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How To Use Data To Improve Relationships With Customers

Data is important to the success of a company. You use data to determine whether your company is making a profit, assess areas in your company that needs improvement, and your market position compared to your competitors. Did you know that you can also use data to improve your relationship with your customers? Believe it …

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How To Use Visual Storytelling To Attract New Customers: A Budget-Friendly Guide

Storytelling in marketing connects with audiences through an engaging, sometimes interactive, format. This marketing effort lessens the aggressive nature of campaigns by using personal, branded, and user-generated stories. The idea is to promote a product/service’s features, benefits, and use through an open, emotional journey. Does your business have an interesting story, operation, or community? Think …

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Theresa James Wrote A Memoir In Order To Heal From Her Ex-Husband Murdering Her 3 Children Then Murdering Himself

Theresa James is a proud veteran of the US Air Force. She is also the survivor of a traumatic, life-altering event. Through her writing, she shares her story to inspire and help others in their own life struggles. James lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband, Todd. What motivated and inspired you to start …

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