How To Run A Health Blog That Empowers Your Audience

Health blog empowers audience

Running a health blog can be a great way to spread knowledge on how to live the happiest and healthiest life possible. While this information can be helpful for many, making sure you positively format your health blog is extremely important. The health world can often seem exclusionary and body-image focused, making some feel marginalized. Unfortunately, this can lead to poor body images for some, ultimately causing them to develop unhealthy and dangerous practices. Creating an inclusive and uplifting community is important for physical and mental health and will also allow your blog to succeed. Here are some tips on how to run a health blog that empowers your audience.

Have achievable goals

As a health blog, setting goals for your audience can be an engaging way to encourage them to become healthier. However, nothing can be quite as discouraging as a goal that is just not achievable.

When giving advice and health goals to your audience, make sure it stays reasonable. Creating goals that are too high can cause your audience to give up. Conversely, others may take more drastic harmful measures to try and reach the goal, becoming less healthy overall.

Set small goals that can be made without too much restriction and promote healthy practices. This will keep your readers following along as they are able to fulfill your benchmarks and hopefully reap the health benefits. Creating a health blog that empowers your audience through encouragement can create a happy community.

Promote wellness over looks

When you are promoting health changes to your audience, it can be positive to focus on overall wellness. If your blog mainly promotes health advice to obtain a specific body image, it may not always have the best outcome.

While trying to strive towards this goal may be motivating for the minority, striving towards a specific body image on your health journey may be damaging to others. Trying to obtain unrealistic standards that are often highlighted on Instagram, such as thigh gaps and eliminating hip-dips, can be maddening to many. Our bodies aren’t meant to all look exactly the same, and that’s okay.

Still, you can promote healthy weight loss and changes on your blog, but just be mindful of how you frame it to make sure you are promoting body positivity. Furthermore, when giving health tips to your audience, prioritize lifestyle wellness, as your body’s health is more important than how it appears from the outside.

Be food positive

Food is the fuel for our everyday life, and it’s delicious. While many dieters view food as an enemy, it’s important to realize that it should be enjoyed.

Many want to cut as much food out as possible if they want to lose weight, but the food is not the villain. Making mealtime a dreaded restrictive time does not promote a healthy body image to your audience. It can lead to restrictive eating that often can cause eating disorders.

Instead of creating unachievable and strict diets for your followers, promote whole, delicious diets. Share recipe alternatives to your readers’ favorite meals, or easy swaps they can make in their own family recipes to improve their health.

Celebrate food and show it can be delicious and healthy. You help your audience avoid unhealthy restrictive diets that can be problematic to your readers down the line.

Document your journey

Many readers may feel alone and hopeless on their wellness journey. They see this perfect, healthy health blogger on the other side of the screen and it may be hard for them to imagine the struggles you might have faced.

Through sharing your own story and struggles with wellness your audience will be able to relate to you. Inform them of the faults and trip-ups you might have had along the way and how you stayed motivated.

Ultimately, this will allow them to give themselves some grace, seeing that their health idol too had their struggles. Keeping it real and authentic with your readers will allow you to succeed as your health blog empowers your audience.

Get writing

Running a health blog allows you to help others live a better life. In order to do this, you have to make sure you present your health advice in a productive and positive manner. Sometimes health advice is presented in a negative way that can be harmful to your audience. By following these tips on your health blog, you can be sure to empower your audience and gain a devoted following.

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Health blog empowers audience

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