 1 million in roughly a year and now has over 1.5 million subscribers.

She uploads beauty and lifestyle videos, family vlogs, and occasionally some challenges and story videos.

In one video she mentions having small, steady growth for a number of years, gaining about 8K subscribers a month. But after she adjusted her method of video-making, she gained 50K subscribers a month. 

Her advice in how she did it was to be consistent, post frequently, meaning more than once a week, have lots of ideas written, and have videos all planned months in advance. 

Raven emphasized the importance of paying attention to YouTube’s ever-changing algorithm to see what videos will do well.

She also emphasized having eye-catching titles that are also searchable. Her trick is to put a short, exciting title first then follow it with an SEO title that includes the type of content.

Raven Elyse ladybossblogger.com

2. Erin On Demand

Erin On Demand is a small YouTuber and entrepreneur who started uploading in December 2018. She got from 0 to 1,000 subscribers in a month and grew to over 21,000 subscribers in 7 months. 

She now has 168k subscribers.

A college graduate of 3 years, she decided to start a business to help other businesses expand through video and social media marketing. On her channel, she uploads tips for business owners, social media users, and general life-hack videos. 

In her video titled “Not Your Average YouTube Growth Hacks 2019,” she discusses how she grew a following so quickly. 

She explained how to come up with good video titles, make quality thumbnails and channel art, master your YouTube look and voice, etc. 

One thing that blew up Erin’s engagement was by creating short trailers for each new video to post on Facebook.

She found that posting the full videos on Facebook or just the links would get very few likes. But when people can catch the best parts of a video, they’re encouraged to actually leave Facebook and watch the rest.

Erin On Demand ladybossblogger.com

3. Emma Chamberlain

This wildly successful young YouTuber is famous for how quickly she grew. Emma Chamberlain started making videos in June 2017 and has amassed over 9.1 million subscribers.

Other YouTubers have theorized how she blew up so fast. She started out doing fashion and lifestyle videos, then transitioned to more vlog-style content.

Her videos are fresh, she’s not afraid to express her personality and her titles grab people’s attention.

Many consider Emma to be leading a new generation of YouTubers. She’s funny, relatable and at the time she blew up, her style of vlogging and editing was fresh and different.

Emma Chamberlain ladybossblogger.com

4. Ki Cassanova

Ki Cassanova started uploading videos in September 2016 and has since grown to 446K followers. Her content ranges from beauty and hair to vlogs and story videos.

Even in early videos she was confident on camera and uploaded frequently.

In giving advice on how to grow on YouTube, she really emphasized the daily grind of it all.

Being a content creator is a full-time job and therefore requires the time and energy of one. She and every other YouTuber on this list say to never give up and never slack on content.

Ki Cassanova ladybossblogger.com

5. Kenna Marie

This young, up and coming YouTuber has had a successful start to her channel. Kenna Marie started uploading consistent vlogs and lifestyle content in December 2018.

In March 2019 she had already made a thank you video for 10K subscribers. Now, in 2020, she has 356K. 

Same as the other people on this list, Kenna has a professional look to her channel and videos. She has high-quality channel art and thumbnails, great video titles, and keeps a light pink theme to her channel.

Her subscribers’ comment that they love her confident, sweet personality, and that she seems like a natural at making videos.

Kenna Marie ladybossblogger.com

In addition to making your channel look professional and using all the tricks to promote your content, you must be talented and comfortable with talking on camera.

You must be passionate about making videos and feel that you have something to offer in a sea of other YouTubers.

Every influencer will tell you how hard it is starting out and seeing very little growth. But, playing your cards right, you too could have rapid success in a matter of months. Just keep going!

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5 YouTube Influencers That Grew With Rapid Success ladybossblogger.com

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