How To Build Loyal And Lasting Client Relationships

Relationship and Attraction Marketing is what works in our society. It works because the days of blindly purchasing based on a commercial jingle are gone. We live in a world where we want to know not only what’s in our food but who grew it. Building a loyal and LASTING client base requires a little strategy and a lot of heart.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written Renee Hughes How To Build Loyal And Lasting Client Relationships

Be Crystal Clear On How You Serve Your Audience

Nothing turns a client away faster than utter confusion. They come to you for one thing and something else entirely is being offered. While you may just be fuzzy on what your core offering is, to the client it feels like a bait and switch and it can cost you the trust factor and thus the client.

Being clear on the who and what of your offering gives confidence and comfort to your clients and THAT is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. In any relationship when you know you can trust someone and that person has qualities and talents that make you better, it creates an instant bond and a firm foundation for a solid and lasting relationship.

Consistency – Be Loyal To Them And They Will Be Loyal To You

Stick to your business plan. If your plan requires you to go Live 3 days a week on social media – show up. It doesn’t matter if your audience hearts it up or comments at all. It matters that you are there and that you are consistent. Trust me when I tell you people are watching and – depending on your audience – that fact does not always show up in emoji’s.

The same is true if you are a Podcaster, Blogger or use another form of marketing. Show up there often – with recognizable content. You don’t need to be everywhere, your audience just needs to know where to find you and that you are reliable about showing up. When you let people know what to expect from you and deliver every time – it builds trust, likability and LOYALTY.

Give Them What They Need – FOR FREE

Value, Value and more Value. Don’t keep the gems for paying clients only. Give some of your best stuff to show what you can do. If you are stylist, post pictures and videos of what looks best on what body types and do an entire makeover for free.

I recently worked with a stylist, someone I had watched and listened to FOR A LONG TIME, before I reached out for her services. By the time we worked together I already knew I would be safe in her hands.

The same is true if you are a coach, consultant, speaker, mentor, service provider, distributor, etc… educate people on what you do and how you do it for free. Give them the goods and you won’t be able to get rid of them!

It’s All About The Heart

This is probably my FAVORITE subjects to talk about. Falling in love is so incredibly magical, we just never forget those moments when we realize we are LOVED by someone we love right back. Well, in your business it won’t be the exact same chemistry, but something special happens when we are our authentic selves with the public and they love us anyway and when they can be their authentic selves with us and we love them right back.

You might think that your particular brand, business, product or service has nothing to do with emotion. What I can tell you is that everything comes back around to how you make a person feel. Let me give you an example. My husband is an accountant. Now how can you make the IRS, taxes, audits and budgeting warm and fuzzy?

Well he absolutely and genuinely LOVES what he does and his clients. He handles each case as if he were dealing with our personal finances. He spends time talking to his clients about the new marriage or divorce, the new baby, the new job. He bonds with them and that human element means something to his clients.

They are so loyal to him that they won’t even talk to ME. His poor assistant has to wage war to get them to talk to her. They LOVE him because they know he genuinely cares about their financial situation, about them as individuals and about their families. In a world where everything is DIGITAL, both Men and Women crave REAL connection and when you give it to them, you’ve got a loyal client.

Be A Fearless Leader

We live in a time where sales men and women are a dying breed. No one wants to be sold to. We seek partnership, guidance and leadership.

Establish yourself as a leader by speaking confidently about who you are and how you serve. Don’t be afraid to go against the flow of the crowd. Speak your truth and your belief systems even if it isn’t popular. Be comfortable and bold when it comes to directing your audience to the next steps they should take.

Business owners are sometimes shy when it comes time to talk about the price of their service or product. If you know for sure you have something that will help your audience, you owe it to tell them exactly how to get it. Be a leader and speak up. People will follow when they see strong and determined leadership that matches what they are looking for.

If you are an entrepreneur, you are already something really special. You have something that people need. There is an audience for you waiting for you to lead and support them. Follow these steps and you will find yourself with a solid, loyal client base and a plethora of word of mouth referrals.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written Renee Hughes How To Build Loyal And Lasting Client Relationships

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs written Renee Hughes How To Build Loyal And Lasting Client RelationshipsRenee Hughes is a Personal Development Business Coach and believes in a holistic approach to coaching. She is a fan of entrepreneurs and believes everyone should be working part-time, taking naps during the day and traveling on a whim. She is a self proclaimed neurotic wellness researcher. In 2014 she decided to delve into the wellness world by producing her first film, a documentary called A Move Toward Health.