How To Network On Social Media

How To Network On Social Media LadyBossBlogger

Have you ever sparked up a convo with another person at a coffee shop? Grocery store? Had a great conversation and at the end of it they were given your info and you were given theirs? The same way you network with others on social media is the same way you would at a coffee shop or grocery store. Only online of course.

Coffee talk throughout social media is easy with these tips!

1. Search for people to network with

Many people have different reasons to network with others on social media, it could be for advice, for someone to talk to in your niche, successful people you look up to, etc. Find that true purpose to network with others, and search for them on your socials like:


Search for users in your niche, users outside your niche, review their content, and follow them on their socials.


Like and comment on their socials so they are familiar with your icon and username when you pitch your message to network.

2. Introduce yourself

The key to networking is the introduction… no pressure.

Whether it be through Instagram, Twitter, any social media website make sure your introduction is what reflects YOU and your personality. Here are some elements to include in your introduction message:

  • Who are you
  • What do you do
  • How did you find whoever you are messaging
  • Talk about their content
  • Give a reason why they should connect with you
  • Pitch an idea for a collaboration

Here’s an example:

How To Network On Social Media LadyBossBlogger

3. Set up a meeting

So you found someone to network with, messaged them and they agreed to network with you! Great!

It’s also important to have that person know you, personally, so you can grow a deeper connection with them. Pitch a meeting time, over Zoom, Facetime, Skype, whatever you use to video chat. Or if they are in your area, ask them if they want to meet with you somewhere and chat.

When you are chatting with them ask them their:

  • Advice
  • Occupation
  • Struggles
  • Hobbies
  • Lifestyle
  • Experiences

4. Keep in touch

Chat occasionally with the person you are networking with, comment and like their posts, and keep asking for their advice and tips.

As you grow in your occupation, whatever it may be, you will learn something from the person you are networking with. Make sure to tell them what you learned, for example how to:

  • Effectively organize your agenda throughout the day to not miss a deadline
  • Professionally communicate over email
  • Use a specialized online program

When you message your contact and let them know what you have learned from them, that is beneficial for both of you.

5. Keep networking

Having multiple people to network with is great, just make sure you stay in contact with them and chat occasionally. These connections could last you a lifetime and the skills you learn from others are unique and genuine. Another result of networking is that it increases your credibility, helps you grow as a person, and improves your skillset as well. People will start to ask you to network with them so they can do the same and learn from you.

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How To Network On Social Media LadyBossBlogger

Emily Lakatos is a Blogging & Social Media Intern at LadyBossBlogger. She currently attends Baldwin Wallace University and is working towards a degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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