How To Get More IGTV Viewers On Instagram

How To Get More IGTV Viewers On Instagram

Instagram is constantly updating and adding new features. One of the latest being IGTV, but how do you get IGTV viewers on Instagram?

Below is our greatest tips on how to utilize IGTV.

What is IGTV?

IGTV is for longer videos, usually around 5-10 minutes long, similar in length to a YouTube video. This feature is different from Instagram Stories which are quick, around 30 seconds, and only last for 24 hours.


1. Post about it

The primary way viewers find IGTV channels is from people they already follow. So be sure to post a 30-second preview in your story

You may also want to consider posting about your IGTV channel in a permanent post so that new viewers browsing your page can find out about your channel as well. 

2. Tag brands and influencers 

Be sure to tag brands and people in your IGTV description. This ensures that fans of those brands and/or influencers will have an easier time finding your content. 

BONUS: repeatedly tagging brands leads to opportunities for collaborations and sponsorships

3. Utilize hashtags

The main way Instagram users find new IGTV channels is by the “For You” tab. This tab is customized for each user based on their browsing and liking patterns. 

Using relevant and commonly searched hashtags increases your chances of being seen on these lists. 

4. Use subtitles

Most of the channels in the “Popular” tab use subtitles. This is because users watch content without the sound on.

Everyday, casual Instagram users browse through IGTV without sound on in short bursts throughout the day.

Subtitles help your videos stand out by making it easy for these users to understand the basic premise of what the video is about and incite their curiosity to watch the rest of the video later under their “Saved” tab.

While IGTV can seem foreign at first, it operates similarly to other features on Instagram. Once you master these tips, gaining views on your IGTV channel will be just as natural as views on your page and story.

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How To Get More IGTV Viewers On Instagram

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