How To Make Money Fast With Facebook Ads: Create The Right Ads

Make Money Fast With Facebook Ads

You need to know how to create the right ads.

I’m going to show you how to make high converting Facebook advertisements in 3 simple steps. Most Facebook ad beginners only do step 3 which is why their ads fail. I’m not going to let that happen to you.

For this to be effective, you still have to be able to put in some work –

  1. You have to order a sample of the product you’re selling (if you don’t already have it on hand).
  2. You’ve got to whip out your phone and take a few videos (possibly with the help of some friends or a tripod).
  3. You have to be willing to learn some simple video editing techniques – nothing scary and this is all doable with no special skills and a lot of times without even spending a lot more money.

How To Make Money Fast With Facebook Ads: Create The Right Ads

The key here is to film 3 critical shots for your Facebook video ads because these 3 shots get Facebook audiences to stop scrolling and start buying.

Shot #1: Show the problem

The first shot has to tell your audience about the problem that your product solves (this is where most stores go wrong).

Show them that the problem exists and how it might affect their lives.

For ideas, research high-performing Facebook Ads that are performing well for your competitors.

I’m going to use a dog nail trimmer as an example.

Facebook Ad content

From the very beginning, this ad goes into the problem – it shows a dog’s nails being cut too short and causing the dog pain. In that particular video, you see the dog pulling away.

That is a perfect problem situation video and what’s amazing about this is that it really gets emotional, seeing the dog wince and pull away – that hits you.

No one wants to cause their pet that much pain, so right away this video shows you the problem with clipping nails the normal way.

I also want you to pay attention to the language that appears on the screen. Using text to supplement your video is crucial.

For example, “are you trimming your dog’s nails?” – the concept of right and wrong is used to stir more emotions.

Facebook Ad content

“Traditional way can be dangerous” plus “It’s so frustrating” – words like dangerous and frustrating are good to show just how urgent it is that they solve this problem.

Shot #2: Show the solution

Once you’ve captured the problem in your ad, the second step is to show the value of your product.

In other words, now that you’ve got the audience worried about their problem – provide them with some sweet relief.

Show them that your product solves their problem.

Let’s go back to the dog nail trimmer ad and see how that ad portrays the product solving the problem.

So now we know there’s a right way and a wrong way to trim nails –  the wrong way is dangerous, frustrating and painful for the dog.

Now we want to know what this trimmer does – it keeps dogs calm, the opposite of frustrating.

Facebook Ad content

And it makes the cutting process safe – the opposite of dangerous.

That is exactly how you point out how the product solves the problem, because not only does it show the product in action, but it also uses the opposite language of the problem language – calm and safe are the solutions to dangerous and frustrating problems.

Shot #3: Show the features

Now you have a shot that shows the problem and a shot that shows your product as the solution.

The third shot you need and this is the one that everyone includes, but they don’t include it right, is to describe your product (you can use any type of dropship spy tool for this).

In other words, tell your audience about its features and other benefits that come along with it.

Again, we can look to this dog nail trimmer for inspiration.

Right after the ad shows how this dog nail trimmer is a solution to the problem it gets into features:

The muted sound is perfect for anxious dogs.

Facebook Ad content

There’s no expensive trip to the vet, so this saves you money.

Facebook Ad content

And it’s USB rechargeable and battery-free.

Facebook Ad content

The ad ends with a call to action.

Facebook Ad content

Which is perfect for getting people to share the ad so that you don’t have to pay for extra eyeballs to see this ad.

This last bit is the easiest to film and for most entrepreneurs, it’s the only thing they’ll film.

Think about how many ads you see that just shows you a product and tells you that it’s reusable or battery-free or hypoallergenic or whatever the case might be.

What those ads don’t do is get you emotionally with that first hook that discards a problem and then hits you with that second shot that describes how the product solves that problem.

That’s why you need those first two shots and the third to get a great addition that Facebook audiences will click on.

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