Why It’s Important To Look At Blogs You’re Not A Fan Of

Are there certain blogs that you roll your eyes at, make you cringe, or just really aren’t your cup of tea? 
Hate to break it to you- but if you are a blogger yourself, you should look at these blogs anyway!

Here are 3 reasons you should look at these blogs instead of avoiding them.

1. Learn From Their Mistakes

Take what you don’t like about the blog you’re not a fan of and apply it to the list of things you will never do on your blog

If you don’t like one specific thing about their blog, chances are, someone else doesn’t like it either. In reality, you can totally avoid these little things, whether it be their titles, layout, or even advertisements. 

2. See How They Are Keeping An Audience

Let’s face it… their blog may not be your cup of tea but obviously it is some peoples. Look for the good in their blog and maybe try it on yours. 

As long as it is in your niche, some of your followers could really enjoy this type of content. Who knows, maybe you will actually enjoy it too!

3. Know Others In Your Niche

Whether you love it or not, if the blog you are not a fan of is in your niche, chances are you may be introduced to them one day or have fans who love it.

It is important to know others in your niche and the type of content they create whether you are their biggest fan or not. 

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Lily Scott is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She currently attends LIM College in New York City and is studying the business of fashion and visuals for social media.

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