5 Of The Best Editing Apps For Instagram

5 Of The Best Editing Apps For Instagram ladybossblogger.com

Looking for the best editing apps for your Instagram photos? We’ve got you covered.

Nothing is worse than feeling bored with your own Instagram. Sometimes, the filters that come with the app just aren’t enough to spark your creativity.

No matter how involved you want your editing to be, here are 5 of the best editing apps for Instagram.

1. Facetune

IOS and Android- $3.99

Okay, so maybe you have heard of this one before. But for good reason!

Facetune is highly popular amongst beauty gurus. They use it to fine-tune their selfies, removing imperfections and adjusting the lighting so their highlight really POPS.

It is the number one selfies editing app for sure.

FaceTune example ladybossblogger.com

2. Layout

IOS and Android- free

If you’re feeling more laid back and don’t want to fuss with too many features, Instagram has an editing app for you!

Layout allows you to make collages with your photos and videos. It is super easy to use, just click a layout, select the individual boxes, and pick your photos. 

You can adjust the sizes and layouts of the boxes as you like too. 

Layout example ladybossblogger.com

3. Carbon- B&W Photo Editor

IOS and Android- free

If you are a fan of the Moon or Willow filters, get ready for Carbon. This app takes black and white filters to the next level.

Not only can you decide the depth of black and white you want, but you can also add textures, grains, and borders to your photos. 

This is essential if you love a classic look. 

Carbon example ladybossblogger.com

4. Snapseed

 IOS and Android- free

A more simplified version of photoshop, Snapseed allows you to quickly do all sorts of edits. You can add grain, change the contrast, and there’s a portrait mode. 

This app also has a helpful tips and tricks section. But not just for the app, but for photography generally. 

Snapseed example ladybossblogger.com

5. Adobe Lightroom CC

IOS and Android- free

Basically Photoshop for your phone, Adobe Lightroom CC is the app for Instagrammers who want to delve into the depths of editing. 

What is a SUPER interesting feature is being able to remove ANYTHING from the photo by just brushing the photo. Even if you don’t post that photo, it would be fun to play with. 

If you are used to Photoshop, this is a similar experience right in your pocket.

Adobe Lightroom example ladybossblogger.com

Try out one of these apps the next time you’re not quite feeling your photo and see what it could become. 

5 Of The Best Editing Apps For Instagram ladybossblogger.com

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