5 Automation Tools For Bloggers

Blogging is a FULL-TIME job! Even if you are not technically considered a Full-Time Blogger, think about it, social media is a bloggers best friend and the only way one can be successful. You have to promote your post, and the only way to do that (successfully) is through online marketing, which is mainly social media and blogger outreach platforms.

However, who has time to constantly post on Instagram, SnapChat, IG Stories, Facebook, Twitter, and their own blog… wait I did not even mention Pinterest! It is hard enough trying to accomplish all the tasks of a blogger when it is your full-time job, but when you work full-time AND blog it is even more difficult!

So, why not use automation? It will make your life a little easier. Let’s get started!

Entrepreneur resources and tips by female entrepreneurs written by Terrah LP 5 Automation Tools For Bloggers


Now, I definitely have this app on my phone, and it sure does come in handy. I personally love to post on Instagram, but when I am super busy, I make sure I schedule a post on Hootsuite so I can remember to post! It is incredible because it sends me a reminder and all I have to do is hit “Post”.

Hootsuite is not only for Instagram – you can use it for Twitter and Facebook as well. However, I only use it for Instagram. I first came across this tool by reading a blog by Erica from Coming Up Roses. I suggest you guys check it out! She gives an awesome list of must-have apps!


This is by far my FAVORITE! It is nothing special at all; you do not need to download an extra app or pay for anything. It is all on Facebook. Facebook is an amazing social media tool to promote and grow your blog.

Believe it, or not everyone is STILL on Facebook and probably will be there for a while. Every Friday, I schedule my Facebook post for the upcoming week. It is so easy to use, and it also notifies you when the post has been published.

  1. Write post and hit Continue

  2. Click on “When will this be published”

  3. Select the date and time

  4. Now schedule your post!

You are all set and ready to go with your “now” scheduled Facebook Post!


I try to be consistent when it comes to releasing new content on my blog. These past few months, I have been uploading new content every Friday and every other Wednesday. With that, I always utilize the WordPress scheduler. It is such a fantastic tool that makes blogging a little bit easier.

Before I knew about this tool, I would always keep everything in my drafts, and then I’d forget to post it. Now, after I hit “Schedule” my work is done, and that is another thing I do not have to worry about! It is excellent especially if you wrote content, but you want to release it on a specific day! It is a MUST use for all bloggers out there.

After writing your new blog post, select Publish and choose your date! It is really that simple! If you are wondering, you will find the Publish button located on the top right side of the page.


I use Post Planner and I purchased the year subscription! I only use it for my Facebook Page. I am not always able to post on Facebook, so with Post Planner it keeps me active and helps me think of engaging content. There are times I post questions, fun articles, funny photos, and more!

It is a cool way to keep your page active even when you are not on it! If you are not interested in this and you want to do ALL original content, you can definitely schedule all your Facebook posts with the Facebook scheduler.


I do not use this at all. I will not lie to you. However, I noticed tons of bloggers use Tailwind to schedule their pins. I personally, do not use Tailwind because I would rather pin organically. Even though I do not use Tailwind, I have seen my Pinterest grow by thousands of views.

Now, do not get me wrong – a lot of bloggers that I look up do suggest Tailwind and use it themselves. A cool tool that Tailwind has to help grow your pins is a thing called Tribes! I recommend using Tailwind if you do not want to always manually do the pins yourself, they do have a free trial you can try.

There you have it! The 5 Automation Tools for Bloggers. I wanted to share with you all everything I use and find helpful as well as something I know to be extremely popular in the blog industry. Automation is key to success and critical for a more relaxed life. If you still doubt the importance of social media click here.

Below you will find some other helpful articles on blog automation!

Entrepreneur resources and tips by female entrepreneurs written by Terrah LP 5 Automation Tools For Bloggers

Entrepreneur resources and tips by female entrepreneurs written by Terrah LP 5 Automation Tools For BloggersTerrah LP is Lifestyle Blogger from San Antonio, Texas. Her passion is marketing and social media influencing, she graduated with her Bachelors in Business Administration, Marketing in May 2016. Terrah hopes to become a full time blogger and help small businesses with their social media/marketing in the future.

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