5 Ways To Build Trust Using Social Media

As coaches, it is our job to help people transform. However, before we can provide impact we have to build a bond, a connection if you will, with our ideal client. Social media is the best way for your potential client to get to know you. These types of posts will not only let the world know who you are, this will also assist your client in being able to connect with you and feel like they know you. So here are my five favorite ways to do that.

5 Ways To Build Trust Using Social Media LadyBossBlogger.com

1. Tell a personal story about a challenge you had that’s similar to a challenge they’re facing now

Conversely, did you leave your corporate job and are now living a higher quality of life? Then tell that story!

Have you lost a substantial amount of weight? Have you overcome trauma? Don’t be afraid to tell your story, because the underlying rope that binds us all together is our pain and our ability to overcome trials and tribulations.

2. Share your personal philosophy

Share your unique take on a methodology and approach to fitness, diet, lifestyle, or mindset. Implement a segment on Instagram every week in which you provide knowledge to your followers in only a way that you can do it. And convey the information in a way that only you can. Go for it! It will change the way you are looked at on social media from a follower to an expert.

3. Show your lifestyle

Remember, people want to do business with people they know, like, or trust! People will continue to build a relationship with you when you are sharing pieces of your life with them. Not only that, but when you show how your lifestyle differs from theirs and it is a lifestyle that they want, they will begin to see what it takes to get there.

4. Answer questions

Do a Q&A without being directly asked the question, or write a post answering a question you are often asked or that requires more than a one-sentence response. This way you can create content that answers these questions for your audience. This has happened with me; people have asked me so many questions, whether from friends or people I meet on the street, about life advice and behavioral issues, because they knew of my psychology background. So I began making posts to answer many of the recurring questions.

5. Show vulnerability

Share things that are super hard for you to talk about. This shows you are a regular person. Also, remember that the common thread that binds us together is our pain. So go ahead! And as I always say ,there is healing on the other side of pain and growth when you step out there and show yourself to the world—fully and completely vulnerable.

I hope this information will begin to shape how you show up on social media. This information has been an immense help for me. Before November of 2017, I did not utilize social media, but I established my social media sights in December of 2017. Now I have over 2000 friends on Facebook, and I average 50-80 comments on each post, and on Instagram I have over 2000 followers. So go for it, and keep going no matter what.

Kathy Pierson is a life-altering, empowering, transformative business/ life and mindset coach. She works with women on a mission to live life in alignment with who they were created to be and with true authenticity. She has been a licensed psychologist for over 15 years working in both the clinical and educational sector, specializing in positive and behavioral psychology.


5 Ways To Build Trust Using Social Media LadyBossBlogger.com