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New apps create an exciting opportunity to get on more platforms and explore new types of content creation. Dispo is a newer app on the scene designed for taking and sharing photos. The platform is designed to encourage users to live in the moment rather than spending time glued to their phone editing pictures. The app also values itself for designing itself to de-emphasize the importance of validation from others. This makes it a fun, stress-free platform. Here’s a breakdown explaining the Dispo app and how to use it.

What’s Dispo?

Dispo is an app that was released in December 2019. It was founded by the internet personality, David Dobrik and his famous best friend Natalie Mariduena. Therefore, the pair have helped make the app popular with their young devoted following.

David Dobrik, however, has recently come under fire as a member of his vlog crew has been accused of sexual assault. In response, founder David Dobrik has stepped down and the app has all ties served ties. New backers to the app include Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, Cara Delevigne and Sofia Vergara. Additionally, the app partnered with photographers Annie Leibovitz and Raven B. Varona to emphasize the app’s photographic capabilities.

The app is designed to take and share photos. Many may compare it to Instagram and VSCO, other popular photo-sharing apps. While they bear some similarities, Dispo differs as you cannot edit your photos and limits your social abilities. The app is available to download for free in the App Store for the iPhone.

Living in the moment

The app is an invite-only social platform, so your posts have relatively less visibility. In an age of instant gratification, Dispo helps to take the stress out of social media. Instead of worrying about the likes on your post, you can instead focus on capturing fun memories with your friends. The app promotes mental health and positive body image, which traditional modes of social media often hurt.

Similarly, Dispo is not a photo editing app. Not allowing users to edit images promotes real images, standing out against highly edited images we see across platforms. The app allows for a healthier body image, as users can’t change their bodies to look unnatural. By promoting a message of body positivity, Dispo is a great app for younger generations.

How it works

Designed to work as a disposable camera, the app takes photos through a viewfinder on your screen. There are a simple array of tools such as flash and zoom. Here you can take an unlimited amount of photos. However, the app differs from others as the photos need time to ‘develop and become available the next morning at 9am. This makes the tool great to use with friends as your not examining your photos but instead living in the moment.

When your photos appear the next day, you can make them into a solo or shared albums with friends. This gives you control over who can view your images. The app also gives your photos the cool aesthetic of a disposable camera, making the shoots nasalgic.

You can follow users, like their photos, and comment. This is about the extent of the social capabilities, as you cannot message other users. Therefore, it keeps the focus on the photos and moments you choose to share.

Download Dispo now

Dispo allows for a fun new way to share moments with others. The app focuses on living in the moment, rather than highly edited shots designed for gratification. Therefore this app is great for young and old alike, as you focus on the people and things that really matter. Download Dispo for free and start making memories!

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What is Dispo LadyBossBlogger.com

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