Here’s A Break Down Of The Instagram Threads App

Instagram Threads

Threads from Instagram is a newer app that was launched in October 2019. It’s designed to be a standalone app for photos and messages. The app is Instagram’s way of trying to make direct messages more personal, allowing for closer connections. This is especially important in an age of isolation and quarantine. Here’s a breakdown of the Instagram Threads App and how to use it.

What is the Threads app?

Threads’ purpose is to connect and share photos, messages, stories, and videos with your close friends. This group of curated close friends is a list curated by you on your Instagram profile. This allows you to pick and choose exactly who sees the content you upload.

Similarly, you can access your close friends’ list on the Threads app itself, making it extremely easy to alter. You can also communicate with people who aren’t on your close friends’ list, making this a place to communicate with all. Your close friends’ list is just the default screen.

The app combines elements of different beloved apps to make the ultimate sharing platform. It combines messaging abilities similar to WhatsApp and the photo abilities of Snapchat. By sending audios, photos, videos, messages, and stories to your closest friends, you are able to stay in the loop with your favorite people.

The app is also further intertwined with your Insta profile, as you can answer any DMs you receive on Instagram on your Threads app.

The app is available on Android and IOS mobile devices. It’s free for users, making it an easy and accessible way to connect with others.

The main features of the app include:

  • Camera
  • Inbox
  • Status

Let’s break these features down.

1. Camera

The camera on Instagram Threads is a fun feature. Similar to Snapchat, you can quickly and easily send your friends a quick picture by simply tapping their avatar and tapping the button.

You can also edit your photos to put your personality into your uploads by using the drawing feature. Additionally, you can add cute stickers. Add text on top of your photo to add context to your posts.

There’s also the option to make the picture be viewable once, similar to Snapchat. This encourages spontaneous sharing between friends. You can also make it replayable and visible in a chat. Providing a variety of ways to view a photo allows you to make it best fit its context.

Instagram Threads

2. Inbox

The inbox feature makes it easy to message your closest friends at the touch of a button.

It automatically shows your close friends’ chats, as these are likely the people you chat with most, but you can easily switch over to the “Everyone else” tab, to see the other people you’ve been messaging.

Instagram Threads

3. Status

Another fun feature on Instagram Threads is the ability to set a status. There’s a variety of ways you can set a status. You can set a text as your status, or pick a preset emoji that depicts your mood at the moment.

You can also have it on “Auto Status” by sharing your location with the app. This allows your friends to see what you are up to. If you have this feature turned on, the app can detect you eating dinner at a specific restaurant and set it as your status for your close friends. You can easily turn this feature off and on with the toggle on the top of the status page.

Instagram Threads

Get Threads

Threads is a fun new way to connect with your Instagram followers. It makes direct messages easier to manage while allowing cool new picture and status functions. Using this new platform allows you to embrace others, even during times of separation. Get the app to be able to connect with those near and far!

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Instagram Threads

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